vomiting helps me feel relief from my migraine i even force my self to it just...

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  • Yes I have done that. If it helps I don't see anything wrong with it.

  • I always heard that throwing up with a migraine is bad because of the high risk of aneurysm, so I was told to never force myself to throw up even if it makes me feel better...?

  • That's interesting, my pediatric neurologists have told me that throwing up was ok - but maybe that was to avoid too many drugs at a young age? Though, I've never experienced forceful vomiting with migraines like I have with the flu or other illnesses. But now I want to look into this!

  • Yes it helps me too. Unfortunately I did that all day today. Had a really bad one this morning that lasted all day. After I vomit so many times, then finally get some sleep, I'll start to feel better.

  • I've always thrown up with my migraines and it makes me feel better, so maybe they just told me that so I wouldn't force myself to? I'm not sure. But I do have the very forceful vomiting with my migraines, so maybe that's it. Now I want to look into it, too!

  • Yes I have

  • Yes. If it's a *sick* headache. I make myself throw up but then I get sick for the duration. Every hour. It helps but makes it worse. If that makes sense. If I can eat that helps. I tend to create my own migraines by not eating proper or drinking enough water.

  • Yes!

  • I have tried it, turns out it makes mine much more intense!

  • Don't do that that could cause more issues on your health

  • I get nausea and can't throw up, even if I tried to. So now I just say okay well, since I can't puke. I just rest.

  • Yes

  • I never forced myself to vomit ... the pain was so intense that I would vomit because of the intense pain... some relief after...