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  • Hey Brent, I've had an associate professor Dr Drago, headache specialist John Heywood but been seeing a lady named Dr Sun-Edelstein at St Vincents hospital neuroscience, she is best I've had by far, does things others are scared to, been my neuro last 4 years now and I wouldn't go to anyone else, takes a while to get that first appointment though, just need to get GP to fax referral, I suffer with chronic clusters

  • Awesome, thanks for your help... Will definitely get onto that, cycle has just started and it's the worst ever, don't think I'll make it without some kind of help or medication, thanks again

  • Well worth the effort to get to see her, for an example she does nerve blocks, Botox, magnesium infusions in her office, no other neuro I've had would even try, scripts for oxygen at home, medications, referred me for a neuro stimulator implant that worked until got infected, all you need is a referral and if unemployed no cost for any treatments, actually do not think anyone pays, may be all Medicare, I'm sure you can google her for more info, good luck mate

  • Thanks again, almost home from work so will check her out... I've put up with it for 20 years, tried medications at first but nothing worked, times have changed and so has the pain level so gotta try again

  • I hear you, 15 years chronic not a single days break, had things that help with the severity and length of attacks but never a break, hope you get something that works for you, cheers

  • Turns out my mum knows her as she works at another hospital and she deals with her... She's never understood my clusters but after witnessing first hand the other night she gets it at last... She will msg her tomorrow and hopefully I can see her soon, thanks again

  • Waiting list is 9 months

  • I knew it would be a fair wait, I waited nearly 12 months before seeing her, once you are in she is always busy but you get regular appointments, I went through 2 specialists including an associate professor and they both ran out of ideas, last one referred me to her which was best thing he had done for me, worth the wait if you can

  • I'm on the waiting list and will be told if there are cancellations... Have an appointment with a Dr Ellard I think his name is, also a specialist on clusters, that's 6 weeks away so that's something at least

  • Hopefully he can help you, do you see him private rooms or at a hospital, I've found they all mostly work at hospitals also, I've never asked Christina if she has private rooms also?

  • This is at a private room in st kilda rd, I didn't organise this one so that's all the details I know, was going to research him when I get home

  • Cool, not sure if Dr Christina Sun-Edelstein has private rooms, I've never asked her only ever seen her at St Vincent's, might be worth checking out if she does

  • Dr Helen Hunt at epworth, she is one of the leading nuerologists there, specialising in headaches, she will see you quickly if your in a cycle, she saved my life !. many many years experience. she's not so much into the alternatives, but is very clinical and will want to confirm diagnosis, she even allows admission using her name at epworth if a cycle goes out of control, she leaves instructions there on treatment, I.E O2 or indeed injectable imigran.............good luck

  • Thanks Colin Milne, Will check that out also

  • And I think it's Hillary Hunt... Helen is the actress haha

  • Dr Sun-Edelstein is the best and listens . She is the only one to see . It may take a while to see her but she is worth it

  • Yeah 9 month wait... Will be seeing someone else in the meantime

  • She is awesome, listens, tries alternatives to others, calls whenever I leave a message, I tell her she is the headache guru