I got engaged — New Daily Persistent Headache

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  • Yay! How exciting! Congratulations

  • Congrats

  • Congratulations--so happy for you . . . wishing you a lifetime of grace in your marriage (btw your ring is stunning :-)

So its 5 years for me today After a really bad few months its finally settling... — New Daily Persistent Headache

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  • Thanks for the suggestions though.

    Oh just realized you probably have no idea what hecs is. Sorry! Its a government program with subsidized fees, and the ability to defer payment of these fees interest fee until you're earning over a certain amount per year, after which a small percentage of your wage is automatically removed to pay off your debt. So semester costs me about $4000 which I won't have to pay until I'm earning over $35 000 a year. (Although this is in the process of being totally screwed up by the current government :( )

  • *interest free

  • not bad.

Well there back I had 3 very small CH over the weekend and I just came back... — Cluster Headaches Exposed

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  • Good luck that you get the block soon! And get painfree again.

  • Better gear up with some red bull and oxygen while you wait,check out available alternatives in case the insurance folk give you the run around,or god forbid the beast changes and that course doesnt work anymore.

14 years suffering no relief for a single day in the last 17 months Ths is... — Cluster Headaches Exposed

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  • Lea- where is the updated version?

  • Kyle- they don't understand. Come to grips with that. One of the hardest things I had to do was to stop apologizing for my pain. Sorry I can't make it to the BBQ, I got a headache that lasts 4 months. Sorry I missed the birth of my goddaughters first child. Sorry I missed my niece's wedding. Sorry that I'm the hardest worker you got boss, 8 months out of the year. Sorry you think it's a headache...IT AIN'T!! Sorry...Sorry...Sorry. Then I learned that I'm wrong for apologizing. I didn't ask for this, and I didn't do anything to deserve it. I at least got more respect by not apologizing for it. That's why you lean on people here. We're the only ones that "get it".... I can say that once I lost the frustration of being alone, I at least was better able to deal with the depression and anxiety that inevitably comes with all the pain. Hope that helps a bit.

  • That helps a lot!!!! I say im sorry a lot and am full of guilt for missing out--I feelbad for ANYONE who goes through this torture but you know, what you just said WILL help me--I didnt deserve CH and noboy else does eithr

I m sorry I haven t been around much My health has gone down hill but I have... — New Daily Persistent Headache

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  • I said I would get someone to listen and I will. If I only help one of you, then every ounce of pain and effort is worth it to me.

  • Your an angel. Absolutly no need to apologise. It is so sad that over there if you cant afford it you cant see a doctor. We whinge about the long waits here in the public system but will never whinge. I hope everything get better for you health wise and thank you for your research. My 12 year old boys pain is out of control atm so Im praying for an answer.

  • thank you Kris! I am working on answers for everyone suffering. I will til we get some, whether it is for ourselves or for someone we love

— Parent support forum of children teens suffering with migraines

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  • They last forever until we got the right meds! And she is old enough now to tell us so we can try to abort as soon as she starts to feel any symptoms.

  • My son started with them at 4 and everyone says that seems a little too young, there must be a reason. Nope, it runs on both sides of our families. We haven't found a med that works yet :( we've tried 2. He had headaches daily and migraines at least once a week :((((

  • Oh no! I hope you find a combination that works soon!

Does your constant head pain affect your concentration and memory I cannot... — New Daily Persistent Headache Support

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  • yes to both, I can't read for long, sometimes I don't retain the info that I read. I my memory is awful. I have been thinking about trying coconut oil. But I don't really cook with oil in the first place. But it is supposed to help with memory. I think I might try to eat coconut, even though I don't like it

  • It sure does. I have given up on reading for my pleasure (I continue to read to my son, when I can). I try to read short, non-technical articles as the more in depth stuff just confuses me. I cannot keep facts straight long enough to follow the presentation of a conclusion. Extremely frustrating. I used to consider studying physics a hobby. I cannot even handle that now.

I am not sure whats been going on two years now and no more headaches I did... — Cluster Headaches Exposed

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  • Im feelin for ya Jeff Lush these things are so brutal,everytime I have one I still cant believe how much they hurt,Im 48,worked in roofing most of my life thought I had felt all levels of pain but none of my experience ever prepared me for these I really have nothing to compare them to. I cant eplain to people how they feel because I dont know what it feels like. I told my wife it was like there was a monster in my head,online I found people talking about a beast a demon the devil in their head and I was 100% sure what I had going on. I cant help thinking about how many have gone before through the ages,how many locked up as crazzy,perfectly normal then in 5 minutes totally insane banging their head against the wall,chained to a bed locked in a dungeon not even able to hang themselves. Here we are in the modern age and still noone understands even most trained medical professionals,not even a clue,cant imagine how many went before us.

  • Xxxxxxx Yzzzzzz......did u also notice your how much longer your cycle of attacks get after 3 years of remmision....im at 4 months of hell to 18 months remmision...thankfully still in remishion myself....stay strong ya'll

  • Also went from 15 to 20 mins each to 45 to an hour

Seriously at wits end. This is going to be super long so I apologize in advance — Cluster Headaches Exposed

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  • They are called shadows Ashley Hunt,some days it feels like a small donkey kicked you in the head,some days like a camel is standing on your head,some days nothing, you feel great you are all better,no, 3:15 am you wake straight up and both animals are actually inside of your head trying to get out. To me you sound like you are in the first year or 2 of CH,for me they came on over 3 or 4 years worse each year by the 3rd year I was in misery but still thought I had a sinus thing going,and they stopped after 6 weeks or so proving my point. The 4th year they never stopped. I am currently controlling them with D3 regimen and verapamil,but its getting close to a year the beast has been with me. You need to find a headache specialist,dont sell yourself short,if these truly are clusters,find a doctor who really understands clusters. There is a list of them somewhere I can probably find. If these are clusters you need to start preparing. There are many options for treatment,they all work for some,none of them work for everyone,what works today very well may not work tomorrow,read all you can,educate yourself,ask questions,open your mind wide,there is another group on here you should join just called cluster headaches tat is chock full of very active helpful,caring people,also sign up at clusterbusters,and clusterheadaches.com,they may just plain stop tomorrow,dont let yourself think you are all better,be prepared get ready,this thing is a monster.

  • Ah, I'm sure hoping it's not, but I'm prepared at this point. I see the Dr. August 5th so I should know soon. And funny you say you thought it was sinus because that is something I was thinking about mine as well. Best of luck to you!

  • If it is CH then get Cluster Buster for alternative med, I've been pain free for 3 1/2 years using alternative meds

Has anyone had luck with chiropractic care in treating migraines — Parent support forum of children teens suffering with migraines

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  • Our doctor is so gentle and refused to do anything until he was totally comfortable. She says she will never hold a child down for an adjustment. I think chiropractic care can be great but you need to find someone you and your child are comfortable with b

  • When I was in junior high my first two vertebrates were twisted halfway around. I started seeing a chiropractor and it helped. Now I only get sinus migraines and as a preventative I go once a month to the chiropractor!

  • He has not had one in almost 2 months it is great!! He now goes once every 2 weeks.