So far I have had 1 round of botox Going for Round 2 in a couple of weeks at... — Botox for Migraine support information

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  • I had my first round on Thursday. I was told that you have to have at least 3 rounds to notice any affect.

  • I noticed the severity reduced significantly after my third round ... it's hard to explain you know you have a migraine but it's like a bad headache and I feel like my insides wobble ... way better than the alternative xx

  • Yes .

been dealing with migraines for last 15 years. had MRI s. been on Topamax — My Migraine Support Forum

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  • been to several neurological doctors. who keep saying migraines are due to stress. everyone has stress. neuro is the one who put me on Topamax then took me off of it. I don't wanna be on a boat load of meds. kinda trying to do it naturally which obviously isn't working. guess I shall go back and start writing what I eat and see if I need to change that again.

  • It took me YEARS to find the right neurologist. She was actually a migraine specialist. You might be able to find one in your area. I didn't have much luck finding food triggers but quite a few do. You can't alleviate stress, so that was a dumb thing to say. I had to change doctors this year because of insurance, but because of all the work that Dr C and I had done together, my new Drs (it's going to take 2) and I will be able to continue the regimen that had worked well for me. I wish you well.

  • Maybe try CBD oil, it is legal in every state.

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  • You literally describing me. I clean my ears like a crazy person!

  • It started a year ago. I thought it was so strange!

  • I never heard of it. I will look into it! Thanks for the info!

Went to the ER because I couldn t take it anymore. All they gave me was reglan — My Migraine Support Forum

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  • What is that?

  • The referral service is one of the options you get when you call the hospital's main number. A list of doctors will be recommended to you.

    Internist are doctors who help diagnose problems. They may treat you or they may send you to the best specialist for that problem. You may pm me.

  • The hospitals near me don't off anything like that.

alert only because others won t understand — New Daily Persistent Headache

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  • Thanks everyone for all the responses. I got through the family lunch, but I cancelled the movie afterwards. I just couldn't do it. It's been a day...counting the minutes till bed!!

  • I'm glad you were able to do something and also that you were strong enough to say no.

  • I hope you felt better as the day went on and were able to get some enjoyment out of your birthday. We all understand how you feel!

So finally booked to have my daith pierced today I usually have a high pain... — UK Migraine Support And Advice Forum

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  • Didn't work for me im afraid

  • I was advised to consider what side you sleep on from a comfort point of view but never read that one side works more than the other. I had my right done in September and in conjunction with Topiramate I've been migraine free. I'm convinced it's made a difference. I'm reviewing my meds tomorrow to see if I can reduce my dose then I guess I'll really see. I'm seriously thinking about getting the other ear done. It grates a bit when being done but the pain is nothing compared to what we endure from the headaches! Hope it works for you.

  • I had this done too. Also found no difference. However I have no regrets and I like it as a piercing x

So a year ago today our world was turned upside down It has been one off our... — New Daily Persistent Headache

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  • My I ask how old he is? I am going to be 19 in a few weeks and had my fourth year anniversary in October, if he ever wanted to talk he could message me! And if you ever needed to commiserate with someone I am sure my mom would be happy to as well! I know that it can be hard for parents watching their kids go through this illness... my family has always had health trouble, so my parents knew how to handle it pretty well all things considered, but I know that it bothers them (my dad especially, feels the need to "fix everything" and this isn't something he can fix,) especially on my worse days...

  • Hi krista, Thankyou so much. Daniel will be 18 next month. I know what you mean about the "need to fix".

  • Daniel is going to friend request you xx

Hi everyone I came accross a fascia blaster video on facebook Caught my... — FasciaBlasters Migraine, Tension and Cluster headache support forum

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  • Hopefully he will help you with your bf helps and I hv gotten. Couple of migraines to cease and others controlled to. Functional level! Good luck!

  • Jessica and Donna welcome, please if you haven't read my pinned post about my Mom please do, it has been her miracle and I wanted to share with others so they can get their miracle as well. Donna glad you didn't cut your head off, although I don't know how you all live with the pain. I don't get them often but I have had them and it is unbearable. So welcome and please when you do get your relief pleas share your testimonials.

  • Thank you , I Will definitely read your pinned post.

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  • Xxxxxxx Yzzzzzz...that's far. Thanks tho. I'll see if I can find someone in my State (AZ) and preferably, in my insurance network first. Right now, I trying to get in to a neurosurgeon who specializes in Chiari @ Barrows (not sure how much he knows about CCI tho). Of course, that apt is many months away...

  • Josee Woodward I had to wait a long time to see Henderson also. I'm glad you have someone you can see who is at least a starting point. Sorry it's so long a wait.

  • Xxxxxxx Yzzzzzz. Patience is a quality we seem forced to develop with this DX ! :)

Day 9 of a migraine My sons NDPH has flared into a migraine state after... — New Daily Persistent Headache

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  • I just asked him, the infusion is carried out with the meds being administered separately. He said the true relief comes from the magnesium. (I hope that helps.)

  • Xxxxxxx Yzzzzzz That IS wonderful news! Thank you so much. I've been looking into magnesium for a while, very slowly learning the protocol on the huge fb Magnesium Advocacy Group, and thought I should try to boost my levels with an IV and see what happens. Definitively looking forward to trying it now. Thanks again!

  • I'm in the huge magnesium group too, it's all very daunting. Good luck, I wish you well & happy learning!

My migraine had eased up some today but found that simple tasks such as having... — My Migraine Support Forum

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  • Oh no! When I had my Complex I was balled up crying and freaked out. I barely could talk at the ER when I went the triage nurse figured out I was lightheaded from the jump once she realized I couldn't talk I pointed to my purse for her to get my information

  • Thank y'all ! I don't want to be too dependent on the pain meds and I have lavender and peppermint oil but sometimes that doesn't even help..I also have ginger candy for nausea and sometimes sip on coke ( coca. cola) I even try to use a cool washrag on my forehead too

  • I know what you mean! My speech gets messed up bad ..I can't be understood and sometimes I can't even get any word out! It's frustrating to say the least! I hate that you have to go through that too!

Has anyone had a Sphenopalintine nerve block done How was the administration... — My Migraine Support Forum

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  • Didn't work for me

  • I do the SPG and I've also had facet blocks. I guess they might have gone on to do the facet ablation however I can't drive 10 hours and stay day's on end for the ablation.

  • Yes and it didn't work for me. I was offered sedation but chose not to have it. My pain tolerance is through the roof high so it's not necessary. It did hurt but it's not something I wasn't able to handle.

Omega procedure — My Migraine Support Forum

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  • Amen that makes me happy

  • I had the 10 day trial and it made a positive difference but it didn't take all my pain away. I have another appointment with my chronic pain specialist on Monday to discus if I should get the permanent probes in

  • Never heard of it!

OK here I am again with another migraine. Thought it was gone last night — My Migraine Support Forum

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  • I've heard of the feet in hot water while you put an ice pack on the back of your neck. I also use peppermint tea. I was so desperate the other day. I sat on the edge of the bath tub with my feet in the hottest water I could stand and a ice pack on my neck and drank my peppermint tea while I sat there.

  • Thanks everyone!

  • What do u have at home that u can take

So I ve now been migraine free for 5 weeks I never thought I would actually... — UK Migraine Support And Advice Forum

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  • I hear ya, mine weren't cured by it, but greatly eased, I came out of nursing, hard decision but well worth it if you can xxxx

  • Good on you. Hope everything works out for you. Mine are alot better now I try to not let things stress me out, I also find spending time on myself at least a couple of times a week helps.

  • So good to hear this !

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  • I will have to look that up !! Thanks for the tip :) hope it keeps working for you!

  • Keep me posted, sounds all too familiar

  • Check out the Migraine Support Group. Has a lot of info

hang in there — My Migraine Support Forum

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  • I had a migraine from last Friday thru this past Thursday. On Thursday I went to Dr office for a nurse visit and received 3 shots ..... toridyl, benedryhl and reglan. Lol .... probably spelled wrong. Had slight headache that is what I call a meds hangover yesterday but I am headache free today! Yea!

  • No dose not work.

  • Feel better soon, Rochelle!

Migraine Support is looking to have another sweepstakes What is the best gift... — My Migraine Support Forum

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  • Migraine cap

  • I've seen an ad on facebook that advertises an ice cap. I think that's be awesome to have. Maybe even some peppermint oil would be nice.

  • I've never tried the icekap but have been reading a lot about them

Are migraine meds sumatriptan something that your body gets used to I have... — UK Migraine Support And Advice Forum

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  • Yep my body got used to all the triptans after a while I ended up having the injections but then had a bad reaction to one so had to stop tried the sumatriptan tablets again the 50mg don't work so am on 100mg I also take cocodamol 500mg/8mg paracetamol too for the ones that aren't excruciating if I get it at the onset they work.

  • Yup. I was on sumatriptan and it stopped working. Changed to zolmitriptan and it's working well so far.

  • Ive just stopped taking amytriptyline as found its done nothing to prevent tgem anf havd recently changed from maxalt which had stopped working to frovatriptan x

Anyone suffer migraines during pregnancy. What did you do for them — My Migraine Support Forum

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  • I think I had like one migraine attack during pregnancy and it was because I was badly dehydrated. But I would not take anything that might harm your baby. Perhaps take a hot shower, use a peppermint oil and try to relax.

  • Thanks everyone! Was curious what route people took during pregnancy. My neurologist took me off everything and did offer some alternatives such as tordol, but I didn't feel those options were safe enough. My OB has me taking benedryl and tylenol. Takes the edge off.

  • Good luck I never took anything I was not exposing the baby to anything. I just did Tylenol myself as well!

So I haven t posted in a while I have been suffering with a horrible migraine... — Migraine Chat Room

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  • Thank you I will check it out. It's a bit far since I'm in NJ and don't know if insurance would let me go that far but won't hurt to try.

  • Get well soon. I feel your pain.

  • thank you. I'm trying. Just hard when you can't do what you need to because insurance won't let you.

Ok Woke up at 3 30 nausea and facial pain Took Zofran Fiorinal Relpak had a... — My Migraine Support Forum

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  • Do you see a general practitioners or a neurologist?

  • Praying for healing in Jesus name Amen

  • GP, plus I did see a neurologist last year who prescribed an abortive and a preventative, both of which conflicted with other regular meds and conditions. I would love to know of an abortive that wasn't a schedule II drug, but I hesitate adding a preventative because that's like a life sentence with another drug added to the medicine cabinet.

MIGRAINES AND PREGNANCY — My Migraine Support Forum

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  • Congratulations!!! Grr migraines and caring for a newborns tough- I had to have a back up babysitter.. I think it's great you a planning ahead.

  • One child and no migraines the entire time. It was the time I felt the healthiest. It could be hormones, maybe something in the pre natal vitamins, Mayne because I ate super healthy during this time, I don't know . I keep telling my hubby my cure for migraines lol and after my pregnancy while breastfeeding , I didn't get any migraine till 4 months later, after I got a severe sinus infection and I couldn't even pump . I soon stopped breastfeeding, and then my migraines did change to more ocular, vertigo and weakness.

  • I nursed both of my children and didn't take my meds while nursing! I was only ever free from migraines when pregnant and I have had them since I was a small child! My lactation specialist recommended a pill for recovering drug addicts subutex not sure on the spelling that she said was safe! I was only going to take it if I had a bad one! Well my second was only 6 weeks old when a killer one hit! I nursed her and she went to be and I took one pill! They were extremely tiny! It was 10:30 two hours later I was vomiting shaking, dizzy, sweating and violently ill! My husband had fallen asleep on the couch and I had to crawl to him and have him call the ask a nurse line and see if it was this was a reaction to this pill or if he needed to take me to the hospital! She said it was the meds some people react very severe to this med! She said it was safe to nurse Anna but I slept on the bathroom floor that night I was so weak and sick! I pumped and dumped until all traces of med was out of my system and my husband fed her frozen breast milk! Just a warning if the prescribed that med! Good luck!

I have a burning pain in my hips and legs and I have two herniated disks and I... — My Migraine Support Forum

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  • I have herniated discs and went through a hell of a time in november - december. Its hard to get rid of both. What worked for the burning terrible pain for me was 2 courses of steroids, muscle relaxers and hydrocodone. I hope you find relief that pain is wicked.

  • Can you get relief for your herniated disks?? Hope you get to feeling better!!!

  • Mine to I have two bulging disc in my neck causes migraines everyday all day and nauseous 24/7

Michael I want to give you an ENORMOUS THANK YOU It is because of the... — Cluster Headache News

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  • by the way. I just figured out something interesting. to preface, in researching what researchers have discovered about CH, they know that our serotonin levels are higher than average. that gets made in the gut and interacts with the hypothalamus , I think. (very long article, did i send it to you?) that being said. I have an underactive thyroid, and my thyroid meds do not help me convert one thyroid hormone to the one that gives one proper energy. A new treatment is to add a drug called low dose naltrexone. ( about 2 mg) Regular naltrexone, at 50 mg doses, makes alcoholics not crave alcohol. low dose naltrexone makes the thyroid hormones behave properly. I was apprehensive about taking it because you know how stuff can set off CH attacks. I took it, felt my energy increase to normal really quickly, and didn't get any worse headaches. Then I got nervous and quit taking it, not wanting anything to interfere with the Batch treatment. I just researched low dose naltrexone more thoroughly, because thyroid issues also come from the hypothalamus. I wanted to see if the low dose naltrexone increased serotonin. It DECREASES serotonin. I wonder if this helped the whole get rid of the attacks process? At least I can continue to take it and keep my thyroid levels up and have my old energy back! by the way, the CCH began when my thyroid gland was diagnosed as almost dead, and i had developed a goiter. The first drug I was given was Synthroid, which is a synthetic thyroid hormone. the longer I took it, the closer the CCH attacks became. I switched to a natural thyroid hormone, but by then the CCH was on a roll. Years into all of this, an Endocrinologist prescribed thyroid medication for me. I didn't recognize the name , because it wasn't Synthroid. Turns out it WAS Synthroid, only under another name. My attacks went off the every couple hours non stop. I figured out what the problem was in a couple of days, but it took awhile to get that stuff out of my system. I will always wonder if there is a link between thyroid hormone reduction (underactive thyroid) and CH.

  • Yes! We have bologna here in Oz, but its known as Mortadella.

  • The gut is thought to contribute to CH's.

Omg I just got over a 4 day migraine I m feeling good today and I get in the... — My Migraine Support Forum

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  • I am right there with you Sarah I have had my migraine now since Sunday and went to get shots yesterday at my Drs office but after getting home all I have done is throw up, can't seem to keep anything down and my head feels like it is about to explore. I have the aura going on now as well I feel I may end up in the ER today if this doesn't start to ease up. Prayers to you that you are better. I glad I joined this group where others know and feel exactly what I do and you understand. I have people looking at I am nuts just because they just don't understand. God Bless

  • I'm so sorry, Betty! I am feeling better today, but tired, and my neck hurts. It's so heartbreaking to hear of so many people's suffering. Even when I'm well, I'm nervous about traveling, which I love to do, for fear that I'll get a migraine, or an aura while I'm driving. I hope you feel better soon. Let us know how you're doing. ❤

  • Thank you Sarah and I will let you all know and I am glad you are starting to feel.some better. I am like you I hate to get to far from home myself since I get these quite frequently. I also have Crohn's disease so I have two strikes against me. Like I said I am so blessed to have friends on here that have the same issues with migraines that I do and yes I call you all friends because we all have a common factor between us all

For anyone who has migraines mostly triggered by changes in barometric pressure... — My Migraine Support Forum

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  • Leisa will do! I'll try anything at this point

  • Xxxxxxx Yzzzzzz I hope you can get at least some of the relief that I have gotten!! After the last the doctors I had were so dispassionate I was so glad to find one in March that listened and cared and carried through. Unfortunately, due to stupid insurance, I have had to change drs again in January. However, I'm am so much more confident and knowledgeable about medications and procedures. I wear out Google, WebMD, and pharmaceutical sites. If my dr doesn't know the answer to my question I'll find out myself!!!

  • That's great I'm happy to hear that! I'm at the point where I'm going to take most of my treatment into my own hands and hope my neurologist can guide my progress. I just had my second visit and he basically just glanced at my headache journal and said if this other beta blocker doesn't work then I need an MRI. I feel there's more we can try before resorting to that, but idk. I'm definitely gonna change my diet and cut out as much gluten dairy and processed sugar as possible.

Many thanks to everyone who has commented on my posts the past couple days — My Migraine Support Forum

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  • Just looked up your other posts to see what was going on and you really helped me solve my I was prescribed Maxalt for mine and took it for the first time this week for my migraine. I wound up having to call ambulance because I guess I was having severe side effects from it. Reading how imtrex did you helped me put 2 and 2 together. Loving this support group so far!

  • OMG an ambulance? I'm glad you were able to put two and two together. No more maxalt for you! I love this support group too :)

  • Yes it was very very scary! I don't want to ever feel like that ever again.

I ve been stuck at work for fourteen hours with a migraine that has gotten... — My Migraine Support Forum

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  • Okay I did not know that

  • I've been in bed for a long time now bc of my migraines

  • I'm also in Indiana & this month has been killing me due to the weather. Hope you feel better soon! My Ice cap has been really helpful & in use!! ~Thinking of you ~

Has anyone experienced having a migraine and I have lightning flashes in your... — Migraine Chat Room

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  • All the time

  • ton of visual phenomenon with mine -- flashing definitely is something I experience.. it's often my first 'sign' that I'm descending into a migraine and it's my sign to take something for it or like, get to a dark place, etc... (not always possible but if I catch it at this stage it sometime helps at least).

  • I sometimes get flashing light in one eye or my eye goes blurry and I can't see. usually before the onset of a full blown migraine.