What s going on people. How is everyone doing today

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  • Wow, you have to travel quite the way!

  • Lol I'm gonna have to hack into a fed ex account and overnight your food!

  • Ha I just seen were you're from. I was born in Dover, Delaware

  • There you go. I remember the account # of a business I worked for several years before but they sold the business. Not that I would do that. I will fiqure out a way to get you a few meals!

  • You should have stayed there. We could have visited! BUT, I might be going to CA soon to see my new little neice!

  • Anyway you can hack into a bank account, lol!!! JK

  • Well, I hope no migraines for you tomorrow. And the rest of the weekend!

  • Thanks!

  • Are you near San Diego?

  • I am hoping to go soon!