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  • Xxxxxxx Yzzzzzz all of the triptans work in similar but slightly different ways. All of them may give MOH (medication overuse headache) alongside rebound headaches and just change frequency and pattern of attacks (e.g. delay rather than destroy an attack). So I'd take one and see if it works.

    I'd also try Naratriptan (Naramig), Eletriptan (Relpax) and Zolmitriptan (zomig)

  • Thank you, I will talk to my Dr. I got up this morning pain free, but had an attack 10 mins later. Took the tabs and it now has mostly gone. Will time today if it holds any more attacks at bay.

  • Well said. You explained it better :)

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  • I strongly recommend seeing someone who can help you develop some coping skills. I have just been through a 3 month rehab plan and it has been life changing.

  • I'm super late on this post. I'm on year 10 of this but during the first couple years of it, I lost a boyfriend bc of the headache. He couldn't deal with me "lashing out" or my "mood swings". After he left I started seeing a therapist to learn some coping skills and to figure out how my pain was affecting me and how to control it. It helped immensely! It's tough bc we tend to take it out on the ones closest to us when it's bad, mostly bc we don't know what else to do. I still have hard times, but I'm much better at communicating with my current boyfriend.

  • Sorry to say that some men don't have continual sympathy & support with regards to particular health issues. I've encountered it myself, I have frequent headaches/migraines get sympathy firstly but moods can change with partners etc after a while :(

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  • I smell this chemically smell, like pure oxygen, and it gives me a headache when I smell it. The headache is different from my NDPH headache though, which I don't even have anymore with the medication I take daily. But when it comes on after awhile, I feel out of it too.

    I hadn't had it real bad though for a week until today, where it was persistent throughout the day. Most of the past week, I'd maybe smell it only 1-2 times for real short duration.

  • What medication do you take daily that has alleviated the daily headache?

  • I take amitriptyline and chlordiazepoxide.

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  • I'm not even joking I'm allergic to mushrooms. I'm not even aloud to touch them. If I get one in the garden. My dad or neighbours have to come round and dig it out before I cut the grass. I look like I have measles if I even touch one.

  • I've tried many of the tricks people say, like running very fast outside to get the 02 intake, or going in the extreme cold (snow), icepack, etc. I haven't tried the redbull fix but because my attacks come at 1am or 3am and then I wont go back to sleep and won't be able to work the next day. before I discovered pure high flow 02, I used cafregot which helped only if i caught it very very early but I also go nauseous from it.

  • There's a anti sickness called stemetil if you get the liquid and catch it fast it works best thing I've ever found for sickness but it has to be liquid form tablets don't work fast enough

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  • Ellie McKenzie yeah I have one :) I've had it for around 6 months and unfortunately it made no difference for me. But I do use little acupuncture needles (under proper direction) in a very similar spot in my ear but horizontal not vertical and I do feel a difference with that! So that makes me think that it maybe depends on the shape of your ear.

  • I take co codamol on prescription for mine but i find a decongestant and doxylamine succinate taken at the same time really help but only if i take them easrly before the sickness sets in I take zomig as a nasal spray once i am veing sick as no tablets stay down

  • Yes that makes sense, maybe try the other xx

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  • Wow! You know whats so wierd, last night i was able to fight off a migraine as well. I started to have visual disturbances and ran immediately in the hot shower trying tog et my eyes right, by looking at the text on shampoo bottles lol. I hardly ever can fight them off when i get the visuals. But today is like level 3 pain.

  • I am glad I don't get the visual disturbances like you do Michael, that would be too much. I don't have a problem with the light either, its always just the intense pulsating, what feels like skull breaking pain, that is almost unbearable. And all I do is hope to God that the pain wont be too intense or that the medication works quickly. I just hope that someone finds a medication soon that stops all this pain and misery.

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  • My bad, trying to help.

  • all my art, film, and poetry is about self exploration and introspection. so much so that my film "five nights of waking dreams" is all about the physcological and philosophical effects of suffering this from this disorder. i have not known enough cluster heads personally (matter a fact not even one other) to be able to have a grasp on weather clusters are more "in tune" but i do beleave that suffering through this kind of pain disorder helps us burn away the b.s. and appreciate true living and true blessing as we are often deprived of those moments in time.

  • I know I'm in touch with others and can set both mine and their b.s. away. I interview pedophikes, meth heads, people who beat their children and just plain old neglectful parents. Being in tune helps me do my job well and I've pulled off many confessions that the local law enforcement can't. I can put myself into their way if thinking most of them don't shut up once they start telling all of their little secrets. I think knowing I can survive these attacks gives me a power to do the kid of work I do, work most people aren't psychologically ready to handle.

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  • Hey Tiffany welcome to the group. I hate migraines. When i get them i suffer bouts of them. But i can go months and months without migraines. In 2014 it was my worse year. It was an every day occurrence. Hallucinating and intense pain. I tried so much, to figure out what could be causing them, and how to limit the frequency at witch i get them. I found that hardcore cardio was the only thing that helped. And it sucks, because when we are suffering we dont like to do anything. But i tanked it out, and soon discovered im going longer and longer without migraines. I dont take anything for migraines. Well... Maybe an indomethacin, or some sort of nsaid, but thats about it. I am trying to discipline myself, to take joy in this suffering through Christ. Because it seems like, everytime i get them i try that much harder to seek, act, and live by the word of god. And i know i should be doing this all the time, but i dont. So if thats what it takes, then so be it. I pray for all of you guys. I love everyone who suffers... So much!

  • Hi Tiffany. I am sorry to hear of your health issues. I get migraines every 2 -3 days regularly and I take Maxalt (Rizatriptan). I find they help a lot but not always. They come in a dissolvable wafer that tastes like Tic Tacs. I also take Advil or Nurofen as a back up, which also helps at times. The times the medication doesn't work I usually go into the shower and let the water flow over my head for awhile, I wipe my face to keep feeling refreshed, I find it helps me not feel so blah. Otherwise I just massage my head and hope it goes away. There is also the option of going to the hospital and getting a jab from the doctor to make the migraine go away, but that could take hours. I am now looking at possibly getting a head, neck and shoulder massage regularly and seeing if that helps. I figure it cant harm. Perhaps you should get a second opinion from a different neurologist? I find that some doctors are more adventurous when it comes to trying out new things and some are not. Perhaps you might benefit from a second opinion???

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  • Happened to me the last 2 days. It's rare (for me) but it sometimes switches. SO much harder to handle on "wrong" side.

  • Sleep where you sleep. Don't live your life worrying and waiting. Someone once told me to stop drinking alcohol. Obviously someone who'd never had one. My response if I drink a bottle of vodka have a good night with friends at least the clusters worth it. I was always told if you spend your life worrying what's going to happen you won't live

  • my god yes and it was a moment when i thought, just when i thought this couldnt get any worse, bammm

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  • Hope its working for you.

  • I jave now been sleeping for 36 hours and waking up about every 4 hours for food, water and another dose of meds. As of right now I feel pretty good about a kip1, I'm hoping I broke the cycle but only time will tell. I feel extremely rested which is a plus. I haven't used an imitrex shot in almost 48 hours and haven't had an actual attack in 24. The last one was on the opposite side than it should have been yesterday at about this time. I had read an article about histamine bursts being detected during attacks and that is why I added the benedryl. I now need to make it another 13 days to be completely out of the cycle. I'll update in a few days if I'm still pain free.

  • i have great luck with d3 in the morning, melatonin at night, magnesium, and naproxin sodium instead of tylonol. congrats hope the beast doesn't become resistant to your efforts of suppression.

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  • I had it n made my headache better ! Didn't keep it up tho cos of money n now I'm back at square one with pain X

  • I did and didn't see much relief. I might try again though...not sure the dr I saw was the best.

  • I just recently found out that I have cervicogenic headaches. By a chiropractor! He is positive about it being treatable with therapy. Also waiting on my insurance to approve botox injections. So with pain management and therapy from the chiropractor I pray that it diminishes these consistent headaches. I start therapy this week. I also bought one of these posture pump neck exerciser to use a few times a week. I'm not gonna lie, after using it 2 times I was in a lot of pain. Just like any other exercise, you get sore. But while I am using the pump, my headache eases up. Almost like it takes the pressure off. I will post an update on how therapy from my chiropractor goes in a couple of weeks. I pray it helps

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  • oops... 2) Finding a Dr. who knows how to do the correct imaging, and how to read it! There are a few. Dr. Linda Gray-Leithe at Duke is the very best in the country at finding and fixing these leaks. She utilizes all sorts of imaging to pinpoint leaks. CT Myelograms and MR Myelograms (for slow leaks). Cedars Sinai in Los Angeles is also very good. The Mayo clinic in Minneapolis and Stanford in Palo Alto is becoming good at recognizing symptoms and misdiagnosed leaks.

  • There is a Facebook group CSF Leaks that's incredible, they have files and all the best Dr's in the country that are well-versed in these leaks (those above are just a few that come to mind). There are MANY EDS, Marfan etc people on the site. Almost everyone had been diagnosed with something else, including Chronic Migraines, NDPH, vertigo, whiplash, etc. Many times it's a very easy fix-a blood patch. There's also a a very informative website: http://spinalcsfleak.org/

  • Thank you so much! I'm going to follow up on this asap!

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  • There trying botox with my daughter,she gets 3/4 clear days a month

  • My insurance company won't cover Botox. The cheapest migraine treatment I can find is $2,500 per session. Hopefully one day I'll be able to find a way to try it! I'm glad your daughter is getting good results!

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  • It is the best country in the world! But then I'm a little bias! Better come see it soon- rising sea temperatures have been bleaching the coral- which kills it

  • It's such a shame! My parents have been but that was 15 years ago and they loved it. We have thought about emigrating but I couldn't leave my family behind.

  • I've also thought of emigrating but then I would have to leave Australia behind

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  • ahh I see now I've seen it before.. but didn't know what it meant

  • from what i understand. And yes i havent tried it but hear lots of positives from those who have is the D3 regime. heres a study done , its not a clinical trial by the pharma company but just regular cluster heads

  • Cath, I really urge you to read the files on this page and the world page, also visit www.clusterheadaches.com and read and learn as much as you can. Education is the key to beating this condition, the more you know the better armed you will be. These Facebook pages are great for support but aren't great at conveying the body of knowledge. It's their, go find it.

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  • I've been experiencing more CH's and auras than usual lately too. When I first asked both my Dr and Neuro for oxygen last year, both told me they only prescribe it for cluster headaches. I told them both to look in my records, I was diagnosed with clusters by at least two drs. But neither wanted to be bothered with looking in my records.

  • Typical.

  • sinus here to and roughly close to thirty years, i was told there is a good chance of out growing this condition but thirty years in i'm still waiting. welcome.

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  • I would of left anyway! Call the cops. If your not driving under the influence then your not driving under the influence. Period. I would of went home and called my lawyer. Ridiculous

  • Wow I'll ask my neurologist about that.

  • I did leave I refused to just sit there an wait.

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  • Yes severe memory loss and brain fog. Every day I go to the coffee shop one floor down in my building and every day I cannot remember what my friend wants in her coffee. I have to stop and think about what button needs to be pressed in the elevator to get to the coffee shop. My brain is stuck on blank. Everyday tasks are getting harder and harder and soon I don't doubt I will forget something major.

  • I also have trouble with memory and concentration. I am 23 yo and have NHPD since 2 years and a half. I just finished my university degree and it was kind of hard. I took less courses at the time to be able to pass them. I hope your daughter will find something to help her with that.

  • In my case, yes, but many years before NHPD declared. (+6-7 years)

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  • Yeah i understand. I couldnt think of the word fridge at work... i called it the cold place thing

  • Yes I get that too. I work in a pharmacy and I really need to be focused.

  • I have trouble talking, I'll say things backwards and not make any sense. I can't focus on what I'm doing or remember tasks. I feel like my brain was put in a blender.

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  • Neurologist warned my daughter it might cause memory loss, and not to worry if it did, it wasn't Altzehemiers. !! She hasn't tried it yet. Her dosage was to start at 25mg & work her way up very slowly. Any side effects he said to go back to lower dosage for longer. Good luck X

  • I was ok until I got to maximum dosage then I got Tinnitus luckily it went as soon as I came off the tablets. I must say they didn't help my migraines though xx

  • OMG I keep forgetting small things but been on Topirimate same dose as you a while now and wasn't warned about memory loss, I was getting worried I'm glad it's down to the medication lol xx

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  • Nevena Goran Ðuranović I'm in California so it's easy to get a license and they will deliver to your house!

  • From what I've read and heard (I live in Boulder, CO which is basically the mecca of weed), the oils don't give you the high that other forms of mj do. Apparently the topical forms - oils, creams, etc. cannot cross the blood brain barrier, so even if the strain does have THC in it (you can get some that are pure CBD with no THC at all, and those are legal in all states), you won't get high.

    For some people this isn't good because the high helps them with the pain, but for others, like me who hate the high feeling, it could be a great alternative. You still get a lot of the benefits and pain relief, you just don't have the associated high.

    I haven't tried them yet personally, so I don't know a brand to recommend, sorry :( Hope you find something that works for you!

  • Thank you Anne - that is so helpful. Let me do some further research and if I find a good brand, I will let you know as well. :)

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  • They work fine Smiley, is all I use.

  • > not using the airbag as rebreather

  • I find that mask will work better if you change the size of the bag. Take a large 1 gallon (2 liter?) ziplock, snip a corner and slide in place of the small bag. Tape it up.

    Linen and Things carries that???? whoa

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  • Hi Sarah, here is the link to his talk. He is a doctor at Stanford. I think he is an anaesthesiologist specialising in treating pain.


  • Thanks Amanda!

  • The headaches also can lose some of their positional aspect the longer one leaks.