When your neurologist tells you that you need to lose weight and that will help...

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  • You are beautiful. Glad you feel more healthy but so sorry about the NDPH still (as you knew).

  • You look gorgeous!!!! I am skinny and my dr told me that ndph usually affects skinny and flexible people so I told him jokingly that I was going to put on some pounds

  • Congratulations on that healthy change! If only weight had been the cause many of us might find relief.

  • Well done! Makes no difference although I've only fluctuated in about stone. X

  • Never heard that one before Kim, but congratulations on your achievement. Most headaches meds cause you to gain weight.

  • I didn't have a drastic weight loss, but I have been very healthy and active. I find it helps my mood and headaches. Gives me more energy. When I eat bad I feel sick and foggy. But for the most party I am healthy and fit. I still have a headache everyday, but I still will go to the gym. Keep up the good work!

  • Yep, son dx included rationalization of being overweight, comes from broken home, and perfectionist 16 months into headache totaling ignoring facts he at headache onset he was 10 slim, father was never in the home or part of his life, and yes, gifted and talented student but happy with "B" vs. "A". Also told headache would go away within 2 years of onset. Oh yeah, NO PAIN RELIEF. 7-1/2 years later still looking for relief of 24/7 at 8/10 pain. He did gain too much from meds but has lost 50+ in last 1-1/2 years -no change in headache either.

  • You are adorable. Stay well

  • Huge achievement! Be well!

  • What an idiot! You look great in both!!

  • I wonder if your Dr was referring to EDS???? Interesting..

  • I have no idea, he is one of the Doctors involved in research for ndph and found that most of the people who they studied are skinny and flexible

  • Gigi Canahuati, the article I PM'ed you yesterday also referred to EDS; I just posted it to this group!