Update. Here is a letter that my daughters dr made for her school

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  • Wow that is short compared to my daughters letter for her school

  • Wish the dr could have written a book lol but this is a start.

  • My dr had his nurse do the health care plan. I assisted her and he signed off on it. I wrote out a whole page firstly educating the school about what migraines are, then symptoms etc. it's taken 2 yrs for the school to finally listen. New school year and I can bet my bottom dollar that none of the info has been passed to her new teachers.

  • If you want more in it might be worth telling doc what you want including as they seem to write the bare minimum.

    There is also a spelling mistake in this one

  • My son gets migraines and is on nightly medication for them. his dr wrote a note to the school 2 years in a row asking that he be allowed to wear a hat daily, and sunglasses if need be. this has really helped, his teachers even let him turn the lights off above his desk if he needs to

  • Update after emailing the superintendent the school called me this morning there will no longer be strobe lights.

  • Great news about lack of strobe light :) We are continuing to spread the word about strobes, fluorescent lights and computers as well. Hannah had good advice about detailing how to support your daughter in class, and Tara has explained how much any artificial light can affect classroom learning. I hope your daughter has a great year at school, and that you enjoy observing it :)