Someone told me about this and said it works amazing I have tried every...

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  • Where do you get this. No address.

  • I ordered from eBay. Hold on and I'll see if I can find a link for it.

  • Thanks

  • Thanks

  • I use ice packs but it is just a distraction. Been getting daily ones for 17 years. I am on morphine and it could now be causing re bound but I had daily ones for over 10 years with no medication.

  • Let me know what happens. Thanks

  • It may work for some but for me I know that anything with a fragrance is a trigger.

  • I will do!

  • It looks like an essential oil.

  • It is an essential oil and usually certain fragrance will trigger mine but hopefully this works.

  • I've used it or something similar before, I got at a whole

    Foods, it smelled like lavender and did not work. This was 15 + years ago also though.

  • I've always been skeptical about the essential oils but I'm crossing my fingers on this one

  • Maybe it will work for you! Anything is worth a try! :)

  • Definitely let us know!