So I had never had a migraine before 4 yrs ago It started out with maybe 1 a...

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  • i experience those symptoms when i take my triptan (rizatriptan, which i really like). those signs are also those of Ménière's disease. read up on that and see if you think it's a possibility. don't give up on finding help!! go to as many doctors as it takes to find one who wants to heal you. i empathize with your frustration.

  • Maybe you should see an ENT doctor about the possibility of Meniere's Disease.

  • that too!!

  • my mom has it so i probably do too

  • Could your migraines be hormone related? Mine are. They started when I was 39. Perimenopause can bring on migraines due to fluctuating hormone levels.

  • I will look into the Menieres thank you. I've discussed the hormonal aspect with my Drs, they don't believe that's the case.

  • Have you checked out Eat to Live? It has made a world of difference for both my migraines and asthma. I have only a few a year rather than several a month. It is a plant based way of eating to improve your health. It would be a lifestyle change and not a quick fix.

  • I was going to ask if you have tried an elimination diet as well. Magnesium oil has been a God send for me! I've seen a drop in frequency of having them since I began using it 2 mos ago. I'm almost 43 & mine began late 30's...have you checked hormone levels?? Perimenopause??

    Sorry you're having a hard time. I will add you to my prayers.

  • Don't give up. Find a Dr that will keep trying. I've had mines for 25 years. Recently daily. I now get Botox inj which has help me tremendously. For rescue I take Imitrex. I also take ibuprofen, muscle relaxers and magnesium. Keep trying.

  • Thank you so much for the suggestions. I will definitely be looking into these.

  • My heart will race an shake like a a crack I shake all the time all I'm on is lithium an tegrtol benadryl so much ibuprofen iv spit up blood a little. In the last few weeks iv started passing out I live alone an it scared me so bad. Hugs.