Update today I received a letter from the neurologist to go and see her next...

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  • No not a sleep monitor but will be interesting as I was saying to my nurse how bad my sleep was. There is a strong correlation between cluster headaches and sleep apnea xx

  • ^^^^ what Heather said ^^^^

  • I have! 1 headache in the last year after being on cpap.

  • This is interesting i have sleep apnea i need to see my sleep physician

  • I was monitored Two days Ago have to Wait for The results now what is interesting though The nurse mentioned I could have post tramatic stress I had constant pain for over a Year with no break on a six week break now thanks to Vepramil and O2 but I am exhausted and not sleeping and big black eyes

  • I can believe it you poor love I've had fibro myalgia for 22 years know about pain but nothing as bad as clusters.

  • The Dr recently put me on nightol I didn't think it would work. But to be honest it has. Always been put off sleeping tablets as had a bad experience a few years back. When I took one and woke up lost confused asleep on the kitchen table. I couldn't find the stairs to get back up to bed. Crazy I know.

    But so far the nightol has gave me a weeks worth of good sleep no side affects worth a try.