I got the daith piercing in one ear and I ve had several headaches since does... — My Migraine Support Forum

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  • I got my daith pierced before xmas and was told it takes at least a month or so to work. I have had minor headaches here and there but no migraines

  • No its the tragus. I was told it will do just the same. Your ear has several points of pressure for migraines not just the Daith.

  • That isn't a daith piercing

Had nerve blocks and trigger point injections Ugh Can t hold up my head as... — My Migraine Support Forum

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  • The trigger point shots help me a lot...first time I did them I could barely move I hurt so bad. I need them soon Im starting to hurt again

  • Back in the 80s I went in hospital for 3-4 days for the DHE treatment..Didn't work for me. I've had trigger point injections & ablations in my neck...I've taken all the drugs & still have chronic migraines. I'm on botox now & it helps some. I had migraines 25 days out of a month. I would go get shots & come home & sleep.

  • That what I did. Non of the meds seem to help me either.

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  • I am going to the 4th new neurologist in April as none of the other have been able to help and give up. Start looking for a new one, try to find one that specializes in migraines.

    I did botox too.. they didn't help, have had the piercing for yrs before it was thought to help, has not helped. I am also allergic to immitrex and toradol so that doesn't help any on my options.

    Good luck, hope you find a neuro that helps.

  • I did the percing also It has helped me alot.... whete did you get yours??? Cause i see different places people put it... it took a couple of months but it helped a little

  • I have had it for a few yrs 3 almost 4..

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  • I had a terrible reaction to the Cymbalta. It actually made me very depressed, agitated and angry! I've been given Lexapro instead but it hasn't helped my migraines. And I don't have depression so I'm not sure how much longer I'll be taking it.

  • It also helps with fibromyalgia, from which many migraine and depression patience suffer.

  • Great help! I have had migraines for years. Done almost everything to take them away. Glad to hear everyone's ideas and help.

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  • Rebound headaches are the worse. I have had one and it's something I would not wish on anyone! I am currently in a migraine right now, it started last Thursday and is still going strong

  • I call them "chemically induced" headaches. If we were given the correct medication/proper dosage then we wouldn't experience headaches from them. We wouldn't be watching the clock, counting down the minutes to take more medicine. If we had the appropriate medication/treatment, it would work effectively and we wouldn't have MOH's from their crappy experimental trials.

  • Yes, only because nothing would work. I was to the point of taking too much because of the pain so I had to stop. They seem to last longer and come back with a vengeance if I take any pain meds. I'm better off just waiting them out.

I m a Swedish woman 44 years old have had migraine since I was 23 years old... — My Migraine Support Forum

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  • Imitrex and sumatriptan are the same thing sumatriptan is generic for Imitrex. I'm on 100mg of it, it comes in nasal spray as well which I had 20mg of it's a single shot dose.

  • Migraines everyday are so frustrating. Healing hugs

  • We all need the support ...

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  • Mine still suck lol but i made it through work

  • Still got mine... bladder infection and kidney stones passing migraine snow day!! Ugh NOT how I wanted to spend my snow day of no work.

  • That is really difficult, Melanie. So sorry.. I get kidney stones also. I hope your stone passes soon and your migraine gets better.

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  • I have used it with success for my migraines and chronic vertigo and neck pain. But with that said ... i couldnt touch my scalp for almost 6 weeks since it would aggravate my 8th cranial nerve in my head for vertigo. So i did the rest of the protoccol in additoon to doing my face and whole body. I was absolitely amazed of how much tension And crappy fascia i have in my face and neck And ears. So if it is inflaming it, i would back off and work on releasing the fascia in alllll of your upper body. Face, traps, back , chest, shoulders, arms and hands. That way when you go into your head, you wont have as strong reaction. You have to make sure you are releasing all that is connected, becasue if you work on one areas only, the other parts pull and create more tension. So start slow and work around your migraine trigger points until your body can handle it. .

  • I think mine is in the 40's. I find the forehead ones are awful, but after that they don't bother me because they are making my daily migraines more manageable. They are not gone as of yet. I am just able to cut down on how much meds I am taking. I had a previous neuro who wouldn't even try Botox on me and just wanted me on meds that I was having other issues with (lack of urination, water retention, etc) and he didn't seem to care. Thank goodness I found this lady. She is amazing! Just wants to help you and tries tons of different avenues if something is not working. I know you need to piggyback your Botox, so I think skipping is not a good thing, at least this is what she has told me.

  • Thanks Lynn!

Has anyone tried acupuncture for migraines. Thoughts. Experiences — Migraine Chat Room

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  • I tried it. It didn't help at all but I did find it to be super relaxing.

  • My 15 yr old daughter did acupuncture and it worked once. Took 24+ hours afterwards to break the current acute migraine but the next day a front came through and she had another migraine. It's also very relaxing as well. Make sure you find a reputable acupuncture place.

  • It worked good for me but my insurance would only pay for so many treatments !

Anyone have go around with hospitals not treating them Okay I know it s... — Migraine Chat Room

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  • It sucks because I don't like having to go in but have to most days I'm lucky to get out of bed or make it to couch and that's it... I wish we had more doctors and hospitals that understand migraines

  • There's a great one up here in Eau Claire. Her name is Dr. Kori. Had here for a few years until I got my daiths done this July.

  • St Joes in Chippewa is great for migraines in the ER. There were times I was there 3x+ a week for treatment. They are great. They actually communicate with your neuro. I know it's a drive but it might be worth it to check both places out

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  • I have those exact problems after fusing c5-c8 in 2010...plus after a laminectomy in 2004 I got a staph info two weeks later and they cut a gaping hole in my neck to clean it so now I don't even want to think how much scar tissue has built up. The fb has been awesome so far. It has helped greatly in my war against migraines. I started out using fractioned coconut oil. My bf blasts my whole back for me, I get some if not complete relief every time. Good luck on your journey!

  • This is so encouraging! I told my husband that's he's on FB duty tonight, and he's totally OK with that lol. He wants me to get better just as much as I do, and I'm going to use it on him too. I'm so excited!

  • How are you doing Ashley?

Has anyone used nortripyline I have been prescribed it today on top of... — New Daily Persistent Headache

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  • I've been on it for a month. 25mg/day. That along with a diet change has helped tremendously!! I actually have headache free days after 6 months. Diet change, cut out almost all refined sugar and limit carbohydrates to fruits and veggies.

  • Josee Woodward That book is hilarious isn't it!! What I like about it is as well as being funny and very spot on in its portrayals of the medical profession, surgery, alternative therapy etc, it's also a fantastic social and political history of chronic illness in young women. Of course men get npdh too but it seems to be a very poorly known fact that women are much more likely to get a chronic debilitating illness in their 20s than men. I couldn't bloody BELIEVE it when I got NPDH too a year after reading that book!!

  • That is amazing.. you read that book BEFORE getting NDPH! I totally agree about the book. Brilliant in every way and how she manages to make it so funny despite the truly tragic nature of the situation is just great! There's another one I got in the same vein: "Chocolate and Vicodin". Haven't started reading it yet so I can't comment...hopefully it will be great fun ;)

What causes head pressure in the back of head dizziness waving type like in a... — Head Pressure or Migraine and sinus related along with dizziness

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  • I think you're right. I have to pull myself round every time I get up. As soon as I'm up I start feeling better. I believe it's because the sinus that is blocked is trying to drain.

  • Sounds more than likely!

  • Me too!!

Anybody else have a brain related issue that lead to the migraines I have an... — My Migraine Support Forum

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  • Hi! I also have Arnold Chiari malformation :( my neurologist told me that's an anatomic problem and some people don't even know they have it since they have no symptoms. I guess the only symptom I have is migraine. But my dad and brother also have migraines, so now I don't know what's the problem :(

  • The symptoms I had was sever migraines and also staring seizures and I was also diagnosed with chri malformation 1 where my skull doesn't fully cover my brain at the base of my spine. I had to get a shunt put in to drain the spinal fluid but I still get migraines there is still times where I get a migraine that lasts for almost a week but there not as fricuaint. Arnold Chri malformation does cause sever migraines. One thing that helps me is when u have a sever migraines to drink a energy drink not fast but sip it. Don't drink them every day because it make it worse only drink one on the day u have a sever migraines it helps. I hope it works for u

  • I had a MRI of my brain, they found I have a small fat tissue in my brain called lipoma. It is 9 mm and my neurologist do not think it is causing me to have my migraines

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  • Triggers can be foods (cheese, chocolate, alcohol, processed foods), smells (perfume/cologne), sunshine/glare (squinting a lot does it for me), heat, weather changes, stress/anxiety, too little/much sleep, hormones ... all kinds of stuff. And it may not hit right away. But if I have a combo of the above, chances are one is coming.

  • Shopping alone gives me a migraine. The fluorescent lights do not help.

  • Shopping is a trigger for me too. The lights are horrible, the smells are unpredictable, and the stress is exhausting.

I started getting barometric migraines since I moved to Louisiana from Florida — My Migraine Support Forum

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  • Lord yes haha I felt even fatter there hahaha. But yeah anytime you have one going to the ER! The evening nurses there are awesome. The guys

  • I take AcetaZolamide 2x/daily. Tried just watching the weather and taking when a change was anticipated but that was hit or miss. Been about 6 weeks on daily and have seen a great improvement. I've only had 2 migraines that I will attribute to weather, and here in East Texas we've been going through all 4 seasons in 1 day for awhile! And now we're in a monsoon!! Good luck!

  • Oohh I'll try that!

— My Migraine Support Forum

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  • Have you seen a neurologist

  • Kelly - have you tried essential oils? I have had migraines as long as I can remember. I've tried every med offered. I now have an awesome neurologist that gives me injections in my neck and skull. Sounds scary but it's not painful at all - done in the office - no down time. But for my in between injections I have found essential oils help distract me from the pain. There are several I use - peppermint, past tense, frankincense, etc. just a thought - not trying to promote them.

  • Have you tried a magnesium supplement? You can just buy it on Amazon, no insurance needed. I find it helps with decreasing daily headaches. I take 200mg 2x/day. Lots of info online about it. Hope you get done relief!

Does anyone else get sharp pains in their ear before a migraine hits I ve been... — My Migraine Support Forum

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  • I get a pinching sensation in my neck then a weird sensation in my ear and then I can feel it coming on.

  • I get sharp pains in and behind my ear an hour before a migraine hits. And my nose gets super cold. Migraines are so weird!

  • Yes I do!!!!

here s another one fyi Department of Neurology at Massachusetts General... — Cluster Headache News

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  • The chemical reaction in CH brain with ritalin is fascinating. It has absolutely nothing to do with how if supposedly "fixes" ADHD. For ADHD it raises Dopamine levels. For CH, it lowers Serotonin levels. I learned a long time ago to avoid vitamin B12...that raises seratonin levels and guarantees one hell of an attack!

  • I got an ADHD diagnosis years ago. Not sure I agree with it, I have always racked my personality up to being 'creative". BUT,I DO have a bottle of Ritalin, never really took it. BUT, if I get an attack again, I will put 20 mgs of the stuff under my tongue, note the time on the clock, and see what happens. It's supposed to knock out an attack in 10 minutes. Worse case scenario, it does't work, I take a jab of Sumatriptan, I get a boatload of work done. Ritalin is a stimulant!

  • What I am still shaking my head over is how the simple Batch vitamin regime and powdered Kudzu root in tea has relieved in me what 6 neurologists, and a few Internal Medicine Doctors could never do. My type is Chronic, and I lived under it for 13 years, with no relief from anything but Sumatriptan, which is only a short term thing.

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  • Thankfully I'm off topamax now, but worried because last 2 migraines I couldn't speak properly. I'm writing all suggestions down and going to my neurologist soon.

  • Neurontin 600mg 3x a day is working better for me

  • Sounds like you !Ight be over medicated. foirot only made me feel weird.triptolynes Made me gain weight. I use Cymbolta and praopananol for prevention; Tylenol 4 and Imitrex to get rid of themigraine and pain. I also use Biofreeze and heat on my back, shoulders and neck with ice on the painful part of my head. Lie down in a dark room with dead sound.

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  • Me too

  • Hi

    I don't get them every day but I feel for you

    Here s what I ve tried

    Cbd oil


    Ledebouriella divaricata in formula adapted to me personally

    As someone said before it s the root we need to heal not the symptom

    That's also what we learn as herbalists

    The East West school of Planetary Herbology is a fantastic herbal school and the founders also practice

    I also go to the Osteopath just recently

    My employment md said sth interesting much to my surprise:

    He said according to the Alexander Concept the unconscious brain gives migraines

    We should tap into the unconscious and reset our unconscious reactions

    Much like stress is an unconscious reaction... when you see a bull your unconscious creates a response which then creates the rapid heart beat sweating etc...

    Interesting I thought

    But I don't think they have it in the US yet?

    I live in Belgium

    And I meditate too which seems to do sth at least!

    Good luck to all

    Strange thing this migrainehuh

  • Me too. Severity changes day to day.

Just got a essential oil diffuser necklace wanting to know what oils help with... — My Migraine Support Forum

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  • I found the only essential oils i can tolerate are peppermint, lavendar and thieves oil. I bought a whole kit from YL and those three are the only ones i can use.

  • Eucalyptus and Mandarin Orange

  • I use peppermint and lavender.

I got my first migraine at age 17 Orientation day at college I ve suffered... — My Migraine Support Forum

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  • My book helped after the 3rd round. I also take gabapentin. Imitrex. Stopped working then I used relpax. Good luck my friend. Pm me if you need to talk.

  • Never heard of bupivacain. What is it?

  • It's a nerve block with lidocaine

I was wondering if any of you drink almond milk I recently started and my... — My Migraine Support Forum

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  • I'm having it in my cereal right now actually. I have not noticed this to be a trigger for me or any other nuts.

  • I drink it only in my cereal. My friend said eat 10-12 almonds.

  • This is where keeping the daily journal comes in handy, I also know it's a pain to keep up with all this daily but it does help

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  • Thank you...I can't look right now as I can not really focus much at all.....but I will look into this.

  • Kirk Bonanny I'm sorry. Hope your feeling better soon.

  • Thanks....been a wreck just shy of 2 weeks....and pretty much for the past 6 weeks with a tiny island of "normalcy", or at least what I consider to be normal for me the past 13 years

My 1 year anniversary with this horrible disease just passed by And today I... — New Daily Persistent Headache

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  • Xxxxxxx Yzzzzzz he said it made life bearable

  • I finished my first round of Botox the end of December. I got pressure in the front of my head, but nothing more. I didn't see much relief. I am going to push through into round 2 to see if I get any relief with subsequent rounds.

  • I have been getting Botox for 10 years. The first time my headache got worse for about ten days after the shots. I get 62 shots every ten weeks, along with b12 shot and magnesium infusion. Some weeks it works better than others. Sometimes no difference at all. I live with 5/10 to 9/10 pain for the past 14 years. Ive had every test, seen over 15 doctors, just like the rest of you. It sucks!

I felt so alone I knew I wasn t the only one but no one in my support system... — My Migraine Support Forum

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  • My life revolves around my daughter's migraines. I'm so glad i found this group. It's nice to know we r not alone. I hear u and I feel u. I'm so sorry this is the hand u were dealt. It's not fair

  • "You Always have a headache" ( I hear this a lot, If only they knew)

I ve been on diamox and topomax generic brands for a year now and suddenly... — Migraine Chat Room

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  • You need to go to the doctor before you adjust your meds, more might make it worse. I get those migraines that make my left side go numb. I tried to adjust my meds thinking I knew what was best for me and ended up being air-vaced with stroke like effects in speach and left side was numb for 2 weeks. I was told that by increasing the meds it got worse and last longer but the scariest part was I was also told that the increased meds could have made it permanent.

  • Pam Baker That sounds like it must have been scary. I have been in the hospital twice for the headache where I am numb. I have one spot on my foot where I have not regained the feeling from 4 years ago. Can I ask what the medicine you were using was? That is really scary.

  • I get these too and these symptoms of hemiplegic. I'm not on anything for prevention and can really only take painkillers just in case I do get the pain but that's actually rare. For the numbness I was told nothing can be done, and I get other stroke like symptoms also that apparently nothing can be done about either. When I was a kid and getting them I did breathing and meditation naturally even before I read that can help ease the experience of the symptoms (because it's so scary!) but doesn't necessarily ease the actual symptoms. It's exhausting. I'm sorry you are going through this. You are definitely not alone.

Botox injections who has had them I m going to neuro tomorrow and want to ask... — My Migraine Support Forum

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  • Abbie Beck Brandt, there is also a SPG ablation treatment using radio frequency where they go in through your cheek. My new dr (I had to change in January because of insurance, dang it), is wanting to try this. I haven't had a chance to do much research on it yet. Another option though.

  • My next step was the nerve blocking injections in the neck. The first series of trial injections worked. The second did not so my insurance would not pay for any further services through the orthopedic surgeon. It's funny how your insurance knows what's best for you isn't it? Then I was sent to the Mayo Clinic Neurological dept last fall where they told me there is nothing more they could do for me than what we have already done. Totally wasted trip. So we are essentially back to square one :(

  • Tammie Wickett Hoffman have you tried the DHE or SPG treatments? The main thing is not to give up!!

I am currently having the worst pain from my migraine I was prescribed Imitrex... — My Migraine Support Forum

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  • Xxxxxxx Yzzzzzz what my Dr said was they used the Qtips or applicators to put enough numbing meds at the back of the sinuses where there is a nerve bundle on the other side so it numbs it on contact. The new application methods are more precise. They can also give a Nasal spray with Lidocaine mixed in if it helps so you can dose yourself.

  • Imitrex 50mg make my migraines worse....but 100mg usually kicks it...if not hospital visit and dilaudid.... wish icould get that at home to eliminate ER

  • I have been on imitrax injections for 6 yrs and now they are no longer working, I go see my family dr to go to a new neurologist. I pray they can help me last 2 months I've had 8 migraines that lasted 3-7 days at a time......I went to the hospital and got Diluted, benadryl, phenergan and O/2.It was worse 2 hrs after I got home

Day 5 with a migraine yea it does slack off some but never goes away Iam been... — My Migraine Support Forum

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  • Xxxxxxx Yzzzzzz yes that and Benadryl

  • Xxxxxxx Yzzzzzz check with your neuro/ gp always - but mine actually advised me to do this - if one doesn't work don't take a second dose, try a different one.

  • Im gonna look into that!!!

Hi everyone I m so glad to be here I have had migraines since I was about 17... — My Migraine Support Forum

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  • Both sucked for me

  • I take Verapamil 240mg once daily for a heart arythmia. I am also on Topamax for migraine. From personal experience, I don't think Verapamil has decreased my migraines at all. Although I hope this treatment option works for you. Always hoping for that miracle combination:)

  • My luck was horrible with it. I went back to Topomax. (I was also being decreased on Topo to VMil).