So I know the Daith piercing is most likely a load of BS but how pretty does it...

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  • I had acupuncture after my third child was born, so after I had experienced 3 c sections and three spinal blocks, with the accumulated trauma, scarring and dysfunction caused by the process. With spinal blocks a needle is pushed through the spinal ligaments and spinal cord membranes at the lumbar level. During the acupuncture session I felt the shock and trauma release from my uterus, abdomen and spine. I felt the cerebrospinal fluid begin to circulate again, and I felt my femoral artery begin to pump more effectively with increased blood flow and resulting warmth returning to my legs, it felt like the unblocking of stagnancy. So I have personal experience of the validity of acupuncture, and respect the thousands of years of tradition and work done in the field. I also have studied embryology, and the structures and organs connected through embryological development and fascial connection. The connection of seemingly distant regions. The Daith is at the liver site in acupuncture maps, and in my work and research I have found the liver to be a key organ in the complex web of factors in CH. :-) I see nothing wrong with giving it a go... <3

  • Thanks Abi. I'm willing to give most things a go so if it works great! (Also liver help would be great

  • It does look awesome!

  • If you look at the embryonic form, and imagine the ear as a fractal pattern mimicking the embryo, the Daith is right at the eye / trigeminal region x.php/File:Streeter1921_fig01.jpg

  • It looks pretty :)

  • Thank you!!

  • Cute little ears

  • Thanks Glen!

  • I likey

  • Thx lovely. I love it! Thinking what I should Pierce next

  • You say that on here you'll get all sorts of responses hon!

  • Lol omg

  • I know huh dan. All these ppl with their heads in the gutter. It's disgraceful.