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  • I have both done it definitely helps go for it even if it don't help you you will have 2 new awsum piercings lol xx

  • Thanks so much for replying Kelly Tedder! It's wirth a try. Did u have trouble with healing?

    I must admit I'm getting older and i could use it as an excuse to pretend I'm not doing it to be 'cool' lol. Xx

  • I'm 42 so not young hun lol I had one done then found out about that it could help so had the other one done it definitely reduced the pain xx

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  • I'm glad I could help, even though it's just that I understand. Better people will come along in your life, they really will. Sometimes, this thing seems so overwhelming all I can tell myself is that the sun is still going to come up tomorrow, so I'll just wait and see what happens. Simple as that sounds, the sun comes up again, and sometimes something good happens. I just wish I had gotten after researching for stuff outside of what the neurologists were telling me and the drugs (that did not work) were throwing at me a lot sooner. I had finally found a combination of supplements/herbs that actually work. Makes me wonder why a doctor, of all people, would not be curious enough to figure this stuff out with the training they have.

  • you're so right about this. Imitrex especially blocks the paths to the brain that busting needs access to. The trick is getting THROUGH the 5 days you need to be clean, without any imitrex or other drugs!

  • Yes you are right! Spot on. Busted yesterday. Kinda sucks all by your self. Only shadows last night during sleep, with 10min of O2 cleared up, and nothing today! Legilize Nature!

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  • Where can I try these products ? TY

  • Thank U, Yes the Lavender does help with Sleep

  • Celeste Johnson private message me and I will be happy to share my info with you. ☺️

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  • Xxxxxxx Yzzzzzz what was that you said?? You want a punch??

  • This was me a few weeks back. Yeah I've had worse!

  • I ruptured a ligament in my thumb, then strapped it with electrical tape and carried on.

    Enduring it isn't the same as enjoying it though.

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  • Has anyone actually experienced any positive effects from cannabis use for CH?

    I ask as I have tried it in the past in hopes of help with relief / relaxation during a cluster period, but it felt like it was causing a negative impact, where it seemed to increase the frequency / severity of my attacks. (Worth noting i obviously wasnt using medical grade but normal street - level stuff, so just as possible that all the extra chemicals in hydroponic / skunk strains could have been the cause of these negative side effects).

    Genuinely curious about others experiences.

  • F

  • I've felt a reduction in pain by two tiers at most for a cluster. A complete removal of Trigeminal Neuralgia pain though is felt. But cannabis works different in everyone. Because the endocannabinoid system is slightly different in the way it responds in every person. In addition, you do not know what you get with street grade cannabis. You could get odd THC:CBD ratio's that actually hinder you. On the other hand, high CBD:low THC is what we chronic pain sufferers look for. There are big differences in that. And there is no way of truly knowing with street grade. So do keep that in mind.

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  • You are welcome i hope you get some relief xxx

  • I've had migraines a long time now and I know this won't work for everyone but I have found as soon as one starts I give in to it, what I mean is I don't panic I take my meds go to bed try to sleep etc I hope you feel better soon xx

  • Thank you x

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  • I have a bulging disc on my neck & diagnosd with Cervical spondylosis. I'm on Baclofen, tizanadine, lyrica & Nortriptyline. What have you tried?

  • Yes I have tried those same drugs. Currently trying to find something else. Maybe trying facet injections or epidural again. But they never truly took it away. I also had a fusion which just made the headache worse. Also bone spurs.

  • Ohgosh yes...all the friggin' time :/

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  • Hi, did you not find that the daith piercing helped at all? Both me and my mum suffer and have considered having it done.......

  • I had it done just over 2 months ago and have been completely migraine free ever since. I've even stopped my meds. I feel so different and more relaxed! For £20ish you should definitely just go and have it... if it doesn't work you can always take it out...but me I'll be keeping it in.. and I quite like the way it looks now!x

  • I do think that the piercing has helped. I've had it a while and my migraines are far less frequent than they were xxx

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  • its horrible isn't it xx

  • I have them too and find them so scary even though i have had a fair few. Each time i worry which in turn makes everything worse. I am so glad you are having a good time at the moment i hope and pray it continues cx

  • thanks hun xx

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  • When mine were chronic, I had a choice. Live ... Or die. I kept faith that the chronic migraine would eventually pass, and I'm happy to say it did. Hang in there sweetie, your choice to live will pay off big soon. I promise.

  • I relate. We live traumatic lives

  • Been there here to a cure soon

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  • Headache was still reduced until I stopped breastfeeding feeding..then it was extra bad for a few months..then went back to prepregnancy normal.

  • I'm in the same boat as you-never dated or kissed, only 20. I have genetic diseases (certain cancers, Celiac Disease-on both sides of my family and I have too-Parkinson's, etc). I've considered whether or not I want to have kids, but it hasn't been tied to those genes. It's been tied to whether or not I think I can handle them, but I'm not making any decisions until I have to cross that bridge.

    In terms of the diseases, we all have good and bad genes and diseases. Should that be the final straw? I get that you don't want them to be in pain their whole lives but maybe they won't be? Plenty of people in my family don't have pain or diseases so I know that there may be a chance that any potential kids don't get them. But, at the same time, you don't always know what genes you have until you have them. It's a roll of the dice.

    I would wait to make that decision as even though you're sure now, it can change.

  • No headaches during pregnancy!!

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  • Took a fair amount of trial and error, but rizatriptan now seems to be seeing mine off, tho because of the night time onset I don't always catch it in time.

  • Same here - every single month i dread it ! I take sumatriptan for it.

  • I'm same and I really feel for you jakki, they are horrible and and a big inconvenience to daily life xx

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  • Yeah might be worth seeing a different doctor, some just don't understand migraines. Also might be worth starting a migraine diary, I find this really helps show my doctor exactly what is going on ! Good luck x

  • Thank you, I hope you have a pain free week x

  • You too, I've had a migraine today so will feel off colour for next couple of days - such joy !!x

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  • The main cause of my problem is stress.

  • Thankfully mine wants to work with me. Pain meds will work but I don't like just taking them all the time. So we chose to forgo those. He wants to do a RFA and I had the horrible reaction last time to it so I don't really want to do it again.

  • I've had both sides done... it is a hit or miss kind of thing. Mine worked for about 3 days both sides then the headaches came back fierce :/

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  • Hi chick I suffer with ocular migraine I take an aspirin a day 75mg it has helped ease the length and the aura I get I hope this helps I'm also a type 1 diabetic ( 38yrs)

  • Is that the same thing as the 'silent migraines' that I get? My GP is useless tbh, so I haven't really bothered to broach the subject with him. Thanks for commenting. xx

  • My mums migraines went away when she went through the menopause, so there is hope ☺ x

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  • Ugh!!!

  • I can understand cause I am suffering in the heat too, have fans blowing warm air all over my house . I'm was trying to vac & wash floors cause with 2 dogs, it gets dirty real fast. Thank goodness nobody is coming cause that would send me over the edge today. It is pouring rain & thundering & I can feel a migraine coming on.No more housework for me.

  • People are coming to see you not your house... that's what I tell myself. Plus if I overdo it them I'm to sick to enjoy the visit. Honestly I don't know how some doctors think weather has nothing to do with migraines.

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  • I suffer with migraines and vertigo and tbh I didn't know there was MAV. But I just wanted to comment to say it's horrible having both and you aren't alone x

  • Hi Victoria. Thank you for your comment. Yeah, its horrible. Sometimes I get the vertigo without the pain and these are also known as silent migraines and sometimes with pain. I also have a condition called BPPV and visual vertigo which causes dizziness etc. Found a really good consultant and clinic but they are private not NHS. They are really good. Are you on any preventative medications etc? X

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  • Has anyone got any tips on easing them? The last bad one I had I had to go to hospital I lost all feeling in my legs down one side of my face, nose and tongue and one arm. Then came the raging headache and sickness xx

  • Sound similar to mine but I don't get the aura. They are called Hemiplegic migraines. I've had them for 35 years and my first one lasted 3 months. Now they last about 3 to 4 days. I can get tingling lips, very tender scalp on the migraine side, slurred speech, loss of balance, numbness all down my left side, forgetfulness, head pain. I can't stand sound - every noise is 10 times louder but I'm ok with lights. I probably haven't remembered all my symptoms but, like I say, my memory is bad - it hasn't been the same since that first attack!!

  • That is similar to what i have, no headache warning signs just loss of balance, sickness, speech, twitching, numbness. I ended up in hospital for a night after my last one. I guess i am one of the lucky ones as I don't seem to get them that frequently, but the last few have been more sever and the first time this type of migraine happened i was in hospital for 3 days. Glad you are getting better Trina hope your speech returns and numbness goes very soon

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  • Carmen. I hope you don't think I 'm trying to judge you or criticize you because I"m not! This is just such a high does that I worry about your heart. It's basically a heart drug and it's used "off label" for us. Is Verapamil working for you? I've been through so many neurologists and other doctors about this cluster thing...some are good and try really hard, and some are just dispensing one drug after another, without concern for us. I HAVE learned that when a pharmacist goes out on a limb and calls a doctor because of their concern, I need to pay attention to the pharmacist. (they have done this for me in the past ) Doctors get a couple classes in drugs during their school, pharmacists spend 8 years or more learning about drugs and their chemical effects and physical effects on us. They are pretty amazing in their knowledge. I'll end with this...this is your life, and I would never think of telling you or anyone else what to do. That being said, when I see something that scares me for someone else, I ask myself the same question every time. it's this: "if someone knew something that I should know, would I tell them, even if it made me look like I might be intruding where I might not belong?" I had an endocrinologist and a pharmacist get in my Internal Medicine doctor's face over a prescription he gave me. Neither of those people wanted to do that, but the Internal Medicine guy had given me such high doses of Prednisone that it shut my Adrenal Glands down. I did not know this, and I did not know that with my Adrenal Glands not making any cortisol because of the Prednisone that if I had any kind of accident where I was seriously bleeding, I would die. That's because cortisol makes you not go into shock. Now I am weening off the prednisone and it's not fun. I have to wear a stupid med alert bracelet until my adrenal glands start working on their own again. I trusted this doctor and didn't do my homework about side effects. I always had in the past. For a couple months, the prednisone stopped the headaches that I"d had non stop for 12 years, and I was so grateful. Then, it quit working,and I was stuck with the side effects and the tapering off. I did get really fortunate and have found a natural supplement regime that has stopped these headaches better than any drug I have ever taken. No one should have to make the decisions that we do, just to try to live a simple, normal life. But, we make them all the time. I just don't want you to end up with the headaches AND serious heart problems. that's even worse. Take good care of yourself, and I hope I have not offended you!

  • I understand you lungs hurting. Mine did too. The dr. said it's because the air in the tank is so dry. I figured out one thing that helped me a lot. I got some Naratriptan pills, they're another kind of Imitrex. I got the 2.5 msg, and break them in half. I use that to get some sleep. Naratriptan takes 45 minutes to start working, so it's worthless for an active attack. It lasts 6 to 8 hours, however, so I use it for a preventative. I take it before to sleep, and it guarantees that I get at least 6, sometimes 8 hours, of precious sleep. One of the worse things about this whole thing is not just the pain of an attack, but the total exhaustion we deal with all the time. the naratriptan lets me get some sleep like nothing else I have ever used.

  • I got a new treatment plan today. Start today taking Amerge (think that's naratriptian) 2.5mg twice a day for no longer than 14 days cause can be hard to stop after that and 25mg topamax at bedtime. In 5 days start a prednisone taper and I can use sumatriptan now for every attack no longer the 10 days a month. If these don't work lithium and nerve block

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  • Please do

  • I sent it. If you didn't get it let me know

  • I would not mind knowing as well. I have had migraines for 27 years, the last 3 years have been Chronic, Daily and I am exhausted. Been on every drug and many drug studies, nothing works.

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  • Someone told me about reflexology that it made then worse at first but that it now helps a lot. The fact it brought one on at least suggests that it is having some sort of effect!

  • My migraines got 10xs worse with acupuncture , might have worked in the long run but surly messed up the current ones !

  • I don't want anything that brings one on it worked first time around but changed to someone else so may go back to original acupuncturist as it did help a lot

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  • I saw an article a long time ago that said teeth grinding was a cause of migraines. Maybe talk to your dentist. If that isn't the case or you want to try something else try using your pillows to prop yourself up at night. I have sinus problems and I get migraines in the morning when I have slept on a too flat pillow. Just a thought.

  • If you sleep on your side, stretch out the Pec minor muscle of the shoulder you are laying on. That muscle holds your scapula in which causes inflammation in the neck triggering a headache/migraine.

  • Sometimes sleeping too long can cause them as well.

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  • Sensational Hayley

  • Would love too - all depends on whether my Hubby is in the country or not - Cant just leave the ferals at home to fend for them selves lol

  • Hey Dan, is there any way that we could maybe sort out and organise a Perth Meet?? I'm sure they'd need it. I can maybe help you? Let me know, maybe we could brew up some ideas??????? Let me know if there's anything I can do to help. Have a good one mate.

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  • I know just how you feel, but you can't give up. You have to keep going. I know that's easier said than done, and it probably looks impossible, but you're going to make it

  • I'm trying

  • It is sooooo HARD. I'm so there right now too. Right now I'm in bed barely able to get out, and I've got places to be this weekend. Just trying to encourage you to find that place within.

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  • I never smoked before CH. I did try it at a time when I didn't know what I had. I've found tobacco increases nerve-related signalling issues whereas cannabis dampens such effects. Cannabis can even restore nerves via regeneration. Too much is unhealthy too. Nobody knows for sure on these neurological disorders. As the population becomes older and older, I assure you there will be an increase in demand for neurologists for such things. I can't promise when that will come.

    The gender-related matter isn't too sexist either. It could be under-diagnosis. It could genetic factors or how women metabolize certain things due to estrogen. I don't know. But gender differences exist in biology, so I will never(unless proven wrong) get rid of that option in mind.

  • A fun twist by a US sociologist addressing the myths of the 60's lol

    http://joannakempner.com/publication/masculinity-a nd-cluster-headaches/

  • Thx will have a looksie

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  • Thank you all so much for your kind words and prayers.

  • My brother died from suicide. And all of my siblings, including myself suffer from depression.....

    There's nothing I can say except I'm thinking of you and praying for peace for you and your family.

  • I'm so very sorry for your loss, that is so tragic. It's hard watching adults do horrible things and then their children pay the price.

    I'm type II bipolar so I've battled depression most of my life it seems, but it runs strong in my parents too.