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  • So..update. She started it. Had worked up to 1,000 mg..became very hostile. Spoke with her doctor, lowered to 500 mg. She began experienced side pain and then began to sob and took to the bed. The side pain eased. But, she was still sobbing. Of course, the doctor was gone for the holidays and had no one covering his calls. I made an executive mom decision. Since she was on the lowest dose possible, no more. I had her stop taking it. Over 24 hours later, she was feeling better. I told her to start taking the Elavil again and have left a message for her doctor to contact us with the next step. Keppra is terrible.

  • When i was put on keppra to start as i am highly medication sensitive i was like Lynn and had to start with 250 mg and increased by 250 mg each 2 weeks. Yes with keppra it does cause short fuse issues. With being on another medication for me with effects are increased. It is a struggle when they keep changing medications and trying the next one on the list. I know with elavil if she is getting help with it but struggling with less side effects there is the sister which is supposed to be a little easier nortriptyline.

  • Her migraine is caused from post concussion syndrome and has proven very difficult to treat. We are almost a year out from the initial head trauma and she has had 1.5 days without a headache. She has been on Cymbalta and it caused her to bleed from her lips and have a crying jag. She has done the TX360. She has been extremely compliant in all he wants to do. The elavil doesn't help with the migraines but it does help her sleep. I am still waiting to see what the next drug is...

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  • I read somewhere that in clinical trials, ginger was as effective as sumatriptan in tackling a migraine attack. Its anti inflammatory and apparently alleviates the pressure on your brain. That being said, last time I had an attack I tried boiling some ginger root in water and drinking it and while it did make a little difference I wouldnt say it's as effective as zolmitriptan. Although, it didn't trigger all the nasty aide effects that zolmitriptan does.

  • I have also cut a nickle size slab of it and chewed it a little like gum.

  • I am always eating ginger more during a migraine but do tend to forget to eat it when I haven't got one, it really helps me with the nausea and sluggish digestion that I get with the migraines, I either eat the crystallized ginger, drink ginger tea or take a ginger capsule when the migraine is bad. You can get a ginger cordial called Rochester Ginger and you can make it into a hot drink or cold drink but I prefer hot drinks especially when got a migraine seems to go down better. I'm going to make a conscious effort to keep ginger in my diet even when I haven't got a migraine x

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  • I was on it for about 5 years and kept increasing the dose as it becomes ineffective. It can also make you very sluggish in the morning so if you have kids to get to school or work to go to ever increasing doses can be a real problem. You will sleep better taking them, perhaps, too well. I also gained around 2 stone even though other other aspects like diet and exercise hadn't changed. Overall it didn't work for me long term. You may find it helps with the intensity but will probably do little for the frequency. I've stopped them and now trying Topiramate. Good luck, hope this is helpful.

  • Yes.doesnt seem to work.doctor just upped it to 3 tablets x

  • Me I've had great results with it on 50mg xx

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  • Sorry I don't know the legal requirements for obtaining a medical card state by state. It's worth researching. For now you can start with the CBD hemp oil.

  • I will look into it. Thanks

  • Xxxxxxx Yzzzzzz do you take the cbd oil continuously or only when migraine sets in?

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  • Thanks, I will try anything at this point! Don't want to go to the ER.

  • It may sound strange but maybe a red bull? Sometimes that just kicks things in gear and gets rid of mine long enough for me to stop taking the meds that are giving me a rebound headache.

  • Do you have access t mmj?

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  • Xxxxxxx Yzzzzzz

  • I think it's a wonderful idea....when I'm in agony the last thing I need is to converse with someone let alone look at them because I'm so focused on the pain breaking my head apart

  • Just a little story....when hubby and I first started dating we attended a fashion show...bright flashing lights and loud noises...what a mistake that was....the attack came on almost instantly...he ended up escorting me out of the show with tears trailing down my face...people thought I was being abducted or worse...made to leave at gun point....I have learnt since that...who ever knows me....needs to know I have cluster headaches which can surprise me at any time

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  • Did they teach you how to do the shot

  • No, I worked at a psych hospital and the nurse their taught me. It took awhile for me to do it because I was scared but was in so much pain one night I did. Usually one of the nurses from my job would do it for me since I lived near the hospital

  • Yes it is did't think anyone use it anymore good luck

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  • I get relief from a combination of oxygen and the nasal sprays, so don't listen to anyone who generalises about it. It works for some, not for others.

  • nasal works for me for some clusters I have learned which ones those are and which ones need an injection

  • You should be able to take your oxygen to work with you,they cannot discriminate against you,you should contact ouch uk and tell them of your situation they may be able to help or at least give you some solid advice https://ouchuk.org/home

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  • I do. Usually in the back of my head on the lower left side.....I think I'm going to stroke when it happens

  • The ones i had last night were in the back right quadrant. .. feels tender to the 3 touch today too

  • I think part of my issue is tight muscles. I have shoulder and neck issues + stress. If I could relieve that, I think it would help my migraines. I went for a massage once and the Rmt said "I don't know how you are functioning" meaning my neck muscles are so tight.

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  • My partner had the same thing last time we were at the ER. That and a nerve block has seemed to work reasonably well. It was a bit uncomfortable but it did seem to reduce the pain slightly. The nerve block is much more effective though.

  • My doctor gave me 2 litte bottles of it 1,50mg and a 40mg bottle i havnt tryed becaues i dont have a nasal spray bottle yet to put it in its called xylocaine

  • Yeah it was really uncomfortable for my husband when he just shot it thru his nostrils but it seemed to help/relieve the pain

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  • Ive had both ears done and it's dropped the number I have each month considerably

  • Has anyone had it done in leeds and if so where

  • I had both done a few years ago. For the first six to eight months it made the migraines worse, which is saying something, because they were sensitive and kept triggering them at the slightest movement. And then when they settled, it felt like they'd reduced the migraines a little, but it was probably because they weren't causing them anymore in the end. I still get chronic daily migraines and various headaches, so, in the long run, no, I don't think they've really done much for me at all. I'm sure it's different for everyone, though, like with everything else. And sadly I had mine done in Barnsley, so I can't help you with that, sorry.

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  • Betsy E Wurzel I'm trying to. Really bad postdrom symptoms today. Can't get proper right footing, grabbing stuff is weird, dropping stuff. And everything in my vision is wobbling.

  • My aura is usually falling or flying stars and I know one is coming and it hits about 2-3am. I wish it was just a premonition that we were getting a nice turquoise and diamond necklace and earrings!

  • Lol !

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  • All you can do is reach out and try and help people, some will be receptive and some wont, but don't let that minimise the way that the experience has helped you. You are not stupid for trying something and having it work for you. Keep sharing your experience because one day you will save someone from their migraines. It was my daughter in law that told me and it changed my life for the better.

  • This is why I set this group up to help people as it worked so well for me but you can only tell people xx

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  • Awesome! I just joined and I feel like I'm already getting some great information

  • We're all experienced pain warriors Jen, and we're here to help.

  • Welcome,thats how they came for me,many years of suffering migraine then one night I wake up to a monster that wasnt on the migraine side,hope you are able to find some relief here.

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  • I have not had it as an infusion. We tried it as a preventive. It did nothing for me. I had a lot of rare side effects from it. I experienced hair loss and a TON of nose bleeds. But again, they are rare. It is an anti-seizure drug like topamax.

  • I tried Keppra at inpatient. I thought it took the edge off. I now have it in pill form for an abortive med. Seems to mildly help.

  • I get keppra infusions every week. They help me lots. I have no side effects from it

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  • I always get them everyday and a few a day but not this many and not so early in the day. And they respond to sumatriptan shots or oxygen and suddenly the killer ones don't respond to anything and last just about 3 hrs. Feels like 12

  • I have calmed down the last couple of days...maybe you guys will too? Hugs and prayers for a reprieve soon for everyone.

  • I was like that at the beginning of the week....

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  • That's odd. I just googled "itunes migraine buddy" and it came up with a link to download it from the app store, maybe that'll work for you?

  • Prayers and hugs. Good luck. I'd just be as honest as possible. You know YOUR migraines better than anyone else so I'd sit down and make a list of the points you want to cover and meds that have and haven't working. If possible, take an advocate with you Krysta. Someone that knows you, trust, and has witnessed your pain. A new Dr is scary for everyone so don't hesitate to ask for help. If you can't cure the migraines, at least hopefully you'll find a Dr that truly understands what you, and the rest of us, are going through. Good luck.

  • Have you tried Atlas Profilax?

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  • Xxxxxxx Yzzzzzz thought so, always seems you get your life back together and it punches you in the face to knock you back to the ground.

  • Dr thinks it's a viral infection- around my ears nose & throat - wish it would do one !

    Had the epley manoeuvre couple of weeks ago - that had helped with the spinning

  • My brain is over the spinning thankfully. I just get the pull to the right. I have CN4 and CN6 palsy (double vision) occasionally.. that can last for months. I have parrots, so I can wear a eye patch and have a parrot on my shoulder and look normal.

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  • I've been readingsome posts and really feeling for all the sufferers Paula and feeling like it can't be ch as I'm not as bad. I'm carrying on my daily life but it's a struggle. I've decided to do this quiz when I have a bit of time later and take it from there. I keep hoping when I get up that today will be a headache free day. They did just disappear last time and I was ok for about 6 weeks.Thanks for your input and hope you feel better soon x

  • Jo exactly how I felt. When I had the pain I couldn't go about my day though. Most awful pain ever had. Like you I was scared to go to sleep as woke up with them every morning. Still waking up with headaches but not the same pain. I've only had one bout, never been a headache sufferer before. So 2 weeks of hell out of nowhere. Keep hoping is a blip never to return. Xx

  • We call that nagging headache that hangs around a 'shadow'

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  • It may be a vitamin or mineral in the meat? Perhaps a supplement is required. It could be vit B, or iron. I sometimes try Vegetarian, it's quite healthy!

  • I'm b12 deficient but the tablets don't help and I haven't time to go back to the doctors (if I ever get an appointment) x

  • I stopped eating meat 6 years ago, and stopped eating dairy 4 years ago, and it had made no difference at all.

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  • B12 is better with an injection as that bypasses the digestive system. I take it as a tablet that melts under the tongue because I'm petrified of injections!

  • I go to Holland and Barrett. If u tell them what your looking for theyll show u where they are. B2 i take 4 x100mg tablets daily but i would start with 2 and then increase. I take 2 x 75mg CoQ10 and Magnesuim spray directions are on the bottle. X

  • That's brilliant. Thank s again x

Hi can anyone advise me on magnesium and vitamin b12 amounts. And do they work — UK Migraine Support And Advice Forum

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  • Ive just had a course of b12 injections plus ive been told to take vit D too. If your Dr advised that you were low did they say you were low in b2 or b12 x

  • fingers crossed

  • Magnesium spray is more effective as most types of magnesium in tablet form can't be absorbed.

Well friends my state. Massachusetts. just voted to legalize marijuana — New Daily Persistent Headache Support

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  • Thank you for your sympathy......though I can't really complain too much as I know it could always be worse. Despite my numerous issues, I am doing at least a little better than I was...though the cold weather months are living hell and literally best the ever living shit out of me. Of my 49 hospital stays (minimum of 4 day stays) 48 occurred between early November through mid to late April.

  • PS...does the medicinal marijuana work for NDPH for some people?

  • I live in Massachusetts also, maybe when some shops set up with people who are knowledgeable of medical marijuana, I will give it another try. So far, my attempts have proved unsuccessful.

Well friends my state. Massachusetts. just voted to legalize marijuana — New Daily Persistent Headache

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  • Hi Jason, do I guess it has helped you? If so, how much? And does the insurance company pay for it?

  • When I have used it, it has helped. Insurance does NOT pay for it. I doubt it covers it on Flexible Spending either. The feds really need to get their act together and change the schedule it is on, so people will take it more seriously.

  • So, as far as Medical Cannabis goes.

    For NDPH it will help you relax, and will help you not feel the pain. I don't see it as anything more than that. Something to use when things are really bad, or to relax at night or weekends. It is huge to be able to not feel as much pain once in a while.

    I think it is a god send for stomach pain though. It seems to eradicate it for the time you are on it. It doesn't take much to help that either.

    Other medical issues it can help in many other ways as well.

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  • Xxxxxxx Yzzzzzz Actually, can you post that to the main page? I think the rest of the group would be interested, and might miss it down in this thread. I was wondering how that stuff works.

  • sure no problem

  • I'm 28, constant headache since 16. No meds work for me either but they have made my life considerably worse (and have made me want to end it). I WISH I had a doctor who took me off drugs!! I'm finally getting off drugs (essentially on my own because the doctors don't believe in the drug withdrawals and those who can can't help). Look into getting your child a therapist (I prefer one who cannot prescribe drugs). If your child is disabled or has impaired functioning, look into disability services at school. Look into cannabis, specifically CBD products (doesn't get you high). I like the 25mg CBD capsules and tinctures at Pure Botanicals (online). If your child is disabled, you could look into the Children's Mercy Hospital's pain program for adolescents in Kansas City. I just did a yoga teacher training with one of their nurse practitioners who is phenomenal. It sounds like a great program. You can also look into yoga (restorative might be the best), meditation, breath work, yoga nidra (irest.us/programs), and biofeedback. Those are all essentially ways your child can learn to self-regulate and better manage the pain. They may also relieve pain too. The best thing you can do is accept and love your child and be an advocate so your child doesn't get bullied by doctors. We may not get better but we can definitely feel better. Having a loving mother is a great place to start!

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  • Yes, it got worse before better for me

  • It was a rough for the first day but I felt great by late morning. Hope fully tomorrow will continue.

  • I get it from my Meneres disease which has to do with the inner ear.

I started with Botox during May 2014 and so am now into my 3rd year I have 33... — Botox for Migraine support information

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  • I had 31 shots also across the forehead and on top of my head, above ears, into back of head and in shoulder muscles. Only one so far. Next one is Wednesday. She says they can tailor fit them a bit depending on where your migraines are just not into your neck anymore. She also said it may take the second set of injections before I would notice any improvement so we will see how it goes

  • I just got my first set done last tues. My eyes watery itchy, throat lil sore. Anybody else side affects?

  • Ugh that's awful

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  • I hope your operation goes well and that you have a speedy recovery, you will be in my thoughts and prayers xx

  • Oh my goodness you know I feel like my left leg is going to give out at time especially on steps.

  • Sissy Lean the other thing that I couldn't stand was the pain that would never stop. My shoulder constantly felt like it was getting sliced and stabbed by an Xacto knife at the same time.

Does anyone suffer with migrane with aura I get them with fast heart beat hot... — Migraine Chat Room

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  • Yes near complete loss of vision for me also. Horribly terrifying.

  • I get blind spots in my vision, bright zigzag lights and distorted vision. It disrupts your life so much because you don't know when an aura will start I don't want to drive anymore as I'm worried I will get one when driving the car headlights are a big trigger. You can't live a normal life with migraine everything is ruled by it

  • Yep.

    "I can't tell if I've looked at a lightbulb or if my brain is about to explode" - me, almost daily