Well I did it let s hope it works xx

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  • Thanks Terri Forward x

  • Did it hurt. Not sure if I'm brave enough.

  • I won't lie, it made my toes curl, I needed cake and a brew to help me get over it lol

  • Worked for me. Should have put Elma cream on it totally numbs it. I didn't feel a thing x

    Hope it works for you xx

  • She put this prescription strength numbing stuff on but still felt it

  • Wow! Bless you, hopefully it will be worth it xxxx

  • I've heard mixed reactions too. Do you pierce the side that your migraines are on?

  • Yes all mine start in my left ear, which seems strange, I've never spoken with anyone else whose migraines start with earache xx

  • I'm thinking of doing that x

  • Do you have to have it done on a certain side? I've got a tragus on right where migraines are mainly so thinking maybe too much to have that too?

  • Mine start in my ear a lot too! X

  • thats good to know Katie Houghton thought I was odd everyone else I know starts around the eyes xx

  • I did yes. I recommend to everyone. Wish I'd know about it 20 years ago, would have saved a lot of suffering and missing out on so many special days in mine and my children's lives xxx

  • Yes she said to do it on the side where your migraines start x