Well just great. Was on day 3 of a migraine last night

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  • Could it be coincidence...did you change detergents, new body soap?

  • Haven't changed anything... so wired... I am allergic to a lot of meds. Still itching all over... but could be coincide I have MS, and sometimes get random odd itching

  • Maybe the advil didn't mix with the torodol? Or with the maxalt? Maybe too much medicine within a short amount of time? Something to consider

  • Believe it or not some people are allergic to Benadryl I hope you are not. I'd be lost if I was because I'm allergic to everything and have to take it often.

  • Yeah I don't know.... I have taken Benadryl before and been fine. Don't know what is going on. Still itchy all over. And still have a level 4 migraine only thing I have taken today is excedren migraine

  • I have been told torodol and anvil can be mixed and have done it before without itchy. Mayne the benadryl added did something

    Or its my MS making me itchy

  • Advil mix with torodol? Good to know. Could be... try nixing. the benedryl next time & see if you itch

  • I am thinking something mixed non good with the maxalt. Uggg

  • My kidney doctor when I was having kindly stones last month said I could take Ibuprofen with my Toradol