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  • I just bought an Instant Pot and have been having fun making thing in that. I have made a roast from frozen in about 90 minutes total cook time. Took me 5 minutes to put everything in the pot. Lots of recipes on Pinterest.

  • I may just have to get me an Instant Pot. . . I'm constantly on the go and I'm not very good at doing menus. Wonder why I can't lose weight? Well, that and I don't always exercise.

  • The best part is you can set it up to start cooking and when it's done, it will keep the food warm for up to 10 hours! I've been pretty impressed so far. Just remember that you have to add a little time to whatever recipe you are making. They never tell you about the time it takes to get the pot up to pressure. The frozen roast took about 15 minutes to get up to pressure. I did chili in it the other day and that was up to pressure in about 5. I did some baked apples and that was up to pressure in about 5 minutes too. Going to have them over ice cream tonight. Yum! Making a chicken tomorrow so that I can have homemade stock and the recipes say it will take about 25 minutes total. It's pretty cool.

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  • Not sure what the Accord is but I've been on Topiramate 100mg 2x a day for a long time. I've gone off it in the past but I have way less migraines when taking it.

  • I've taken Topamax (topiramate is the generic) since I was young it seems to be the only thing that helps. I take 100mg twice a day my new dr added amitriptyline but the combo seems to work better. I also have fibromiamga so the that's one reason it was added too.

  • I've been to GP this morning and they've put me up to 150mg

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  • One sub q in my stomach will last 14-36 hrs. Just depends. Burns like a motherfucker but within 6 min I get partial relief, 15 min total relief. It sucks giving yourself a shot but it's so worth it!! Even tho you can do two in 24 hrs I stick to one shot every 24 hrs so I'm safe going 7 days in a row if I need to.

  • I have had it, but I always feel like I am suffocating when they gv it. Triptans too. Winner winner

  • Thanks I'm gonna try it again cause o2 isn't working very well anymore

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  • And I'm a freaking hormonal trainwreck today, too

  • Oh no! I hope you feel better! This may seem strange but works for me sometimes when the migraines are from having the heat on/dry air http://www.northamericanherbandspice.com/product/s inuorega-2-fl-oz/ Google it for best pricing. It stings like crazy the first use each time. And it really makes me crave pizza!

  • Sounds interesting. Will have to get some

When I go to the er they eventually give a Demeril iv. It works for me — Cluster Headaches Exposed

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  • I hear ya. Seems I've tried everything there is. Imo. helps slightly but makes my whole body ache four a couple of hours. TENS helps slightly, docs won't let me put it on forehead where I need it.

  • Gives me seizures. Yay.

  • Not good

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  • Awh thank you so much, Tami. We're all in the same boat and have to stop each other from sinking. And help each other fight, and to fight you have to get angry about it to win. But then not let the anger of it destroy you (and it can). It's a cruel cruel illness and I wouldn't wish it on anyone. It steals everything from you, and that is hard to overcome. ((((Hugs))) x

  • Chi energy may help u.

  • I tried it, and healing stones/crystals. And a faith healer. None worked. You try anything and everything with CCH in desperation. But it may work for others. Everyone has to try.

Hi everyone I just had a cupping massage today and I feel pretty good xx — Migraine Chat Room

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  • Can only afford once a month but it was brilliant! Got all the toxins out. Ahh that's annoying, yes heat bag might help. It should feel better soon x

  • Glad it seems to have helped Hun, may make the rest of the month more bearable knowing you have it booked in soon. I presumed it would just feel

    Like this now until it wears off!!! X

  • I wouldn't have thought so xx

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  • My doctor doesn't believe in oxygen, he says it works 60% of times ... However that's not what I see in the diverse forums. And about verapamil he says that because I am episodic and my cycles start very randomly it's better just to use triptans/steroids ... However I will try to get oxygen anyway ...

  • This article is very interesting ... They focus on triptans increasing the frequency of headaches. However they do not mention anything about triptans being associated with lengthening the cycles. Do you know if cycles get longer when you are using only triptans to abort the headache?

  • What about energy healing ? It may help u.

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  • Most of what I have read on other blogs says it can help reduce CH in some people, but not "cure" it. If you Dr says decompression will cure CH, you should look for a second opinion and read what others say about how it worked for them.

  • Thank you Tamara, that's a very good information!

  • Hi John! you are right, now I m looking for people experience! Thanks !

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  • Chi energy may help u.

  • Do you suffer Cluster Headaches, Hee?

  • Hi Robin,

    I'm so sorry to hear about that. I, however, strongly suggest that you discuss the study below work your doctor. It actually works for a lot of people, and has ability to reverse CCH into ECH.


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  • I feel disoriented and lightheaded or maybe it's heavy headed actually due to the pressure but I kinda feel dizzy in a way

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  • melatonin will help you sleep this is a study on some with ch who took melatonin


  • Does not work anymore but thanks. Wife is going to take off next week so I can see my doctors

  • tolerance build up :( wonce it is out of your system,maybe retake it?

    I hope things will become ok,

Has anybody tried or investigated the use of medical marijuana My kids keep... — Cervicogenic Headache Support Forum

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  • I have it. Tried some with THC - didn't like it so much and didn't do much for my headache. I have a strain that is CBD only and I swear sometimes it heads them off, but will do nothing if I am in the full all-out migraine.

  • I'm hoping to try that. Right this very second the House in my state of PA is debating legalization.

  • I've read that there are a number of different strains of medical MJ as well as different forms and different combinations work for different people. If it eventually becomes legal in NC, I'm going to ask my son's doctor to prescribe it. Actually by that time, he'll probably be an adult and I won't have any say in it.

Hi everyone I m curious if anyone here had LASIK right before the headache... — New Daily Persistent Headache

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  • Her onset was in May 2012. But she always was getting tired very easily - even as an 18 year old. She will be 37 next month. Her doctor thinks it comes from her gut. We genetically are predisposed to colon issues/including cancer. I will tell her about Vitamin D. If you find anything good regarding minerals, please let me know as well. Thank you both!

  • Yes, I'm predisposed to gut issues also, diverticulosis, IBS, etc. My brother was recently diagnosed with Crohns disease.

  • I had LASIK, but it was 8 years before the pain started. No unusual tiredness for me, before anyway. Some bad pain days leave me exhausted. I was a sugar fiend in my youth, but detoxed about 5 years before the pain started. No insomnia and no sleeping pills before the pain, but the doctors tried me on a few sleeping pills after the pain started, they all left me more wired than 2 pots of high-octane coffee.

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  • I'm hoping the ophthalmologist can figure this out.

  • I never thought there were many others who had the majority of their headache pain in the same specific area....the eyes....as i have had since this started over 12 years ago.....The only time the pain goes further than an oval around & including my eyes is when it hits a 9 or higher...then it will go out as far as my temples and as high as the top of my forehead......never have any pain anywhere else headache wise......but then again this pain is so intolerable and BRUTAL I'm rather thankful it doesn't spread to the rest of my head.

  • Lacey Warrick : Keep us posted regarding Dr Rozen's visit. My daughter may be able to see him after she turns 16.

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  • I feel IF I have a normal nights sleep My body would recover IT is so exhausted fr.o.m. The pain I have been monitored with The neurologist last week just waiting for results just seems so unfair so hard to function

  • get a little tank of O2 to take with you,I know what you mean thogh its scarey to be more than a couple of minutes away from O2

  • I'm always scared to leave

Can I ask if you guys ever feel like this can t be real Like how the hell does... — New Daily Persistent Headache

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  • Yes when they think we're knowledgeable they think we're not sick...lol so stupid

  • We have not found something to fix us yet... we all here suffer from NDPH and because it's invisible.. you have to have the right specialist.. I go second-by-second minute-by-minute and day by day.. I tell myself to try to he postive (that is super hard, my head Is a mess) everyday is hard for us that's what makes us stronger don't give up

  • I know Mike as I sit here I am reviewing the results of the daith piercing survey I am conducting and the results are overwhelmingly positive. I've only read the comments at the end of the survey because I'm waiting to get 500 valid responses. I need 175 more and then I'm going to share with the people who are interested. I think I'm just going to go get the damn thing done. Worst case scenario it doesn't work and I have a cool piercing.

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  • Welcome to the group! My daughter is 11 and started feeling the symptoms when she was around 5 years old. And as I write this also, I'm beside her teying to make her feel better as she's also going through a bad one right now. Prayers for all our kids who suffers from this! It's just so unfair for them to go through this at such a young age!

  • Hi I am in the UK too with a 3 year old little boy who suffers. Just wanted to say hi. Sorry your daughter is having a tough time. This group has helped me a lot. X

  • Maybe I need to move to the UK. I can't afford to treat my daughter here. We're desperate enough to try the week long hospitalization route but can't afford it.

I m on day 5 without any MiRx treatment — New Daily Persistent Headache

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  • 0-1....7 used to be my norm. Often climbing to 9/10 regularly.

    My sensativity to light, noises and movement have been returning to a normal level as well. My sleep schedule is been great. I don't get any flare ups during exercise. I'm still getting used to this and feel like I have a ways to go. ...but with each passing day I feel a little more normal.

  • Were you DX with migraines and NDPH or just NDPH? My son has none of the typical migraine symptoms, light sensitivity etc, but does have the exercise and reading which increases pain.

  • I had both migraines and NDPH. Bunch of surgeries and meds. I had all kinds of trouble reading and focusing. That is part of the process that is coming back but still needs some work.

Was wondering if anyone else has relief with xanax I ve started taking it for... — New Daily Persistent Headache

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  • Im so tired of side effects too! The pills don't even help what they are supposed to but they cause all sorts of other problems! Ugh...

  • I react to almost everything so I'm pretty screwed on meds.

  • Xanax and Tylenol are my go to meds when I can't stand it ... I also wake up with anxiety attacks sometimes during the early morning hours, I believe this could be a side effect of the Tizanidine.

you know NICE say you must have a 30 decrease to continue getting treatment is... — Botox for Migraine support information

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  • Lol

  • This is laughable. I have HC which means I have to pay for Botox. Worth every penny though. It's saved my life. But does that mean because it works if I was getting it on NHS it would then be stopped?! That's ridiculous. The pain comes back when treatment stops. What the hell is anyone needing Botox for head pain supposed to do if you can't pay? Makes me so angry. Rant over

  • I get mine on the NHS and can not afford to pay for it so I'm guessing if i can't get my figures straight i won't be getting it again.