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  • Thank you. It doesn't happen often just something that started 6 yrs ago after a major migraine. MRI was done with n without contrast along with other test and a stroke was ruled out.

  • My Neuro said people with migraine are more likely to have strokes..

  • Complex migraines have some of same symptoms

Cannabis. Helpful or not. I m episodic — Cluster Headaches Exposed

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  • The first time I tried, I was on a road trip with friends in the mountains stuck in a car. Finally we found a small town with a subway restaurant and I went in their bathroom and all I could do was get ice put it in the sink with cold water and stick my head in, I was throwing up and had a friend of mine pull my hair as hard as he could for me. They let me stay in there for about an hour and a half but we had to leave and finish three more hours in the car

  • good God. I am actually scared of weed because that experience frightened me so badly. I felt like I had been in a boxing match when it was over. I was destroyed. And then other times I smoked I got really melancholy and became suicidal thinking this is what it has come down to...that scared me too...

  • Helps me get through it but doesn't change the pain for me.

The beast is back with no mercy Day two of attacks but this time it lasts... — Cluster Headaches Exposed

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  • mine before last for 1 month for just 15 mins. But now its horrible almost 2 months and the pain lasts for 3 to 4 hours :(

  • Yes, it changes every couple of years for me.

  • You Cheads will get this. But it seems to me that just like how each individual headache has that rev up time to peak and back. So to the years long timing between clusters. This is just my own observation. But my recollection was that there was around 4 years between my first and second cluster. As the years went on, the clusters got closer and closer. Down to 12-14 months. Then starting to lengthen to 18 then 24 and now still waiting. My weapons ready for almost 3 years.

I m just cooling down from a 2 hour CH that has given me hell — Cluster Headaches Exposed

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  • Praying for you!

  • Non Kosher animals are not fit to eat! They are the waste disposal system for the earth! Do some research into pigs, and the bottom feeders in the water!

    I will keep Kosher out of obedience, since The Most High doesn't care a bit about these headaches we suffer. The headaches are no reason for me to stray into poisoned animals!

    My shotgun statement was made in a moment of extreme stress, and not something I would do! Not one person who has blown his brain out the top of his head has lived to tell about it!

    Does it hurt? WE DON'T KNOW!!! It might hurt forever!

    Not gonna go there.

  • Triptan medication? I'm not going to suggest the injections or sprays due to the fact your getting hit multiple times but lasting 2 to 4 hours. Almotriptan pills work in 60 minutes but will cover you for 24 hours or there abouts. You can take 2 pills per day though if needed. The only side effect I had was when I took the strongest dose 12.25mg on an empty stomach I would feel tired but the 6.25 mg not as much. If your doctor will only give you so many per month then I suggest getting the 12.25 and cutting them in half as that will still work well. The most important thing to remember is to take it right at the beginning of your first attack of the day then your good until the next day, no slap backs at all. Something to keep in mind if you have insurance. Hope you're cycle doesn't last long and you find something to help. I can't do the attacks without anything any more I just won't as I did for too long. My last cycle was 6 weeks and I have a small stock pile of pills and took one every night at 10 p.m. when my attacks started. Killed it within one hour and was able to sleep all night get up and never had another attack until 10 p.m. the next night so it was a fairly easy rinse and repeat until my cycle ended. I suffered from a cluster headache for one hour per day which I took the triptan right at the very start so it wasn't too severe for the first bit and the rest of the time I was pain free which was really doable. If you use oxygen then what you do is abort with oxygen and take a pill at the same time which will cover you for the rest of the day/night.

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  • Might be having tia's. I had two at work that felt exactly like that. Go to ER to be checked out insist

    On an MRI and cat scan.

  • My then-16-year-old daughter had one while in the ER. Her aphasia freaked me out. I thought she was having a stroke. None of the ER docs (at a children's hospital) had ever seen one and they all had to come by for a looky.

  • I went to the ER had had a bunch of tests done 4 years ago when they first started, because they needed to rule that out. Now I get a catscan and MRI every 1-2 years. So everything was cleared with that. Thank you for looking out!

Does this happen to anyone else When I first wake up in the morning or when... — My Migraine Support Forum

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  • Yes, this happens to me all the time. It's really disheartening. I get so excited thinking I'm going to be fine for the day, then, start moving around, BOOM, there it is. I hate it.

  • That happens to me to

  • yes! i always wake up thinking im pain free then it hits

How my appt. with the physiatrist went today — Cervicogenic Headache Support Forum

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  • We stopped at the desk on the way out, and I told them I was leaving, that this was disrespectful to make a person wait this long and be ignored. No one even had told us that she was running so late.

    They asked if I wanted to reschedule, I said, "No, she was only going to refer me to the next step. She can call me!"

    You know she didn't even call me herself, had her receptionist call. I was pissed, and gave her what for. Told her that they need to let people know if they're running that far behind. I hadn't eaten yet, (it was 1:00) and we should have had the choice to go find something to eat and come back or to reschedule.

    I normally only allow a 20 minute wait for any appt. before I reschedule. I think I was more than fair in waiting 50 minutes before leaving. Even tho my husband didn't agree with me. That made for fun. :/

    Anyway, the call I got later was to let me know where they were referring me to...a pain management dr who specializes (I looked him up) in Anesthesiology, which to me means automatic shots in the neck. :/ I don't want that.

    Appt is April 6. We shall see.

  • Around here, pain management sometimes does the shots, but they usually just prescribe pain meds. Be careful, sometimes they're pretty free with the opiates, and it becomes a viscous cycle. Good luck!

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  • I have a pituitary adenoma (benign tumor.) I never thought of the connection to my migraines. But I do have the adenoma monitored once / year with an endocrinologist.

  • I've had migraines since I was 4. The enlargement just came up a few months ago. I think it's effecting something way more than my migraines

  • Praying for you

Hi I m new here also I found this group while looking up my symptoms on the... — Head Pressure or Migraine and sinus related along with dizziness

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  • I have the nose pressure feeling all the time, sort of makes me slightly off balance. I had this 9-10 months before I had any sinus symptoms. Had a fairly normal CT scan that only showed minimal issues. In Mid Jan 16 I felt incredible pressure and had the worst headache and then the bloody stuff started. Get small bloody scabs out of my left nostril most days ever since.

  • Don't worry about asking questions, just ask away

  • Do you have head pressure or head feels heavy all the time? I have all of this plus pressure between my eyes

Has anyone got pregnant while on migraine meds They want to start me on... — UK Migraine Support And Advice Forum

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  • People with epilepsy take an alternative drug through pregnancy

  • Topamax didn't work for's worth a try but definitely ensure you don't get pregnant whilst taking it

  • I have had to come off all my meds, I'm 13 weeks pregnant

I carry an Emergency Migraine Bag wherever I go In it I have my injectable... — My Migraine Support Forum

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  • Mine also contains barf bags

  • Smart!

  • I work maintenance at camp &I retreat center. I can't carry all thing what I need for my "emergency" I just carry ibuprofen and big bottle for drink water. I drink water over 100oz per day. It work for me since 2 weeks from migraine and dizzy.

Has anyone tried Occipital nerve block for chronic migraine and headache — UK Migraine Support And Advice Forum

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  • I've also been offered this as the next step. So it's been good to read all this. Thanks

  • Just had my second GON and so far it seemed to have worked. I ll keep you updated x

  • I had great success with my first one a year ago. Instant relief and completely pain free for the first time in 30+ years. It was heavenly! Lasted about 3 weeks like that then they slowly crept back in. I have had 3 further GON blocks with not very much success. Definitely worth a try. Hope it works for you.

My head might not hurt everyday but I have damn floaties everyday which sucks — My Migraine Support Forum

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  • Medicine I take to help with migraines: propranolol, buspirone, OTC pain meds, caffeine pill, benadryl, and motion sickness pill.

  • I may have a couple floaters during a migraine but I would have a really good eye exam to be sure something else wasn't responsibility. Definitely a second opinion

  • I had tests ran, eye exam good, mri normal

Does anyone here have a service dog for your migraines If so what was the... — My Migraine Support Forum

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  • It's the same as a service dog for seizures or diabetes. They're trained to alert of an incoming episode and then are trained to help during. I was reading a lady's story and her pup is trained to turn lights off, get water bottles from the fridge and even bring her meds. I know for me that if I was living alone this would be an amazing safety net and give my mother peace of mind.

  • I have an anxiety dog, my little companion Cookie. She is a teacup her " job is to comfort me. We trained each other she has been my saving grace for 10 years now. She is my angel.

  • Poodle

I suffer from migraines and it s so annoying that nobody understands I m 22... — My Migraine Support Forum

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  • Have you tried Botox ? It helps me. Can't use imitrex as well as any Sumatriptan medications are contraindicated to patients having hemiplegic migraine. Besides, I'm allergic to aspirin and opioids.

    Topamax was a nightmare.

  • I've put off my final 3 degree exams 3 times

  • Topamax is a nightmare yes and didn't help me at all. Waiting for botox x

Sydney siders I get in about 2 30pm Friday and will have a few hours to kill... — Australia New Zealand Cluster Headache Support

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  • Positive thoughts your way my friend! Hopefully the little guy gets some good news and kicks ass!

  • Thanks.

  • Would have loved to catch up early but have a busy day poo! Enjoy your day whatever you end up doing.

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  • My boyfriend tells me not to think about the next migraine. I can't help it. I know it's coming, just when. We don't have a choice, we are frighten. Our lives are so disrupted. Morning, noon day r night.

  • Xxxxxxx Yzzzzzz - your last sentence is so true! People think you must be fine in between attacks. Well sometimes, but mostly as you say you feel exhausted by the constant battle with migraine and the effects of the drugs and just want to sleep!

Is anyone here diabetic. Iv just been diagnosed with gestational diabetes — UK Migraine Support And Advice Forum

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  • I'm type 2 diabetic diet controlled only with no medication. I eat little but often so not having to much sugar at one time.

  • This is called the "dawn phenomenon", very common in diabetics x

  • I had gestational diabetes, was a bit of a nightmare, there is a website which was really helpful. I used to take two paracetamol and eat grapes for the sugar hit, then a glass of water and a good chunk of cheese to counter act the sugar in the grapes... sounds stupid but it worked... if it's not your thing, try coke with some cheese and a glass of water. Technically as long as your sugars aren't elevated longer than an hour you should be good. I guess just monitor after an hour and see how you get on.

My guy friend suggested I should try yoga to cure my migraines This is a new... — Migraine Chat Room

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  • It has helped a lot of ppl. It helps me with tension headaches & anxiety which can be triggers for me. So helped indirectly.

  • It has helped me a lot! My migraines are mostly caused by knotted muscles in my neck and back. Yoga works all of that out for me and helps with stress a lot

  • Iam new med. for my migraine I holp it work

I am new to this page and looking for help for my 13 year old daughter — New Daily Persistent Headache Support

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  • Lyn & Liz, here is the link to that group:

    "It's a closed ( private) group just for them. It's called Teens and Young Adults with Migraine

    Mostly they are HS & college age 14/15 to 21/22ish. Grace admins the group with another young woman named Morgan (daughter of Amy Butler-Barton in our parent group). The group has mostly girls but a few guys too...and they are mostly dealing with chronic and chronic daily headache disorders ( migraine, NDPH, IIH, post concussion etc)." smigraines

  • Thank you so much Kelly! Now to get Katie a Facebook acct.

  • Thank you Kelly! I'll tag Allison Tackett. I'm sure a group of people closer to her own age will be good support.

I know we all get or have gotten botox for migraines here But I m wondering if... — Botox for Migraine support information

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  • Get Botox in your jaw

  • Got my steroid injections yesterday. Really sore today but hoping for improvement.

  • the first round did take away some TMJ pain, which has only restarted in past 6 months, which I think is referred pain but hard to tell. I had 20 years of TMJ problems, got relief through wearing splints 24/7 and then getting orthodontics again to maintain the better jaw positioning, which made a 100% difference for 20+ years.

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  • I am in the same place you are in. My heart breaks every time I read I read one of these posts. Prayers.

  • I was admitted as well a week for migraines 6 years ago. I get Botox inj which is a life saver. My migraines has decrease from daily to Maybe 5 to 10 a month less severe. Is that an option for you?

  • We're trying for the Botox, but so far the insurance is balking at paying for them. There's also a program through a medical school nearby that I'm applying for, where I can get them for free as long as I don't mind the residents watching the procedure so they can learn from it. Just takes a lot of paperwork and hoops to jump through.

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  • It was and still I panic every time I even get a small headache.

  • Nice to meet you and welcome to the group. I'm sorry you have to deal with migraines

  • I haven't had viral meningitis, but when my daughter was three she got it! I have anxiety/panic attacks, probably from doctors telling me I was faking headaches to get drugs. Also diagnosed with Hashimoto's disease. My husband is fighting MS and is on 24 hour care. This is a great support group! Hope you get feeling better. Yes you have a right to have every headache scare you.

So Friday was my last day of work and I ve been working there for the past... — My Migraine Support Forum

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  • Prayers for you beautiful lady.

  • Wishing the best for you. I'm just about to quit also. Nothing but migraines and Meniere's attacks since another group took over our Catholic hospital. The new company only allows you to miss one day every three months and they keep trying new ways to get rid of all of us holdovers from the old company. My IFML seems to mean nothing to them.

  • Maybe something in the environment there that you might not be aware of? Perfume or a blooming plant/flowers, or chemicals in the carpet, etc? Good move to get out.

Hi — UK Migraine Support And Advice Forum

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  • Hi, I'm not a parent so I can't sympathise with this part of your issue I'm afraid :/ though I do have a massive amount of responsibility on me so I do understand. It sounds so ridiculous..but have you tried the daith piercing? Please please give it a go. For the mean time, when I was on a ton of medication (that didn't work), I found putting a freezing cold flannel (literally frozen hard for a couple of hours) on the back of my neck, face down. Usually helped mine go down very quickly. Best of luck with everything xxx

  • I have a 4yr old and 11 yr old when the youngest is home it's just a case of TV or tablet to entertain him. Lie on sofa and just nap but cat nap lol I think I'm to aware he is there to relax into a deep sleep. I just put a eye mask on he tends to know if I'm unwell but can still ask for things like drink and food but other then that it's all I can advise x

  • Oh Clare I've been were you are. Nobody understands. I was so worried about taking care of my children when I was having a migraine, trying to feed a baby in one hand and being sick at the same time, nightmare. Try and get a support system around you, to take over at a moments notice. I had a childminder on standby. I'm sure you will manage, be strong. X