Welcome to the group Stacey Chapman make yourself at home

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  • Hi Stacey!

  • thank you for the add. i didn't know this support group was here. only diagnosed about 14 months ago. but the pain is ridiculous. very glad i found this group. will be wonderful interacting with people who understand. thank you

  • Hi Luke hope you are doing well. today

  • Glad you found us Stacey :) Have a look around, there's a files section up top that has a wicked amount of info, and lots of ever so clever people here to help.

  • Thank you Wayne Chowles.. will go through the files asap. looking forward to some help and support from like minded people. i think this is wonderful.

  • Welcome Stacey. You have come to the right place. :)

  • It is pretty cool aye:) it sucks that we need to be here at all but it's neat to be able to share and learn. I suspect that many pain free days have happened because of interaction on these pages.

  • Thanks Cathy Donker

  • Hi Stacey, welcome, you're in a great place here. :)

  • Thanks Hil Mason already feeling very welcomed

  • Welcome!

  • Welcome Stacey