Pretty sure my soul was just removed slowly through my nostril with a molten...

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  • That sounds horrible lea.

  • I like your description, horrible experience though. What are you using to make these go away?

  • Was busting with mm and dalt but other half is away and just couldn't do it. Back on pred last three days so attacks are down to one a day but super intense and long lasting

  • Oh dear, at the risk of sounding like a stuck record here have you ever tried the D3 stuff? It's helped sooooo many people.

  • Yeah I still have all of the vitamins here. Actually was about 2 years ago I tried last so may have expired by now! Which just reminded me!! I was meant to send them all to Luke Johnston ages ago and i forgot! Sucky me

  • You should try it again...if it doesn't work you're where you're at now anyway so no harm trying right?

  • How long does it take to work?

  • I'm like three weeks in now I recon

  • Hmm took me a couple then your cycle will be over?

  • Lost likely

  • Do it anyway

  • Hi Lea you've most likely heard it all before but your the first person I've seen mention imigran which is what I take. I wouldn't say I'm a big sufferer, but I've had my moments of screaming and crying and asking gods forgiveness for what ever i did to deserve it. I have them 6 years ago and didn't have a clue what was going on and there wasn't any support groups and doctors had no idea for about 5 months till they found imigran and diagnosed me with clusters. About a month later the were gone. Until the start of this year. This time I was prepared with imigran and found all these lovely support groups on facebook and the Internet has much more about it now. Hearing everyone's story was good to know i wasnt alone. So I want to tell what was a God sent for me. I was getting CH constantly every afternoon around 530 for 1 to 2 hours and about 130 in the morning for 1 to 2 hours, so I joined a couple of groups on face book and started taking note. Everyone has different ideas and remedies but not everything works. Imigran works for me but takes half an hour to kick in and you dont always know if your getting an attack or if it's toying with you. Can get quite expensive taking that pill twice a day. So I haven't had an attack for about a month now. I dont smoke but I did last time I had them 6 years ago. I do drink but have had to stop drinking as one drink brings on an attack. Exercise also brought on attacks. Cant even mow the lawn without getting an attack. So i started out by not being physical for starters and stop drinking. Was still getting my regular attacks though. One afternoon after work I grabbed a bucket of Ben & Jerry's ice cream on the way home. I was starting to have an attack when I started eating the ice cream. Just by accident I found eating ice cream slowly with a small spoon stopped attacked from coming on. Problem with that is ice cream makes you fat lol. So I'd heard about people having energy drinks. So I decided to give that a go. My God what a difference this has made. I have found Red bull to be the best so far. I only need the 250ml cans twice a day. One in the morning when I get to work and one about 3 in the afternoon. I started this about a month and a half ago. Went from having attacks twice a day to pretty much once in a couple of days to just constant thick eye headaches and now just wake up in the mornings like i have a hangover but as soon as I have that redbull it goes away. I know I still have cluster headaches as i tried to have a drink a week ago and started getting an attack so I sat down and ate ice cream slowly and it stopped the attack. We are all different and all have our own remedies but till you find your own, its a matter of trial and error I guess. I pity thoughs who haven't found a relief yet and my never will. Dont let it beat you and keep searching what works for you.

  • I swear by red bull :) pretty sure I drink way too many though

  • I have a nasal spray as well. Not sure if it works but does clear my nose lol. I just found eating ice cream when you start to have an attack kinda stopped it in its tracks from getting worse and would slowly go away. Thats why i eat it with a small spoon to take it slower. It may not work for you but it does for me and i dont believe I've heard anyone else talk about having ice cream so they don't come on.

  • In the name of science.... I shall eat icecream :) best excuse ever!

  • Lol