Question everyone I am due my next round of Botox shortly but my Neurologist...

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  • Hi, guess it's 30% of the previous moth.

  • but when i applied for Botox i did 3 months diary which was last Jan Feb and March, i haven't done one since, so i only have Dec Jan and now Feb, but i want to make sure i am within the 30% allowed but do not know what this is based on

  • I've not been asked to do this thankfully but I would've thought they want to see a 30% reduction from when you first started. So if you were getting say 30 headache days a month they want to see a reduction of 30% which would be 9 days headache free.

    That's my understanding but hopefully someone that fills a diary for them will advise you.

  • 30% of the previous headache diary. I've just Done mine and it comes out at 10 pain free days. Think it's 9 if you base it on 30 days in a month

  • so its 30% of say 90 days?

  • not per month

  • Oh yeah you do every 3 months (90 days). So 30% would be 9 pain free days. Mine is currently 10