Really not feeling well Day 4 of a migraine Two weeks of non stop suffering...

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  • Stay strong remember they end eventually, wish I had a magic wand to wave but sadly all I can offer is a supportive virtual hug x

  • I understand. I hope it lifts for you soon. It just becomes a vicious circle after a while sometimes.

  • Relax in a really hot bath - it doesn't take mines away but helps for a wee while. Hope your better soon.

  • I have them on both sides. Didn't work for me.

  • Thanks for all the positive feedback ladies. <3 I appreciate it. xxx

  • It will go eventually, stick in there. Plenty of water and relaxation if you can. X

  • Sending hugs

    Ur not alone

    Have a good cry if u need

    And def be selfish

  • So so horrible!!! I know how you feel. Such a miserable illness. Hope you feel better soon. X

  • Try putting the radio on low volume in the next room, press something warm on the back of your neck and think of a spice you get on well with, like ginger or peppermint.....if you feel well enough try a ginger or peppermint tea.......but it you find strong smells make you ill, try pinching the area between your thumb and forefinger on your hand....hope this helps...take care x

  • Same as me but last night doc give me zolmitripan.nasal spray 5mg with mine actually looks until these lke I was having a stroke x

  • hope you find something