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  • Now it's been 6 years this July! I call it my new normal and have moved past the depression and emotional stuff and onto acceptance! It's easier to laugh than be pissed or cry! Lol

  • Keep on keeping on

I m just wondering how many of your neurologists are not giving you anything... — Botox for Migraine support information

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  • Maybe find a new doc. Start here (not trying to schill for the drug company but at least these providers are trained in the procedure and know a lot about migraines) https://www.botoxchronicmigraine.com/find-botox-sp ecialist

  • What's the Baclofen? Is it a preventative or an abortive? Just wondering. It's one I haven't heard of

  • It's a muscle relaxer. It can help other meds work better.

Has anyone else had an inplanted nerve stimulator I have had NDPH for 9 years... — New Daily Persistent Headache Support

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  • Thank you so much fo the information. I will go there next.

  • I had the trial last October and unfortunately it didn't work for me. My NDPH is global. I think anything is worth a try. Good luck

  • Thank you for the information.

I really really hate the rain. Simply put. Just hate it — My Migraine Support Forum

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  • It's killing me as well. I awoke with a migraine that is getting worse by the minute. Already taken my prevention meds and my Maxalta, 8 mg of Zofran and some Klonopin. Still no relief. Waiting for Neurologist to get back from lunch. Really don't want to go to ER but I foresee it coming

  • I just left work and came home and took my maxalt with a Benadryl. Hopefully I'll sleep it off. I hope everyone feels better. It seems to be a fast moving storm. But always leaves long lasting pain

  • We are having it today front moving through took relpax just incase.

Woke up with a pounding headache — My Migraine Support Forum

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  • Feel better

  • That's awful! I had to get FMLA for my daughter's. Her specialist even wrote on the forms " periodic ER visits for infusion ". Granted it's a top-notch pediatric facility, but still...

    I'm so sorry. Prayers you feel better soon!!

  • Thanks Sweetie

I posted a few weeks ago about how much my daith piercing had helped my... — My Migraine Support Forum

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  • I was thinking of it too I think I will pass sorry you have to endure this Flelicia thinking of you

  • I'm so sorry you are hurting and so sick and that the piercing didn't work for yoy. I have been considering getting it done as I don't know what else to do same as everyone else. I hope you get relief soon.

  • Mine helped my migraines for about a month or so after I had it done, then it went back to the way it was before. I wonder if it only ever helps temporarily?

Does anybody know what I can do for a migraine without medicine I cant take... — My Migraine Support Forum

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  • Oh lord, heat makes me so much worse. But I'm Pitta primary Prakruthi, which basically contraindicates heat of any kind. Heat will give me a migraine all by itself.

  • Call your doctors office. I've had procedures done and was able to take sumatriptan the day before.

  • Tiffany, hope you're procedure went well and that you are feeling better today.

I ve never posted before but I m in need of some friends My head has been... — My Migraine Support Forum

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  • May be looking into nasal sprays if in the next couple of weeks my rescue med doesn't do its job. Do you like the spray? After effects? Burning?

  • Thanks so much. Finally felt a little better about 2am. Then I wanted to eat up everything in the house! Kind of odd but I nibbled on some snacks and went to bed. My head feels very sore so I'm trying to take it kind of easy on myself. I appreciate everyones well wishes.

  • thinking of you

Good evening every one I am new to the group i saw it due to one of my friends... — My Migraine Support Forum

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  • I wish I could travel that far. It's 4 hours away. I usually get nerve blocks and SPG blocks on the opposite 6 weeks. It's new for me going to a small town neurologist with little experience in Botox. Because my husband drives us and he's been laid up with hip surgery and one or two more major surgeries coming up I have to resort to local care. I'll keep that drs name and appreciate your response. Also has he ever admitted patients for DHE?

    Hope the nerve blocks helps.

  • What's DHE?

  • It's a med that I've been given as an inpatient in the hospital twice. They use it often to break a long cycle of migraines. Unfortunately I can't get it at DENT Institute in Buffalo. I think that's odd because upon my discharge in Houston hospital I was able to get it by prescription. If you google DHE you can get info and the entire correct spelling, lol.

Hi I am new I was wondering if anyone has had Botox. Daith piercing — Official Migraine Support Forum

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  • Hmmm. I'll have to look more into this. But either way, were on the same boat. Just riding a different wave it seems like.

  • Xxxxxxx Yzzzzzz

  • I mean I've definitely experienced that definition. But not how you're explaining like multiple ones. If that makes sense. Like once I get one it's there, it doesn't come in and out.

My story I ve always had sensitivity to loud noises strob lights bright lights... — My Migraine Support Forum

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  • Thank you for your prayers

  • Unfortunately, the longer you work, the harder it is to convince social security that you can't. Especially since you went back to work after being denied. You will have to start the clock over again. Get a dock to tell you to stop working and to document that you never should have gone back to work - it was against your medical best interest.

  • I am sending you prayers and hugs! Just never give up! I know sometimes it seems like too much but you especially have so much to live for with 5 beautiful children! You are not alone! I so hope you can get some relief and feel better and less pain real soon!

I don t know about yall but for some reason when I have a horrible migraine... — My Migraine Support Forum

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  • With bad migraine can't stand to have much contact with anything. Sometimes my own skin bothers me.

  • Yes! Forehead kisses are the sweetest kisses of all! You can feel the love!

  • Yes. My girls and my husband kiss my forehead...and the feeling is great!

First post for me but figured I d give it a shot For the better part of a year... — Head Pressure or Migraine and sinus related along with dizziness

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  • I think I have found what I have. It's called "midfacial segment pain" and the treatment is 6 months on low dose amitriptyline. This is my 4th week taking it, and I have noticed it working. Still a bit of pressure, but very manageable. I would advise everybody on here to take a look at midfacial segment pain or any other type of facial pain disorder

  • Xxxxxxx Yzzzzzz check out "midfacial segment pain"

  • I have

So I have had unbearable migraines for almost a year now with little relief — My Migraine Support Forum

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  • We are all different aren't we ? I say whatever works..

  • Yes... that is for sure!

    I can sometimes tolerate my hair pulled up and sometimes not.

    I don't like it in my face nor getting my my way of doing things.

  • I can't let my hair grow past my shoulders

Hi I ve been prescribed Candesartan as my next migraine headache drug to try — UK Migraine Support And Advice Forum

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  • Fingers crossed here too! Would love to get back to driving. X

  • God, I can't imagine not driving. Mine are more for headaches than migraines. I've just done a 3 month detox of no painkillers for my neurologist said he has to rule out medication overuse headaches. I managed 85 days but thrn gave in! In that yime i had 18 migraines and 2 days where I woke with no headache. I have Chtonuc fatigue syndrome and have had headaches since I was 12 (I'm 42 now). Sick of it, so debilitating and I have 3 kids. Just found out i have a benign brain tumour which is slow growing since birth, I'm convinced it's related to my headaches but the neurologist isn't. He isn't bothered about it as it normally occurs with epilepsy which I don't have. But I've researched it and most of incidents of it recorded day that patients suffer constant headaches! Anyway, we'll see. Must be bloody awful not to be able to drive. I really hope they do work for you. X

  • Had my first pill this morning! Its seems odd that a tumour growing would have nothing to do with your headaches? It must be squashing things at the least if it's growing. I have aura, and I can't see properly with it so I can nip 10 mins to a shop and back as my migraines come on slowly, but longer than that I can't risk, incase one starts and I end up stranded. . I have mastocytosis, and joint hypermobility syndrome so it's more a combo of the 3 that's meant I haven't been driving. Migraine triggers my masto, and pain and bad sleep trigger my migraines and masto, and masto and bad sleep can trigger my migraines and HMS. So potentially cutting down on my migraines could give me a reduction in the others too.

Hi everyone I have had migraines for 13 years I get them pretty frequently at... — My Migraine Support Forum

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  • They make an Imitrex 100 mg that may work better for you and keep you from having to take multiple doses. That and Maxalt (rizatriptan) is what I take (just never together or they will basically make everything worse) and either one of those works most of the time...but everyone is different and there is no single "magic fix" for us all. I've never had ANY luck with preventatives (been on so many I can't even name them all) but had good luck with the triptans (except Frovatriptan, which didn't help at all). Relpax (eletriptan) and Treximet are good too but my insurance won't cover them because they are only available in brand name. Although Treximet is just Imitrex and Aleve in a single pill so you might try taking an Imitrex and a couple of Aleve together and that may help too. Good luck!

  • Thank you! Yeah, part of the reason why I like Imitrex so much is I can get it for $1 with my insurance right now because there is a generic so I don't have to be stingy with when I take them.

  • I agree with the other posters. Talk to your dr about the Imitrex not being as effectively nay longer. There are other delivery systems for Imitrex, other triptans, and many other classes of meds that you can try. Good luck!

Woke up with a migraine today it was so bad I threw up five times I didn t... — My Migraine Support Forum

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  • And I'm not going to lie, I was scared at first. And longer it took for insurance to approve the frighten I got. I researched as much as I could and I found more negative comments than positive. But I need help, I need to do what was best for me. I needed to be able to say I at least tried a lot of possibilities out here. Take care of you. My friend. I'm glad I took that leap, Botox is great for me.

  • It didn't work for me. At all.

  • I use Icy Hot.

Can you take amitriptyline and nortriptyline at the same time. 10mg doses — Migraine Chat Room

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  • Xxxxxxx Yzzzzzz its crazy the pharmacy didn't catch it or ask you if you had stopped the other triptyline before starting a new 1, maybe your doctor failed to mention to stop the 1? I would def. check with your doctor as well as the pharmacist bc you may hit a super low when you stop the 1 while transitioning I'm not sure but just a couple questions you might want to discuss with either of them.

  • Xxxxxxx Yzzzzzz & be aware of your feelings & be sure those whom are in contact with you daily are aware of you being more down bc this med so they keep an extra eye on you...until you get it figured out.I personally do not like the way the TRIPtylines make me feel.

  • Thank you....I did ask him if I was to keep taking the Topirmate and he said yes...I was waiting to refill that prescription till I seen just in case he did change my pills but he said to take both.The pharmacy filled both...they are pretty good they have intervened before with pills...but I have refill the Nortriptyline tomorrow will talk to them tell them what's going on... thank you

Had so much I planned on doing today then my migraine reared its ugly head so... — My Migraine Support Forum

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  • I feel the same. My doctor put me on meds that cause me to feel buzzed or drunk but without the alcohol. I lay down almost every day for 2-4 hours. It's really been hard lately cause I have so much to do around the house since I'm selling and moving.

  • Feeling the same way!

So my appointment is tomorrow I have been so confused and thought it was... — My Migraine Support Forum

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  • But def tell your Dr about the nausea and vomit so he can get u something for that

  • I write down everything I want to ask and what they need to know because I don't remember.

    Also if my husband goes with me he usually records the visit so we can go back to know what was said. (You can always ask the dr. Or.....)

    A list of meds you've taken and their side effects is good.

    Your history.

    Past testing and results.

    You can always ask about things you have seen or heard about that you think may help -won't hurt.

  • Always write down any questions or concerns you want to discuss with Dr or easy to forget, especially if you have any migraine. Messes with short term memory

Hello everyone I have been following this group for a little bit The cosmetic... — FasciaBlasters Migraine, Tension and Cluster headache support forum

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  • Following

  • On you tube search Ashley Black Guru migraine and you should see 6 separate videos. It has helped my mom a constant migraine sufferer, and me with tension headaches that can turn into migraines

  • I went from having 3-4/week to just having my first in 3 mos! I use Ashley's migraine protocol (YouTube search Ashley black fasciablaster migraine it's a 7 part series). I do it 2-3 times a week as a preventative...make sure and go down your arms, back, chest, etc so that you direct your inflammation away from your head. Good luck!!!

Well no migraine since Saturday Now I m having cluster headaches My eye... — My Migraine Support Forum

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  • I went to the eye dr first when the migrain started was all clear had mri cat scan all norm bottom line a migrain hope you feel better soon ic been in the dark for days now

  • Have you tried the dentist? I know I have said this before but I had forgotten. It was during a time when both my parents were dying. So my focus was off. Anyway, he found my bite was off and after he took care of that it helped a lot! Then I had to go gluten free which helped even more.

  • I have dentures so don't need a dentist. Gluten free diet? hmm...

Does anyone take or been prescribed Treximet — My Migraine Support Forum

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  • That's what I do too. If have to take 2nd Imitrex in 2 hours or more I don't take Aleve with second. I could not believe what a ripoff they tried. Dr and Pharmacy confirmed.

  • Treximet did work for me (I was given samples by my neurologist) but is such a rip-off. I was looking for a backup to my Imitrex (since they only give 9 at a time and 9 ISN'T ENOUGH when you have chronic migraines). My insurance wouldn't cover it and it was going to cost over $600!!! For just 9 pills! And all it is, is sumatriptan and naproxen in the same pill - they have the nerve to charge for that? Just because they no longer have the patent on Imitrex and you can get affordable generic, so they had to come up with a new "breakthrough" pill that's no breakthrough at all, just a big scam. So now my backup is Maxalt (generic) and if I need a little boost I just take an Aleve with my prescriptions. These pharmaceutical companies are a joke.

  • Same drug company as released Imitrex over 20 yrs ago.

Question does anyone else find that the longer you have a migraine the harder... — My Migraine Support Forum

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  • Yep made sense, longer you have it the more it hurts.

  • Migraines definitely don't go away on its own. I hate taking meds at the beginning of a stubborn migraine that doesn't want to go away, because I end up taking more meds and more meds trying to get the migraine to stop.

    I feel like a "pill popper" most of the time. I hate it.

  • Yes, I had one for months before......horrible

I m having a migraine But this is not like my usual migraine I m having legs... — My Migraine Support Forum

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  • I can't drink gaterade either. Too many chemicals. Sometimes I can tolerate diluted ginger tea or peppermint tea though.

  • http://www.lifehack.org/359570/lemon-juice-with-sa lt-can-stop-migraine-headache-within-minutes

    It helps sometimes, depending on the type of migraine. I can't find the original article I read, but this one does ok.

  • May want to try plain chicken broth from Campbell chicken noodle soup

My 19 day migraine finally broke yesterday for one day unfortunately the... — My Migraine Support Forum

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  • Yes, for sure!! One day 2 weeks ago the migraine I've had for 3 months dropped from about a constant 9 to a 5. It was like all the planets aligned!! I still had a 5 migraine, but it was like having a new life without it being a 9. I cleaned(happily), cooked, baked, laundry, laughed, danced, and listened to music up loud!! It was only about 5 hrs, but was amazing!!

  • Look up icekap it has been a lifesaver for me

So I have decided to come off of the topamax It had stopped working to prevent... — My Migraine Support Forum

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  • Thx hope you have found something that works

  • Good luck

  • Try zolmitriptan 2.5 mg they are in the same category as zomig 5mg but pill form. The zomig works pretty good if your sinus are clear because you squirt it up your nose. Then it goes directly to the brain. For me i have allergies so it mostly runs down my throat then makes me vomit thats why i like the pills. You need to rake it right away though. I have prescription morphine as well but thats difficult to get. Im allergic to anything in the ibuprofen category and if you take zomig you cant mix it with acetaminophen or you will get serotonin syndrome and it can be deadly. I hate a nasty reaction once from taking cold medication at the same time. I didn't read the ingredients. Even the 10mg of morphine dosnt help much if irs a full blown migraine. You could also check out " natural green" methods. Can make a tea. I would look at your diet as well. 3 weeksvago i started making a smoothie every morning. I drink half for breakfast and half for supper then a heslthy lunch. In it i put frozen muxed berry's, 1 orange, 1/4 lemon, 1 banana , some almond milk. Sometimes i use a little of my sons protien powder if i have not eaten much meat. I have noticed a difference since i started doing this. Also drinking water with lemon and fresh mint with apple cider vinegar supplements. Im trying anything!! All you can do is keep trying. Im going to get the Darth piercing as well in tbe next few weeks. I hope you get that out of your system soon so you can start to feel better.

When you know it s going to rain because your migraine is at a 10 I just need... — My Migraine Support Forum

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  • You are so right!

  • Sorry to hear that! I totally get it! Between my migraines and my fibromyalgia and my back, I feel like a walking barometer especially with the titanium rods and screws in my back when it is really cold and rainy......hope you can get some relief soon !

  • Awwww love! I have fibro and a titanium graph in my neck as well.... trust me I feel your pain. Thank you love!

Still sick w migraine It was letting up a little this morning so I did some... — My Migraine Support Forum

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  • I hate the auras - i get so scared as can't see and I just know what pain will follow

  • You are the sweetest,thank you.Oh,we talked.He had to answer questions for me as they could not understand me.They were not busy and I was there 8 hours!Gave me only one round of pain medicine,Dilaudid and fluids and decadrone.Nurse barely checked on me and dr too.She said we want to get your pain manageable.They most certainly did not do that.Just depends on who you see.Sorry for tmi but I was vomiting in waiting room.Going to try and sleep but so frustrated.Thank you for all your kind words.I think bf gets it now.He has only witnessed slight speech slurring.He looked scared.Thank you again!So lucky to have found you all to navigate through this craziness

  • They are awful!