Please excuse me while i whine

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  • What is your allotted amount of imitrex?

  • 3 a week. I've had 4

  • Ask your neurologist office for a sphenocath asap.

  • Have you tried a beta blocker? Tricyclic antidepressants? After I had lyrica and topomax I was prescribed a beta blocker, when that didn't work I got Botox and insurance covered it. My doctor told me its generally covered as long as you've tried meds and maybe some other treatments without success. I had done pt, been to an allergist, chiropractors, and tried a lot of meds.

  • what's a sphenocath?

  • Chiropractor and massages?

  • I take Inderal and elevil migraine and Relpax when I get the migraines

  • It's a tube that the neurologist puts up your nose after they put lidocaine to numb it and then they inject the medicine that blocks the pain signals that cause your migraine face and neck pain. It blocks the migraine signals from days to weeks after and you can go in every 3 weeks to get it done. It helps so very much.

    I have been on tons of medication, Botox, daith piercing, everything possible and definitely recommend getting a sphenocath

  • If you can't handle it until your appointment, go to the ER. Most insurance will pay for that. My migraines disappeared after menopause. I hope yours do, too. I remember how horrible they were. Praying for you.

  • I go to the chiropractor once a month. Insurance only pays for 15 visits a year.

  • I had a hysterectomy in '95. Post menopausal. On estrogen patch that I change weekly. Thanks for the prayers

  • What beta blocker Jessica? I have a heart history and am extremely sensitive to medicine.

  • Estrogen could be the culprit. Could you wean yourself off the estrogen?

    Run that by your doctor.

    I went through menopause and never used hormones replacement therapy.

  • I was on propranolol

  • Ask your Dr to resubmit the paper work to insurance.

  • I'm on propranolol also, and I started taking with lisinopril for blood pressure. My neuro only upped the dosage for migraine prevention. We had to up it a couple times but it seems to be helping a little with the severity and length.

  • Damn. Lucky. I have to pay $150 to go to the ER. So I have to suffer.

  • So sorry. :(

  • Xxxxxxx Yzzzzzz really? I'm almost afraid to go off of it. I've been on it for YEARS. I was on pills but then went on black cohash. I'll definitely call my dr tomorrow and talk to him about it. Thanks!

  • I'll talk to my cardiologist and my neurologist about it.