Woke up with a headache. It s gonna be a looooooooong day

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  • Me too! Thankful school was canceled here due to weather so no work for me.

  • Me too ! Hope yours goes away soon

  • I woke up with on in the middle of the night...but I'm going to attempt work. Feel better all!

  • I hope you feel better soon, Andres! Try to sleep if you can (I usually can't) and remember to eat. I lose track of time and have no appetite but not eating just makes it worse. Get well soon friend!

  • Take something immediately, hope it gets better

  • I did too. I took an imitrex and went back to bed.

  • Pain pill and a muscle relaxer helped. Now I'm all medicated, though. Can't win sometimes.

  • Mine still suck lol but i made it through work

  • Still got mine... bladder infection and kidney stones passing migraine snow day!! Ugh NOT how I wanted to spend my snow day of no work.

  • That is really difficult, Melanie. So sorry.. I get kidney stones also. I hope your stone passes soon and your migraine gets better.