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  • Yes

  • Also fluid in ear or infection.

  • Anytime you have something new happen, check it out separate. Don't just think it is part of a migraine, it may be symptom of something else. Don't guess with your health.

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  • That's so often, sorry

  • I've never heard of that one. I'll have to ask my daughter's doctor about it.

  • My 9-yr-old has it for really bad ones. She has taken it only a couple times at bedtime when the migraine was so bad she couldn't sleep. I can't really advise on any side effects since she took it at bedtime. She has been fine by mornings.

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  • Hi, propranolol was the first preventive I was tried on. It gave me bad headaches and put on weight. I stopped using it after 3 months

  • Welcome to the group! I have been on time release propranolol for years. The doctors insisted it would be good for me but I have almost daily migraines despite it! Once you are on it you are stuck on it for life as coming off it will make your blood pressure shoot up! At first the side affects can be unpleasant- leaden feeling in legs and stomach cramps - but you get used to it. Don,t think it makes much difference to migraines but no idea if I would be even worse without it!!?

  • It didn't work for me @ all. I also had no side effects while on it and I had no trouble getting off it. Hope that helps!! Good luck!

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  • So sorry! :(

  • Phenergan helps nausea and will help relax you. I think it would help to have muscle relaxer and anti-anxiety to use as needed, not all the time.

  • Allergic to fenergan so have to rely on zophran which hardly ever works. There is one med that I've gotten at the ER which helps but don't remember the name of it. All I do remember is that it starts with a C.

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  • That's weird. My sinus CT shows a cyst, too, by my right eye where I have all my problems with migraines. My ENT doesn't think it's a problem. I also have Meneire's on that side. Maybe I should let my neurologist know. Mine is very small. less than two centimeters.

  • Yeah, I'm not completely sure these cysts are asymptomatic like doctors say. I found tons of forums where people were diagnosed with migraines (and other symptoms) and had an AC in their brain.

    Mine is about the size of a golf ball, it looks like I have a third eye in my scan. I just think that there are so many delicate nerves and blood vessels in your head how can it NOT be causing some issues!?

  • Exactly!!! But...seeing as how I didn't go to school to be a neurologist...I am at their mercy. Lol

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  • Be sure to read all the info on Cymbalta. Best of luck to you

  • Sometimes we need to take a break from being a guinea pig for awhile. But i don't give up.

  • I have found that as the migraines and other health issues continue my pain tolerance goes down. For me after trying so many medications my medication tolerance has gone up. Kind of a standoff. Also, I react differently to a lot of medication. It might make most people drowsy but not me, or I develop side effects frequently. Makes a difficult task even more so and still trying to deal with the pain of migraine and other health issues with their own pain and medications problems.

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  • The botox works for some..but did nothing for me...I sure hope you can find something to help...I have tried everything...it is so frustrating!!!

  • Over 25 yrs my Drs and I have tried about everything. Nothing worked or I had bad side effects. Imitrex tablets and injections and Phenergan are my main meds but have others and a few OTC to help with symptoms. Imitrex doesn't always stop or slow it down but better than anything else I have tried.will not try Botox or Daith piercing partly due to comments on several questions on here. Too risky for me and my history with things like this

  • You sound like me...have been thru everything...bad side effects etc....when my headache turns into a severe migraine I have to go to the infusion center here at our hospital and get IV meds to kick it...haven't found anything else to help with a migraine....I won't try the daith piercing...I've heard some people say it helped...but I also had a friend try it and it made it worse...and you can't unpierce something...and I know I couldn't handle worse...my case is so complicated because of all the different medical problems!!!

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  • Migraines and clusters rarely go together

  • Interesting, I'll look into it more! I've just never been considered for cluster headaches but since I've had these headaches since I was 7 years old I think I've been a victim of "medical brainwashing" - lol! I've just gone with what the doctor's​ said and never questioned it. But I think I need to do a better job and take charge of my appointments.

  • Same here! I seem to have a mix of both although my official diagnosis is chronic intractable migraine.

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  • I've had anxiety and OCD for 20 years sweetie and the anxiety hit me with a hole different set of symptoms two years ago ;( it will find any way to get in! If it was neurological your doctors would know the signs :) xx

  • I totally understand where your coming from though and it's terrifying ;( please try to relax xx

  • Could be a different type of migraine. What works for my ocular M. is eating half a head of iceburg lettuce. Not sure why it works for me, but may be worth a try.

Hi there. I am new to the group. Here is my story — Head Pressure or Migraine and sinus related along with dizziness

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  • I was on the board of directors of a Parrot Rescue for many years for this exact reason. I was also very active, I did laser effects for the music industry and specialFX. very hard to walk and work all day on your feet. Very frustrating when you have to sit down every 5 minutes. It will suck the life out of you. That is why volunteering is great, you can do it on your terms and you can find what your body can tolerate.

  • From that I have a 44" large format printer. Laser Cutter, CNC router, vinly cutter, 3d Printer. I do a lot of canvas wrap sales, wall murals, wall cling stickers, etc..

  • Haha class.

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  • Yes! That's because when we are finally able to relax and maybe sleep in a bit, our blood vessels relax too. That's when a migraine happens. When we're stressed all week our blood vessels contract and we are able to make it through. That's what my migraine medicine Maxalt does is contract the blood vessels.

  • Yes! Me too!

  • i didnt think of it that way... im hussling through the week, cant wait to get to friday to relax all weekend in my recliner, read a couple books and sleep in... and my migraines ruin even my weekends too.... its just so unfair...

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  • Started meditation classes and getting out walking daily again

  • I'm moving to Colorado. My husband and I decided to chase our dreams and allow ourselves live the life we have envisioned for a while. We were craving to be closer to breathtaking scenery and enjoy of a place with great culture and holistic health around. Holler if you know anyone in Boulder we should meet!

  • That sounds amazing!!

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  • Lidocaine patch is generic name, lidoderm is original name.

  • Where do you get them

  • Online, I think. You have to have a prescription for it.

    I know you can do several times a day for both prevention and abortive.

— Botox for Migraine support information

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  • Yes I'm in the US, Boston area, seems like side effects to me

  • I have extreme fatigue. And just feel absolutely awful. I won't have the Botox again. I'm in the uk. They don't push it here as we don't have to pay for it. But I won't have it again.

  • I had my first round on Jan 31st and just now feel like I am recovering. About 5 days after the shots I felt achey all over, super sore neck and shoulders, I had eye lid drooping, couldn't hold my head up, couldn't swallow without great difficulty for abt a week, and had two days where every muscle in my body felt contracted and I could not relax. I started to panic. It was a hard couple of days. I've been in PT since mid Feb to help regain my neck strength. I haven't had strength or energy to do hardly any of my normal duties. Until today actually, I've just felt "sick" ever since the botox. I got three weeks nearly migraine free from that first round, but I'm not going to do it again. I'm continuing to look into other options like nerve stim surgery and other prophylactic treatments that I haven't tried yet. It wasn't until after the shots that I thought abt what a serious poison I had put in my body.

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  • Too much misinformation sets us back so far. So do some people on site that you can tell know next to nothing about migraines by their posts and questions. Please notify Admin

  • Excedrin doesn't work for me

  • yaaaaasssss!! Was just telling a coworker this morning that while I've have headaches.....I haven't have a migraine lately! She gave me that confused look! But if you haven't experienced it, you just don't know

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  • Yes!

  • I think for me a sinus thing but not sure. I make sure I blow my nose (sorry if TMI) before I go to sleep too. As I've gotten older, will be 61 in April, I seem to have more drainage. I'm up now at 3 am cuz I had a tickle in my throat and kept coughing.

  • Sometimes. But then my neck starts to hurt , I have hurniated discs in my neck , and gives me bad migraines and mention headaches

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  • Cymbalta is doing good for both for me. It's the best I have had for my depression so far. Lexapro wasn't bad either but it didn't do anything for my migraines.

  • No more Effexor for me. I sweat like a pig. Horrible. Amytriptiline at bedtime 85 mg.

  • Never used it for migraines just depression and I used the Effexor extended release

I just can t get the ringing to stop in my ears It seems to be getting worse... — My Migraine Support Forum

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  • No real cure for tinnitus. Mine is constant. Can come from Ibuprofen if youve used that often. My personal opinion is my triptan can cause it too since it constricts blood vessels which can contribute to tinnitus.. Again my opinion after reading about it. I also have some TmJ issues which could be the cause. Doctors say nothing I can do about it.

  • If side effects of migraine meds would go away. No other meds, I definitely would see another Dr.

  • I have tintus and medicines such as aslirin or nurofen makes the ringing worse.

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  • Brooke , so glad you found something that works for you .. could you tell us what works ?

    I just take it easy the day after, stay hydrated , rest if I can ..

  • Chocolate shakeology had been a lifesaver for me and healthy eating (my blood sugar isn't all over the place). My migraines trigger from lack of food, sleep, or stress for the most parts.

  • Thank you , I need to watch my diet . My sleep patterns are crazy .. I try to even those out, but never works

Ins Co denied by cortisone shots says I m not in enough pain U r f in... — My Migraine Support Forum

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  • I'd try to get Dr. To provide more info and resubmit it. That's what my pain Dr does. But that's crazy cortisone isn't expensive but I think injections are considered as surgery.

  • Sadly. Most of the time the people in charge of the approvals or denials know nothing in that field.

    My wife was diagnosed with MS. Had tests results to prove this. Took months to finaly get the approval for the ms med. I googled the guys name on the denail letters.. He was a freaking pediatrician!!! I threw a fit to the insurance company when i found this out.

  • It is probably for the best. Those shots are not good for you. You should be really careful getting them. My husband use to be them for his foot.

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  • It was hr after i went to bed ive had the ghost four times today and now at 10.39pm but i had 1 sumatriptan nasal spray helpd plus can ice spray so im not keen go bed yet cause i feel like it will hit me when i go to bed

  • Sorry it's back, hope it's. one off :/

  • Im on cordilox 24omg today doc gave 180mg cordilox on top plus 50mg sumatriptan and take prenisolone 25mg 3 a day for 4 days fingers crossed i so so want to go sleep but not worth CH

Hope you guys are pf and have a lovely day x — UK Migraine Support And Advice Forum

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  • Thank you, he seemed quiet nice a part from him saying he thinks I will always have the constant headache. I will start a headache diary because two weeks ago I couldn't get out of bed for two weeks x

  • No-one understands the agony of a migraine, the vomiting etc unless they've had one. Have had them since I was 16 and that was a long time ago but sometimes I am the same Pauline McLaughlin when the pain is so severe I lie there frightened. If I get an aura sumatripan makes it less painful, My worst ones are the ones I wake up with and they are firmly established and so sick!

  • My symptoms are very similar to yours. Constant one side neuralgia with additional migraines and worse at night. I did got to a neurologist but he was not much help. In the end, I took myself to the national migraine centre were they diagnosed hemicrania continua. I have tried all the mess that other members of the group have used, Tristan's, beta blockers, topiramate and other epilepsy men's. I'm now on a non steroidal anti inflammatory drug called Indametacin. Helps but still have lots of migraines. I hope you have success but as others have said, it's finding the right treatment for you. Good luck.

Just curious What are your energy levels like I m ALWAYS tired Its like my... — Cluster Headaches Exposed

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  • I'm too scared to try it as my family has a very bad addiction history. One of my biggest fears is that I'll become totally dependant of painkillers.

  • I have too many overlapping illnesses to answer that completely. But after a cluster attack I'm drained.

  • I'm sorry to hear that you suffer more than CH.

Well my cluster family I ve been knocked for a six this week the Topamax has... — Australia New Zealand Cluster Headache Support

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  • Can i ask what antidepressant you are taking

  • Lexapro now on 30mg

  • Lexapro is a fairly new SSRI and is favourable these days because it has the least amount of side effects. Im assuming you have been prescribed lexapro for anxiety or depression rather than as a means of treating your clusters but SSRIs have been known to help reduce attacks in some people. I don't think topamax is a good choice of med for you if you have existing problems with anxiety. The topamax is only going to enhance those feelings and make your brain too foggy to be able to think properly. Perhaps you could see your dr and discuss trialing other SSRIs to see if you have better results with both your anxiety and the clusters

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  • Yes, definitely worth getting it done again, you never know. Although the B12 thing sounds like it's worth investigating...

  • Oooh and prescription sunglasses too!

  • I well sort all this in the wek I haven't thought of any of these things could b somethin as small as this causing the migranes thanku guys reslly appreciate it

So after many years of getting Botox I had to find a new neurologist due to an... — My Migraine Support Forum

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  • Yea I'd chg drs. They are supposed to know exactly where those nerves run and not hit them. Also I find if I keep my eyebrows plucked and get a lil arch in them I don't look so bleh all the time lol.

  • I'm going to give her another shot after this. It's not so bad where as I can't close my eye but is noticeable. She came very highly recommended and I had to wait three months for an appointment. I cannot got that long with a headache again. Also the next closest doctor on my plan is two hours away. But if this happens again ...she's fired

  • I think there is an prescription eye drop for droopy eye caused by hitting the nerve (cause to drop the eye)

    You may want to call back. Do not know if it will effect treatment for migraines.

Well today marked the 43 day without a migraine So guess my body thought that... — My Migraine Support Forum

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  • Does it have a smell

  • I took maxalt as soon as I felt it coming on... morphine even with the added benadryl I couldn't sleep well all night. Morphine did nothing much for the migraine. Still have it this morning... ugggg so I guess I will try some Toradol and anti inflammatory pills. And a super hot bath with Epson Salt in it. Try to eat and take some biocleance that's the type of magnesium I take.

    I don't want to go to the ER was just there 2 weeks ago for kidney stones. Ugggg

  • Yes it does

Welcome to the group Nicca Grant make yourself at home It would be cool if you... — Australia New Zealand Cluster Headache Support

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  • Seeing as the headaches dont last long, you could try drinking Redbull at the onset of the headache. Have the Redbulls in the fridge ready to go and drink it fast. An alternative is strong coffee at the onset of the headache.

  • Welcome Nicca

  • There are preventative medications available to stop the headaches occuring, and abortive meds also, including high flow 100% oxygen which alot of people have had great results from in aborting attacks when they occur. Then there's alternative treatments but I dont feel comfortable suggesting any these as you dont have a legitimate diagnosis as of yet.

    Can I ask how long you have been getting your headaches for and a little background on the frequency and symptoms please

Had a killer migraine today For a moment it got really bad and then my nose... — My Migraine Support Forum

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  • Please try downing bottle of Gatorade without aspartame

  • Can you check your blood pressure at home? I bought one of those wrist meters it even checks for AFIB which runs in my family. I wanted to see if my bp went up when I had a bad one.

  • Everytime I get a migraine I get a nosebleed before and during.

I woke up at 8 30 this morning and realized that I made it through the night... — Cluster Headaches Exposed

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  • Hope it starts working for you again, I must saw I am starting to like eating with them.

  • The peppers are great! Always been a part of my Texas diet, just not on the level that I eat them now!

  • I have had the beast since 1987 but wasn't diagnosed properly for 8 more years. At the age of 58 I can't eat the hot peppers like I could years ago. The mornings are to tough and if your sitting on the throne in the Am and a CH hits there is nothing worse than getting it at both ends.

Thank you for letting me join the group My daughter is 15 and she has been... — My Migraine Support Forum

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  • I have had migraines since I was about 10. I have tried everything. Stuff seems to work for a while then stops. Lately I have been doing botox and it has helped a lot. Thursday I went and got daith piercings on both ears. I felt instant relief.

  • Our pediatrician is referring us there but our insurance company doesn't want to pay for it

  • Could they investigate hormones? Not on any hormone pills?

Anyone else get odd side effects from imitrex Can t explain it but have felt... — Official Migraine Support Forum

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  • Imitrex always makes me sicker and gets tightness in my neck.

  • I hate to hear that. I personally wouldn't take anything that made me feel like you did. Women have different symptoms from men when they have heart problems. I can't tell you not to take it but will recommend all women to look up women and heart disease. Even if you don't have heart disease your arteries can still spasm mimicking a heart attack. Some women get what's called Takosubo syndrome (broken heart syndrome).

  • Hope you feel better soon.

Anyone also suffer from muscle tension in the head The ENT I saw diagnosed me... — My Migraine Support Forum

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  • Being in these groups really helps, i feel so much better now that i know the pain in my shoulders, neck n head is not a result of my bad sleeping position o whatever i kept on thinking was wrong with me, as much as its a relief to know others experience this it sad that anyone has to live with this much pain on daily basis

  • Supposed to go to sleep study two years ago make sure I was getting enough oxygen at night when I sleep CPAP but I didn't go wish I would have now.

  • My neck, shoulders, upper vertebrate,and trigiminal nerve are always so tense/fired up that physio is my only saving grace from some relief.

Hi was just wondering if anyone on here gets migraines 3 5 times a week and it... — UK Migraine Support And Advice Forum

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  • i had one every day for the last six weeks - they start around 4am in the morning - had CT and MRI all fine -

    Morning daily migraines can sadly be a 'thing' :(( x

  • Yes it's chronic migraine for ya, and in between so you are either getting over one or going in for one, sucks, wishing everyone a migraine free time! X

  • Ive hac them 3-4 times a week and lasting sometimes til next one hits.. horrid . On preventative meds now. Pizitofen and had only 4 attacks in 3 month now. But yes it got me worried to. Also because i seem to have some sort of memory loss every time they hit. Very weird.

Hello just curious what medications do you take — UK Migraine Support And Advice Forum

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  • Are you UK? Just interested to know how hard it was to push for Botox on nhs? I paid myself for a year and it helped with frequency but i couldn't keep up the cost.

  • I was referred by my neuro; iirc you need to self report migraines 15 days per month to qualify on the NHS. It's done by the pain clinic and waiting lists can be long depending where you are.

  • Hi I find zolmitriptan takes mines away within an hour but only if I catch it when my warning symptoms come on. I sometimes need to take a second one 2 hours later if I don't catch it soon enough. But usually clears it for a good few hours.

Hello I have migraines without an aura triggered by bright lights among other... — Migraine Chat Room

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  • Sounds like mine. Mine always seem to start around the temples and move on up and around anywhere on my head. Have not found anything that works for me and I've tried a lot.

  • I have these but mine usually start where i get stars in my left eye, then i can't then see thru it, but i take SUMATRIPTAN, they are great for me, within ten mins the stars have gone , i can see, then i get the dull pain in top of my head, then i take pain killers.x

  • Mine are triggered by the fluorescent lights at school. Not fun!

My 7yr old daughter has just been diagnosed with childhood migraines and has... — My Migraine Support Forum

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  • Never heard of that. They gave my son who is 11 now maxalt. (I use that too) I have him on some supplements from plexus and we hardly have any migraines anymore. Yet we both have one today... weather is one of our triggers

  • Comes as a suppository if your already dry heaving n can't keep anything down by mouth .

  • Day 11 on Triplex ! Plexus Slim pink got my migraine to ease up n was able to go to dinner n Dance the night away ! I can't remember it easing up enough to enjoy the day as much as I did n no hangover the next day either ! Shocked n not Skeptic anymore . Take that Migraine !

I received my second botox treatment last Wednesday but enough time had passed... — New Daily Persistent Headache Support

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  • I have heard that from others, share any info for the rest of us! Haha

  • How much did it cost you? Mine was 900.00. It didn't work. I did it again, they said the second time will work. It didn't, and I'm 1800.00 in debt over it. I hope it helps someone.

  • My insurance covers it, so I only paid the copay for the doctor's visit.

Been having a weird few days Feel like a migraine is constantly looming can t... — Migraine Chat Room

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  • Research blue light danger from electronics. Ask doctor for labs, including electrolytes, low or high can affect you. Don't let it just pass. Take care of yourself. You might even try emergency as this is a drastic change

  • Yes, I go through that. Try the meds, ask for a small amount, as a trial.

Well turns out the migraine I have is also an ear infection No wonder I m... — My Migraine Support Forum

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  • That's terrible.

  • Oh I couldn't speak , dry heaving 6 hours husband told them that n after paperwork he had to fill out as Lady played on her phone behind desk ! Then says after 30 min , what do you want us to do ? Dr will talk to you only n let you know if you need to go to ER ! I grabbed my credit card paperwork insurance card n said thanks a lot ! I told you I couldn't keep anything down as I was dry heaving there n she wasted my time ! I went to ER ! Had all I had not to get crazy on her ! Like it was no big deal I was suffering so bad .

  • How terrible!

So I ve been taking D3 and noticed a small but helpful difference in occurrence... — Cluster Headaches Exposed

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  • For the D3 to work for me I take 30,000 Iu a day with zinc, boron, K2, fish oil(important), turmeric and B50 with occasional multi vitamin. If I go much under the 30,000iu I start to get shadows. The fish oil is needed because D3 is fat soluble and K2 makes the calcium in your blood go to your teeth and bones rather then arteries. All should be taken with largest meal of the day. Good luck keeping the Beast away.

  • Thank you I'll definitely try the other supplements as well

  • Make sure your dental health is good as well! Inflammation in your mouth translates to inflammation in your entire body! Been married to a hygienist for 27 years!