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  • That's one of the less common side effects. She injected in about 20 some different places all around my head face and top of shoulders. I went back an saw her about it and she said eventually it would get better, but it's been 6 weeks and still have problems even swallowing meds. Have you had it done yet?

  • I have not had it done yet. He told me that he will start w 15 places.

  • Good luck and keep me posted.

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  • I have a "Chatanooga col pac" neck ice pack, as well as the larger ones for my lower back, and very happy with them. Found them on Amazing

  • How long does the neck ice pack last for before "recharging" it?

  • They last quite a while, as they are thicker than most ice packs, and more flexible. Recovering from SI joint surgery, and larger one lasts at least an hour, and still cold after that. I keep spare in freezer, just in case I need to switch them out.

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  • So happy you found something that is helping Heidi.

  • I've suffered since I was 7. I'm now 34. Within the past year they increased in frequency and severity, to the point I was having them nearly everyday. Started Botox in December and had my second round in March. Still having 1-2 a week and the neurologist said I should continue to improve as I continue with the shots.

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  • I used to get mad at people that would say to me Oh I get headaches too. Those are the people I would wish them on. Know it ALL,S

  • Don't say that. Don't wish anything bad for anyone.

  • I would want them to go back to their happy lives afterward! A small taste would be good for their souls! It would allow them to be empathetic!

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  • That's sounds like me maybe I shld look into it thanks

  • I had a sleep study. My oxygen becomes very low about 16 times an hour. I have a cpap machine I use now but I can't tell it has helped my migraines.

  • Thank you! I try my hardest not to take any pills, but some times I just can't help it. Especially work days, I think the lights at work factor on how my migraines feel. I'm looking into tinted glasses as well( I work in a factory)

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  • Story of my life.

  • So sorry ☹️

  • I'm so sorry. Mine was a sales meeting. More recently it was my granddaughter's birthday dinner. I couldn't let her down. She turned 10--that's a big deal! So I excused myself, walked outside and vomited over the side of the wall of the parking lot. It was too far to the restroom. Grandma has class!

My mom who doesn t get mirgrins Tells me someone with chronic migraines on a... — My Migraine Support Forum

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  • Sounds like your mom has the intent to help. As a mom, I know we don't like to see our children in pain whatever their age.

    Discuss with your doctor what to do if you get a migraine.

    If you go to the ER, follow the doctor's orders.

    Your new neurologist will have lots of advice for you and maybe some more meds. Follow his/her advice and orders.

  • That's my plan. I know my mom means well. I tell her that, even with my bad ones. Mom just breathe I realize its scary for her then me.

  • I honestly hope

Has anyone tried the MigraineX ear plugs things for weather related barometric... — Official Migraine Support Forum

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  • The app warns you of when to expect the barometer changes.

  • Barometric pressure definitely triggers my migraine pain! I will have to check this app out! Thank you for sharing it!

  • I like that it isn't another drug! And at $15 it doesn't break the bank to try it. Hope it helps you, Billie.

Has anyone taken a muscle relaxer called baclofin to prevent migraines has it... — Official Migraine Support Forum

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  • I take it but I don't take it every day, just as needed. Sometimes it works well and other times it seems to make me so groggy that it isn't worth it. I snore really bad when I use it.

  • I take it to combat medication induced insomnia and find it sometimes helps my migraines as well

  • Baclofen helped with spasms caused by migraines but gave me terrible nightmares.

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  • Wonderful! I'm very curious.

  • I take all natural plant based supplements from Plexus. I haven't had my usual headaches migraine or clusters for over a year and a half.

  • Kimberly can you let me know the exact supplement please? Would love to look into it thanks

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  • Rozzy Millikin-VanNuck To me the $40.00 was well worth the try, I've spent so much money on different meds, I had a few people tell me it worked for them, my pain Dr. said to go for it, it wouldn't hurt anything, even with me having 2 more brain aneurysms that are being monitored

  • Don't get me wrong, I've had some headaches since the piercing but not even close to migraine range, a few motrin and rest and I'm fine.

  • Wow your strong,the closest place that does piercings is 30 miles and they do it from 6-8 pm( tattoo shop) I think I'm going to do it

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  • I'm still interested to know who treats the condition in Sydney. I was working in Sydney but have been back in Melbourne seeking support and treatment. ...so tips from Sydney won't go astray!

  • I'm in the US as well and can't recommend anyone of course, but just wanted to echo the other comments. It does feel incredibly lonely and it's so difficult for anyone to understand, even those closest to you. It's so much more than a "headache", it's like an assault on your entire body. My headache developed very suddenly on 12/21/15 in the middle of the night. I have had it ever since. I take multiple meds including Cymbalta, Nadolol and Maxalt. I don't know how much they actually help, but I'm afraid to be without them at this point. I'm so sorry and pray that you do find some relief!❤️

  • Thank you so much Amy! Your words are so beautiful and encouraging... I'm sorry you are going through this, but also happy something is helping a little bit? Xx

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  • Cigarette ashes , burning electrical

  • My nose is super sensitive when I have a migraine. Everything is heightened and it drives me nuts as well as makes me nauseated.

  • Stale cigarette smoke and cat pee! Thankfully, not at the same time. I just chalked it up to being crazy, glad I'm not alone.

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  • Thanks everyone for the replies. Hi flow O2 made no difference to me 'well that was a waste of taxpayers money' joshed the neurologist after I'd gone through a tank & a half! So far I've started one every day between 9&11am so should find out soon if meds are working. Really appreciate y'all taking time to reply, it's been so scary.

  • I think I have been very lucky to get a treatment decision so soon. It looks like some people have suffered for ages. God knows how they've managed I'm a total mess after a week

  • Hi Sher, when I first got my 02 it didn't help, eventually I found out I'd been given wrong mask. I was only getting 30% 02. I then got the correct mask and it was slow at at working, I was disappointed with it until someone here told me to hyperventilate on it. This helped enormously. Get as much 02 into your lungs as quickly as possible. Give it a try, and I hope this also works for you. Good luck x

My best friend who is trying to understand my chronic migraines asked if this... — My Migraine Support Forum

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  • It's extremely difficult to try and explain all of the things we go through with this I call illness with no cure. Unless they experience it themselves unfortunately they will never know

  • I'm 61 an mine didn't get this bad until the last 2 yrs an it has thrown me .day in day out my head hasn't stoped for 2 yrs..Hugs.

  • So sorry ! Mine started at 19, I'm 63 ... I have not had them every day tho ... I take two preventives . Verapamil , & since moving to the gulf coast , with all the allergens, I take singular too ..

    Recently ( three months ) I got some Migraine Stop from Amazon ... that has helped a lot ... you have to take it every day , & ive learned , two hrs before or after daily Meds .. it's worth a try ..

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  • So sorry. :(

  • Xxxxxxx Yzzzzzz really? I'm almost afraid to go off of it. I've been on it for YEARS. I was on pills but then went on black cohash. I'll definitely call my dr tomorrow and talk to him about it. Thanks!

  • I'll talk to my cardiologist and my neurologist about it.

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  • I've tired tyonal it doesn't do anything

  • Thank you everyone ive went to the hospital many times when I was younger because they would Last me months and the doctors didn't know what to do they hooked me up to a iv drip with medication for headaches and it worked but after we left 30 min after leaving it came back....they have done scans and nothing sometimes I get them to where nothing works and ive tired everything well so I though until you guys commented some amazing helpful ways so thank you

  • Praying

Thank you for the ad. I ve been suffering from head pressure light headedness — Head Pressure or Migraine and sinus related along with dizziness

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  • Xxxxxxx Yzzzzzz very similar.. my vision has really been affected lately :(

  • Celine Shank wonder what it does to do weird things to our vision. So light sensitive too.

  • Try not to stress .Stress does harm, do things to relax take a swim do something to enjoy and be happy. What my daughter did was drink tumeric this helped .For the pains etc in head she got peroxide and olive oil and mix them she put two drops in each ear once a day she did it 2 days .it helped her head pressures she was having etc. She did it once the next week and is ok.

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  • Sorry you have to deal with them. Are you on same meds as women?

  • Deanna - yes! Sumatriptan injections for attacks . Propranolol and Nortriptyline to " prevent" migraine - tho they don,t seem to make the slightest difference! I think women are better at actually putting up with the pain! If I get a bad one I can do nothing and am just begging for relief!!

  • My husbands bf gets them and my 11 year old has been complaining of headaches in the past year which makes me so nervous. The dr said it's hereditary so guess he's part of that 1%. I've recently been reading more about fascia after discovering Ashley Blacks Fasciablaster group and there's a discussion as to why men don't have as much cellulite as women. There's a whole section on fascia and migraines and I find it interesting. Not sure if it is related at all but I'm always looking for something that could help.

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  • I spoke to the gp who wanted to rule out a detached retina. They told me it was unlikely to be serious but they had to rule these things out so do go and see. At the very least it will put your mind at rest. I've had two more since but I knew what was coming and it didn't bother me so much xx

  • Oh gosh I will call them tomorrow thank you glad your ok xx

  • Thanks :) Im sure they'll be able to put your mind at rest as it sounds identical to what happened to me. They said that the fact it resolves quickly means it's unlikely to be serious xx

Hi all just been prescribed Propanolol 85mg after coming off Ame due to not... — UK Migraine Support And Advice Forum

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  • Weird so you have these TEVIA ones x

  • Yes..

    the others I was given last year (cos pharmacy said the manufacturers had a problem makin the Teva ones!) were Bedronal, they were blue tabs.. no one believed me when I said they were different! I phoned round all chemists to see if they had the tiva ones!

    Back to normal now tho!

  • Propranol didn't work for me and Topirimate was the worse drug ever, even though it helped with my migraines, the side effects made me feel so awful I had to stop taking them.

Well it s day 7 of my migraine 1st day Sunday was due to the stress of trying... — Botox for Migraine support information

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  • They gave me anti nausea meds, but Toradol is what I'm allergic to. I don't think that they gave me Benadryl. They give you that for allergic reactions. I don't know what they'd have to give me if they gave me Toradol via iv, because it would be such an immediate life-threatening reaction.

  • Your body releases histamines when you have a migraine, that's why they administer an antihistamine such as Benadryl, it also helps with nausea.

  • Ah...well, then they probably did give me that. I think the migraine has finally broken and gone away.

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  • Mindy Pierce...meeeeeee toooooo. Sometimes I come off bossy in text but I know I am friendly in person...I swear I am!!!

  • Exactly how I am

  • And then I get bitchy when I am in pain and someone doesn't know what the hockey sticks they are talking about (not referring to you Tasha Thompson lol). I find that people who don't have this weed themselves out because they only think oxygen is cool until it gets in the way of their life and they realize we have to do all kinds of crazy shit to cope...lol. from the outside...we look like a weird bunch. I had an attack in Walmart yesterday and felt sooooo horrible. People were watching and I felt stupid but I was screwed while I waited for suma to help...

Anyone tried nerve block injections in back of head neck. Did they help — New Daily Persistent Headache Support

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  • Yes twice but unfortunately did absolutely nothing for me :( but we all different you could be the exception

  • I felt better for a little bit, about a day. Doctor didn't think worth pursuing.

  • Same here 40 some shots no work but everybody's different I've had spinal taps every medicine you can imagine now I'm looking into stem cells

I feel like everytime I get close to knowing all my triggers. or majority — My Migraine Support Forum

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  • Thank you

  • It's an 'elimination' type of diet. You stop eating things and slowly reintroduce them. I hope you feel better soon. I also take a B-Stress complex, magnesium citrate, and iron pill (I'm also anemic) each night.

  • Ok i will definitely look into it. Thanks so much

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  • Guess maybe the dentist is next up on your list of Dr's to visit. I have a cracked jawbone, discovered by my dentist, that adds to my migraines. My bottom wisdom teeth grew pointing downwards and had cracked it. Unfortunately, can't fix that since it's on the main nerve.

    Maybe you have something dental going on as well?

  • Oh gosh I'm so sorry because that is just awful and we can all relate to how brutal these are. Spring is the worst time for me with the weather up and down. I see you live in the South. Does humidity really affect it? I moved from Pa to Ma and mine decreased. If I'm out west I rarely get them. I'm sure you've tried everything but it took me going to a psychiatrist, for a sleep study, and to an allergist to learn I have sleep apnea which is one of my triggers. They think I was born with it. My brain wakes up 22 times an hour and I wake up with severe migraines. Slowly figuring out what all my triggers are and it's come down to sleep, weather changes, stress and alcohol. I've also recently learned a lot about fascia and migraines and this is so interesting because I've always had tight muscles. Sorry to ramble on but I always want to share things that have worked in hopes maybe it can help someone else.

  • My wife has fought migraines all of her life. She got an ear cartilage piecing and it has help 90%. I seen her go through all of the drugs you have and more. This is the only thing that has ever helped her.

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  • Me too! I'm on ice most of the day when my pain levels are high

  • Yeah. Lately I can't function without my ice halo. I don't know how I'm going to do Passover at my husbands parents house! The pain without ice is intolerable!

  • I hurt in my sleep. Grit my teeth. Awful. Pain meds help but can't survive on them without possible repercussions.

Considering traveling for my migraines to get help I went to MHNI in Ann Arbor... — My Migraine Support Forum

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  • Idk from the original post. But MHNI requires every patient to see a psychologist at their facility (even if your insurance doesn't cover the psychological visit but covers the rest).

    I think that is absolute crap that they wouldn't help her with that being a requirement alone-they have obligations! (That's how I feel)

  • How long did it take you to get in to Jefferson?

  • I'm not from your area, but I've received similar treat in the past. I have bipolar with multiple suicide attempts. New psych & New neuro made big difference

Been for my first appointment with neurologist was in room for 5 mins didnt say... — UK Migraine Support And Advice Forum

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  • I had a scan 2 years ago nothing showed up but I have got worse the last few weeks so going back next week , & the problem is you have the scan then have to wait few weeks for the result ! Hope it comes back clear for you x

  • Aw i hope you get some results theres nothing worse than not knowing whats going on, i wasnt expecting an miracle today just frustrated i waited so long for the appoinment to be in there 5 mins at least something is getting done thank you hope all goes well for your scan x

  • Bear with this, try to accept and tough out the process. Go with the flow. Yes, I fully agree it is frustrating, with pain you just want it out the way so you can get on with your life. I know. it has stopped me from doing things too. I have had a brain scan so understand the daunting 'run-up' to the scan, then once you have braced yourself ready for the news you have the extra frustration of waiting to receive the news once you have psyched yourself to find out the results! Part of the drain is the not-knowing. It is better to know rather than to sit there thinking to yourself 'what if it is this,' or 'what if it is that?' For what's it worth I am not a success. I got told there is no cure for photosensitive migraines and he mentioned the possibility of other conditions too, so my neurologist, GP and I are on the road to managing pain......well, my road continues but at least I have a direction. I suppose a diagnosis, what ever it is, is a direction. At least a direction is better than going round and round in circles. Take care and good luck x

Maryann brought up today which I forgot but is common with this is carpal... — Head Pressure or Migraine and sinus related along with dizziness

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  • Yes, although I do not have carpal tunnel, I do have deep muscle spams in my left wrist when I lay my head on it and also my right ankle. Those sort of feel like when you squeeze your arm and measure blood pressure you can feel the blood pumping, but in my case it's not the blood, it's the nerve acting up on the muscles.

    It's all connected to the neck should I say 'injury' 2 years ago when all of the symptoms followed. Quickly after that happened I had sharp pain along my left arm (which freaked me out, that tends to be a sign of a heart attack) and down my right leg. Orthopedist checked out the leg with ultrasound and found nothing, same with the wrist. Since then those symptoms have subsided. But it just goes to show that the root of the problem is still the same and something irritating the main nerves along the neck can have its symptoms elsewhere in the body.

  • Those are also signs of things like opioid withdrawal for jumping, or low potassium for a spasm. Nerve compression is tingling, burning, numbness, weakness, itching, tearing. Spasms (contractions), and jumping is from the brain and take a much more complex process or lack potassium to get rid of calcium in the nicotine receptors. (Studied the rare auto-immune disease MG they thought I had last year to learn that one).

Does anyone else get migraines so bad you can t sleep If so what do you to do... — My Migraine Support Forum

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  • My headache specialist prescribes meds just for this purpose. Tizanidine works well for me. Best wishes ♡

  • Me too I take the same thing works great helps me sleep

  • Look into leaky gut/gut health. Majority of our own melatonin is produced in our gut. Getting it balanced could help with other health issues as well.

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  • Caffeine helps mine. I avoided it for years then i saw a post on here about anadin, thought why not try it. And boom, worked a treat. Now I make sure i have good coffee at least once a day as well as my meds and my migraines have been much better.

    It works for some, it triggers for some. :)

  • Really! My neurologist told me to stop it and all over the counter pain relief as it causes rebound migraines and to stick to preventatives only. It makes my heart flutter but I used to drink so much. Now I've gained weight on decaf lol

  • Xxxxxxx Yzzzzzz Louise Aw no! I guess every body is different and it's finding that fine balance for yourself. I've also completely cut out artificial sweeteners which has dramatically helped :) x

Hey guys Who s uses Pred Just want to know what dose rate is working... — Australia New Zealand Cluster Headache Support

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  • It's definitely not good for everyone, but it works for me. I'm allergic to a lot of meds, so nice to find one I can take that doesn't make me gain weight.

  • I bet, it just made me so anxious and cranky all the time

  • I use prednisone 3 days a month to keep mine from rolling to 10/10 with too much frequency. Much more than that and you have to worry *a lot* about bone density issues and those kind of things. Normal 'high dose' prednisone is 0.5-1mg/kg as far as my neurologist has told me (I haven't checked elsewhere) - I take 50mg for 3 days (and weigh 85-100kg most of the time - probably more the higher end tbh) and it definitely helps - more than that and my mood starts being oddly affected.

Worst ive had last nite went bed 830pm woke up 1030pm beast in full swing till... — Australia New Zealand Cluster Headache Support

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  • Yeah got her number calling monday my doc will give me script funny thing is i used work at supagas brisbane doing gas delivery

  • So sorry to hear and Yep night attacks are the worst, cause by the time you're awake, the pains already right up there. Hang in there! Hope you find relief soon.

  • I'm hearing you :( getting smashed myself at the moment. Hang in there