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  • Samantha, Just be sure that you see a retinal specialist if that is what the issue is. Only reason I specify is that in Ft Lauderdale there were only 2 who can fix the issue and in central Florida I found 4. So even for larger towns there are not many Dr's who specialize in retinas. But yes, Really easy fix. Took about 4 minutes each eye.

  • Thanks so much!!!! I really appreciate it!

  • Any aura like symptom that lasts longer than an hour should be seen by a doctor immediately. Strokes and aura have similar symptoms and need to be properly diagnosed. I'm not trying to be dramatic, but it's just a good idea to get it checked. The other thing is that maybe it isn't a proper aura, but a prodrome. See the following links to help isolate your symptoms: /aura-migrainous-infarction es-headaches/guide/migraine-phases

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  • I definitely think it is hormones for me. I use to get them a few days before I started. They were so predictable. Now I'm 55 and just the last year started "going through the change"! Now sometimes I get them every week. Definitely think the hormones are playing a big role in mine. Hoping when I am post menopausal that they will stop. I never had a migraine until I had my second child.

  • I did hear for some people that they will stop at menopause, we might even have a cure before then if we are lucky. My mother in law to be got migraine until menopause and so did my aunt in America who gets them the same as me.

  • I also have an aunt that had them, and hers stopped after menopause! Hope you can find something to help!

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  • That's awesome!!! Hoping it stays good!!!

  • Fantastic! It is great that you know a trigger for your migraine. My neurologist did some blood work on me and for I had a vitamin deficiency as well. Magnesium and B12 were mine. I get a shot for B12 and I take a low dose magnesium tablet. I have a sugar trigger to, so I try to limit that intake. Hope you keep making great strides in resolving your migraines. Take care!!!

  • Good news!

I have been suffering with migraines for 38 years and have tried every type of... — Migraine Chat Room

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  • Gina the throat tightening etc is due to the Imitrex as it tightens your blood vessels, the blurred vision is aura and its all normal.

  • I've never had an aura before. It's so weird. Good to know! Thanks Lesley Lambert!

  • Imitrex makes me paranoid. Such a very strange trip.

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  • I used to spend most days in bed. I've since cut out sugar and gluten, started oil pulling, and getting outside even when i don't feel like it. I'm down to three- seven migraine days a month and if I'm lucky, and visit the chiropractor and acupuncturist in the first few hrs, I'm headache free that month.

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  • Welcome to our world. Sounds as if you have both hormonal migraines and those triggered by 'normal' stuff as well. I do too. The hemiplegic migraines sound very scary. How long do they last and do medication work for them?

  • The hemiplegic migraines usually last a few days, slowly getting less intense over the days. Typically co-codamol and darkness are my only friends during an episode. My GP panicked the first one I had, sending me for emergency brain scans fearing it was a stroke! I have to warn people now that my face does drop like a stroke but they don't need to call an ambulance

  • To be honest, I had need heard of it and had to google. Adding another horror to the migraine list and feel grateful that I've never had that kind. Vestibular migraine was bad and weird enough for me. ;-) Have you tried tablets from the triptan family?

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  • A friend of mine would eat a lemon. Swore it was the only thing non medicinal that worked.

  • Mint chocolate ice cream cubes and cold water or packs..last resort my meds as find these make me feel so much worse and don't really help migraine in my case hope urs improves n you find something that helps

  • Thank you it leaves me out of sorts for days x

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  • He said you were amazing and so lovely and helpful this morning. Thanks again. xx

  • This is so amazing and awesome! Thank you so much for being here Kay what a massive difference you will make already are making in CH's lives.

  • Its a pleasure for me to help a little. I will meet Erin on Monday & fingers crossed this gives him relief.

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  • Can really relate to you as I have suffered with migraines for some 20 years now, I went to the Doctors only to be given tablets which did not work and really do not like putting these into my body!! Then tried allsorts of different food that I cut out but that did not seem to make a difference. But now I have been migraine free for 2 years!! x

  • That's awesome Michelle Green :)

  • Onions is on my list

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  • Haven't gained any weight thankfully. Doctor did say it may cause drowsiness and to take it at night, so I do.

  • I take it right before bed.

  • I was prescribed that ages ago. Would like to say it worked, in a sense it did to a point. Was put on another Rx that worked like a charm, but they stopped making it over 10 yrs ago. I'm on Fiorcet which does a ok job. I can't take most of the other meds out there because of health issues.

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  • Same here, Jesse. The pain in my head spreads to my neck & shoulder, building an incredible amount of tension that seems somewhat relieved by massage then adjustment. (I go to a myopractor). No relief from the actual headache though...

  • My daughter went and it did not help her headache. I would check if you are hypermobile first as it can cause CSF leaks in people with connective tissue disorders.

  • Luckily I don't have that problem. I've gone to 2 appts and no help with the headache, but it has been helping my upper back and neck. My alignment is off so we're tackling at least one problem i have

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  • Yes,nothing but water. Gives the body a chance to heal up. You can find more information on the internet about water fasting

  • Xxxxxxx Yzzzzzz ok thanks. I'll try that next time. I remember reading something about drinking a lot of water to snort a cluster but not to the extent of stopping an entire cluster period.

  • O2 is the only abortive that works for me. 33 years in the game too

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  • 2 years of face numbness ?

  • Face/right side of body 2 years 33 days. Started having seizures too but Dr's have no clue. Been on and off meds since I was 8yrs old.

  • I get this when I've had MSG, also known as autolyzed yeast extract, or Aspartame. The other times was when I was on Topomax.

    I do occasionally get the face/eye twitching when I have a migraine and haven't eaten anything unusual and those are the most frustrating because I just have to ride the symptoms out by going into a dark room and avoid all strong smells.

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  • I can handle pain but it did hurt 4 few mins,iv just cleaned it & it's fine

  • It's worth it I had mine done although they haven't gone away they have reduced in quantity and are not as bad when I do get them. Well worth the few minutes of pain

  • Well done. Had mine done a couple of weeks ago. It's fine now. Thinking of having the other side done as I can feel the pressure on the right now. I've had the numbness but no migraine. Did have mild headache Sunday evening and again Monday and yesterday. Just took a couple of aspirin but feel great compared to knowing what I should/would have felt now

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  • So sorry you get migraines ... I got my first at 13 and we quickly realized I got migraines every single time I had artificial sweeteners (drinks, candy...) tell your daughter to keep a journal of what she eats every day even if it's a piece of chocolate and she may quickly find out what her triggers are. Mine are caffeine, artificial sweeteners, and red wine

  • Thank you! That is a wonderful idea and we will start doing that! :)

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  • The headache clinic I went to was great. It is run by a neurologist who specializes in Migraines.

  • I take it, but I take it for my back pain. I wish it helped my migraines

  • Tim, my experience with Tramadol for migraine headaches was a rebound headache that put me into the hospital. We all have different types of migraines, as my PCP said, it is best to work with a neurologist for migraines because they can do testing to see if you are experiencing cluster headaches, migraines that are caused by certain triggers, up to severe complex migraines that have TIA's associated with them. Tramadol is a synthetic opioid that can cause headaches. Please work closely with your doctor, that is the best route to move forward. Sorry you suffer from these horrible things. Good Luck.

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  • I hope you feel better soon. It really is the pits. Hang on in there!

  • When I have really severe migraine about once a month I think I've had a mini stroke side of my face is numb struggle to talk I've had two brain scans in last two years and can't find any other other than evidence of brain damage I have due to stroke I had when was 15

  • Thank you for all your kind thoughts...I'm feeling much better now...a little bit of virtual love works wonders? X

I have been reading peoples stories on here and I think it s interesting that... — Migraine Chat Room

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  • Xxxxxxx Yzzzzzz ahhhhh no one mentioned that!

  • Xxxxxxx Yzzzzzz mind you I am taking Sertraline too. I went down to under 7st at one point. I started having to drink protein shakes to try and get my energy levels up x

  • Xxxxxxx YzzzzzzCieslak I was so glad to see your post. I just got my Botox on the 4th of this mo, since then the left side of my neck is in pain heck I can't even hardly brush my teeth let alone bend down for the pain. Did you have any problems your 1st time?

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  • I totally believe they work xx

  • I think when the prophylactic or treatments work its yay

  • Preventatives are unlikely to stop you getting migraines altogether but if they work they should significantly reduce your amount... X

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  • Have you tried acupuncture ? My migraines aren't nearly as frequent or severe as many people in this group, but I was getting them enough to start being affected by missing too many days at work. Since I started the acupuncture at the end of June I've only had to take my prescription meds four times. Each migraine was less severe and the duration was less and I didn't get a rebound headache . Might be worth looking into

  • Haven't, but I'll look into it.

  • Botox injections. It's been a miracle for me.

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  • One minute of pain is worth covering a potential lifetime :) it really burns and made my eyes water but that's because I'm really bad with pain anyway. Was over in a matter of seconds and it really has helped - take someone in with you, grip their hand and take a chance. If you find it doesn't help, you can always take it out :)

  • For me, the piercing itself hurt a tad but it was my best piercing in terms of being able to sleep on and healing wise. As it's quite tucked away you don't lay directly on it, meaning it doesn't hurt too much when you sleep! Obviously everyone is different, but out of 11 piercings it's further toward my 'nice' end of the list rather than 'would rather poke my eyes out than go through that again' like some of mine

  • Best to have a few days between each piercing, I've had both mine done and it's worked for me!! Best thing I've done

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  • I had mine done by someone who had practice doing the pressure point piercing and had over 10 years piercing experience. Very picky with people doing my piercings. X

  • I sometimes get sharp shooting pains in the middle of my head straight through the middle down towards my shoulders. Then I get a horrendous migraine that puts me on the floor. Doctors can't do anything cos it doesn't last long enough to be seen on any scans. (So he says.)

  • That's what mine can be like but sharp shooting pains in the right side of my head that go down near my eye and I lose most of the sight in my right eye for about 45 seconds. Doctors won't do anything about it until I see my gp who knows me best

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  • Depending on where those needles are placed, you can experience a huge difference in after effects. Let the therapist know what happened next time you go and discuss future options. Sometimes treatment can trigger an episode, but make it better long term. Wishing you the best of luck.

  • Your treatment will have a root and branch approach. Branches = symptoms. Root = main reason / s. Your feedback is essential as treatment may change each appointment. Acupuncture isnt something 'done' to you it is a acupuncturist applying skill and knowledge to the person that knows your body the

  • Thank you Tina, I have had one of my low grade migraines on left side for 2 days now after the session so even if it worked in the long term I don't think this method will suit me as can't go through this after each session. My regular therapist is back for my next session and I will feed back to him and have his usual technique

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  • Ty Michael !

  • I completely agree.

  • Why don't we all make a big website for information on migraines from real people. People can put adds on it or sponsor some of the people who suffer and can not afford the meds from time to time. Just a thought.

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  • I suffer with both, my doctor will not change my meds as I'm on a lot for various things, I struggle with mine frequently especially with my sight.

  • I took my first one last night and woke up crazy hungry! I have gastroparesis too so I get extreme pain with eating and drinking and try to avoid it all all costs but of course we have to eat but weirdly last night I didn't have any stomach pains when eating

  • I guess it is individual. I'm glad you didn't suffer pain when eating, but yes, the tabs would explain the hunger. Let's see how you get on with them.

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  • Ouch!! If people don't have migraines they have no idea how bad it is.

    I hope you get rid of the one that's currently knocking .

  • That's me,, I have hormonal migraine and I'm growing out of them at 50+, I tried everything, I was going to have a daith but not sure if they remove the attack or just the pain ??

  • I'm likely to grow out of mine as well when I get on a bit, as my mum did, but I have another 10 years of so before that is likely to happen. Since I have my piercing done I have only been floored 3 times. I still get them during the period week, but a lot less and with less intensity. Some people get rid of them completely. I think it is very individual, but I'm definitely glad I had mine done.

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  • Thanks for the positve vibe.... unfortunately I get really air there's that... I will take travelsickness pills which hopefully will send me deep sleep

    Medications...none ...have to make due with aspirin (paracetamol) they don't know all to much about NDPH here...but I will make due.. I hope happy hormones will help during 10+ hours of flight time...and I will use ear plugs

  • We flew from America (Boston) to Germany and nothing changed for me

  • Sounds amazing!!

    I don't think flying itself makes any difference for me. If anything take-off and landing can be a bit intense because of the change in air pressure (why I'm not using earplugs at that time). It's more the not being able to move/lie down and the jetlag that troubles me. But the excitement of going somewhere makes it all worth it!

    ENJOY :D

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  • Transient aphasia

  • Yes its normal, I usually feel 'strange' just before and sometimes I can't find the right words when I need them. All part of the horrible migraine experience I'm afraid.

  • thank you for providing the terminology

I have been sufferig from migraines for a few years now and about a year ago i... — Migraine Chat Room

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  • Hi Rosa, I sent you a private message. :)

    It's regarding a friend who actually stopped getting migraines when she had her first child...

  • Funny thing, during both of my pregnancies I was completely Migraine free, which lasted until I stopped nursing. Another Migraineur, my niece, said the same thing. So don't worry so much, and just keep up to date with info and talk about your concerns with your doctor.

  • I only got 2 with each pregnancy I figured it was due to eating better and drinking a ton of water. Start a journa now of everything you do/ eat and see if you find a trigger ☺️

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  • I wish I had an answer I also am older 60 my migraines are from a botched neck fusion that I had 6 years ago they used surgical coral and the coral caused an encapsulated infection around my vertebrae and spinal cord to the point that my neck ended up breaking in 4 places. Now I have a cervical fusion from the c2/t3 which is close to brain stem. I have always had migraines since I was a teen but after the neck thing became 100x worse. My issue is my insurance denies meds my nuerolgist prescribes it's a constant fight. I have already been put on disability because I am partially paralyzed on my left side. Now my children are grown and are having babies and I can't even hold them because they are afraid I will drop them. Don't blame them. I am doing Botox I have had 2 rounds so far I have not seen any relief. I'm tired of not being able to live I try my best to be a trooper and deal with it but how can you when your head is going to blow up, you can't see straight because of the dizziness, vomiting etc. I passed out in walmart waiting for my few pills the insurance will let me have. Luckily my 34 year old son (paramedic) was with me and knew what was going on. My best friends are an ice pack and heating pad. I have to where a neck brace all the time because even though the bone graft was a year ago dr said that if I pass out and hit my neck just right it could be bad. My dr will give me a shot of Toradol in the office and it helps for a couple days but won't write a script for the pill form. I have tried acupuncture and massage therapy, diet changes nothing. It kills me to not be able to play with my grandbabies. My daughter in law is taking me to get some kind of piercing in my ear that is suppose to help maybe it will and maybe it won't. But since they can't fix the nerve damage in my neck i hold little hope.

    By the way Congrats on being a cancer survivor that is an accomplishment in itself to bad you ended up with the other crap. Best of luck if you find something that works share with me.

  • Oh sweety!! I too go through the meds my insurance won't pay for & it's a constant struggle with them, I know how you feel!!! In my area none of the neurologists will even help me because they have too many patients or they don't accept my insurance anymore. Honestly you'd have to understand where I live and how asinine these people are. Rude ignorant & no bedside manner at all. They just push pull after pill after pain pill & pain pills do nothing besides MAKE IT WORSE so I flush them down the toilet. I will let you know if I come up with anything that's helps, even with just taking the edge off the pain, so I can function❤️❤️❤️❤️ have a beautiful day!

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  • Oh ok.. And yes that's the same situation for me

  • I'm with you....I'm past the 12 year, 6 month mark myself with zero relief......though during real hit, humid and STABLE weather, my headaches are much more tolerable. Weather changes hammer me, but every single aspect of my headaches is far worse in the cold weather, especially with rapidly changing weather patterns.

  • Yes weather changes are rough. Winter is hard on me as well. Seems like there is not really a good season.