Today was a really bad day feel off balance cannot do anything around just want...

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  • Hi, yes I can relate. Can you get a sinus CT scan?

  • I can too - since sept & dr says it's viral !!!!!

  • Hi Tracy, can i ask what is your symptoms? Are you better off in viral?

  • Yes i would ask for sinus ct scan next visit. Would it come out clear in scan if have problem in sinus?

  • Alelie Bazan if you had a sign of mucus thickening it would show. It showed on mine but only a small amount, that said I sinus op helped me, just might need another one for ethmoid sinuses.

  • Dizzy/ vertigo (had treatment but better know) ear pressure, head pressure, sinus, temperature (now & then), ringing in ears, ear pain - feeling rubbish - 3 weeks off work & still taking sinus tablets !!

  • My symptoms would mostly head most at the back accompany with neck sore, nose pressure if i touch the bridge of my nose i could feel the pressure there a lot. Occasionally slight headache, some day is good but most is worst day that stop me from doing stuff. What is the tablet for sinus do you take?

  • Over the counter max strength sinus stuff - going back to dr who may refer me to ent but I won't hold my breath !

    They aren't phased that Ive been dosed up every day since sept - try to cut it down slowly !

  • Did you try any meds for mucus? Or it need the op to get better? I try nasal spray last month i did feel relief for a day but still come back next morning. I think what might could be the cause of my symptoms my sinus, ear problem, teeth or something else. I get worry everyday it sucks.

  • In my opinion and with all the research I've done over the last 2 years, it's a sinus problem. The ethmoid and sphenoid sinuses can cause all sorts of symptoms including, eye pain, head pressure, pain on top or back of head, neck pain. These symptoms can then lead to other symptoms e.g a painful neck is caused by tight muscles, that in turn can trap nerves and lead to tingling arms.

    I tried all sorts of meds without any real change.

  • Same pressure in head, dizziness, head aches daily and some severe, neck pain and all of it comes and goes minute by minute, MRI,X-rays neurosurgeon and then a pain management specialist says arthritis, put on diclofenac 100mg and it only makes it all semi bearable,

  • Hi, did the diclofenac work on you? Do you feel eye pressure too? I do feel eye pressure occassionally if head pressure is present feels my head is full of mud & nose pressure. My dizziness type is like off balance(like im in a boat) which arthritis you have?

  • Do you feel the pressure/dizziness everyday? Its frustrating to deal with it everyday the only time i not feel it is when in sleep. Do you have a good day to it? I feel it a little ok when get up in morning it get worst in the end of the day. I wonder how do you deal with it everyday?

  • Alelie Bazan every day. Some days I feel better than others. Strange thing is, I've had this coming up 2 years and my symptoms have changed. For the 1st year I never had any nasal discharge, in fact I had barely any which was very strange. Nowadays I get loads of white coloured mucus. The type you get when you are congested.

  • Haha that dizziness on boat feeling is with me all the time but as time goes by it gets better.

  • Diclofenac for now only mask it all, still have all symptoms while I'm on it but not as bad if I wasn't and the arthritis he said is in my neck, headache was present for a month so I went to a chiropractor and it helped for 2 weeks then came back so went back to chiropractor and they must have punched a nerve or something the next day neck pain with all other symptoms started and haven't stopped, 4 months now, changing diet, and gonna try exercise to see if it might help to

  • Does the mucus present everyday now? I had mucus last week for 8 days i keep blew off my nose but last two months ago i got dry nose, but i feel strange if i move to my left i can feel in my nose inside it will to left, i use nasal spray the other day the my nose get dry. I really wonder now if its in my sinus i get this symptoms

  • Yeah I get the strange head feeling. It makes sense to be a sinus problem.

  • Yes the strange head feeling can be so debilitating to deal everyday along with dizzy spells. Do you get temple pressure?

  • Yes sometimes. Ok here's the evidence. The ethmoid sinus cavity is behind the bridge of the nose and can affect eyes if not functioning properly. Sinus issues lead to muscle tightness of the neck which can cause dizziness, and head pain. The frontal sinuses drain into the ethmoid cavity so if the ethmoid gets blocked it can cause problems with the frontal sinuses, hence, temple pain.

  • Does it have other option to open up the ethmoid aside from op?

  • If it's a chronic problem e.g. been there for over 3 months then an op would be the best option. The 2 you can have are Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery (FESS) or balloon sinoplasty. FESS is the more invasive op and takes around 2 weeks to recover as it involves cutting and opening up the cavity. Sinoplasty uses a balloon which is put into the cavity and then inflated to open up the cavity before being removed. I had FESS for sphenoid and maxillary. I may well return for an op on ethmoid and frontal.

  • Tracey, you really do need to see an ENT and get a scan. Have you tried popping your ears, menthol sweets?