Since we are on the topic of supplements vitamins Migraine Stop users What are...

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  • I love it

  • How long does one bottle last you?

  • I actually just took it but I haven't been taking it consistently enough to say if it works well or not.

  • I just bought it and just started using it

  • I can't take it. It was too hard on my stomach. I tried twice and had the same result both times.

  • I've taken it about four months ... started with two a day for the first three months , then take three now .. take it every day , not just for abortive.

    I think it's important to have the supplements in your system on a regular basis .

    It has made mine less severe , & less frequent...

  • Did you try it when you hadn't taken any other Meds for a couple of hours ?

  • It took me a few weeks to feel

    Any results

  • Yes I take my meds morning and night. I took this with lunch because I didn't want to take it on an empty stomach after the first attempt.

  • I even tried just taking only one