Today I am 1 year free of CH

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  • Thank you for the advice & the HOPE, this is all new to me & im so scared...

  • It took me 3 years to find something that stopped the pain temporarily (sumatriptan injections). 4 before they let me have it on repeat prescription. In the mean time try various things for extended periods. Don't be faddy and see it through. You got this Sher. We all do.

  • Thank u x

  • Do you find think the piercings are helpful? I was planning to ask my neurologist his thoughts, since I am nervous about it

  • Thanks for sharing

  • If I had to place money on any of the things I'd done to prevent CH happening again it'd be between less stressful job an daiths. But it's hard to say. For only £20 per ear it was worth a go. I know I'd try anything within reason!

  • I'm so deathly afraid of needles! I have to muster up the courage to take my Sumatriptan injections, too. LOL & SMH

    There are times I deal with the pain, instead of fumbling with the epipen - not to mention the bruising I get from it

  • Aw that's awful. I think it's totally worth trying if you can.

  • Xxxxxxx Yzzzzzz