Does anyone have experience with amitriptyline — Migraine Chat Room

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  • Was on high doses for a while - no real side affects but didn't help

  • 20mg at night. No side effects. Not sure if they work or not as I daren't chance it. Propanolol too. Daren't come off anything but still get them. Three nights in a row last week.

  • I tried it and it made me incredibly washed out and tired all the time, propanolol had the same effect

I jut went out for a drink with a friend and came over all dizzy disoriented... — Migraine Chat Room

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  • Oh I see. I just can't get my head round it

  • Its almost like Mythbusters - we've thought many things about migraine for years which have turned out to be untrue in many cases

  • I'm sorry you aren't feeling well!

Well I went back to the GP who put me on these Apparently I need to wait a... — Migraine Chat Room

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  • Yes Faye I have mine before bed. And I've had already done my bit for the world as well I have 2 kids so no need to worry about how it will effect contraception! I haven't heard about the birth defects lol a new one pops up daily! Yesterday was hair loss, today birth defects...I wonder what tommorows negative side effect will bring!!

  • That's what my box looks like

  • I'm waiting for the weight loss. ... hurry up I took it 2 hours ago and I'm still fat!!

Hello I m newly diagnosed with CH and just my luck I also have Trigeminal... — Cluster Headaches Exposed

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  • I have only wished and prayed that I could pass out instead of enduring the pain, but at worst in my worst attacks I vomited slightly from the pain, but that is extremely rare, and only happened once. Most of the time I'm thinking if only there were a way to knock myself out, but I know it's not the answer. Luckily I've since found other ways to fight it.

  • Same with me, Manuel. Some of my worst attacks included nausea and vomiting.

  • Passing out is not a common symptom of CH. Unless you're on a medication like verapamil which lowers bp. I would get that checked out with your doctor.

Hi. my daughter is 16 it will be 2yrs in June that she has had a headache — New Daily Persistent Headache

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  • Hi Shannon my son has had NDPH for 3 years. He has been very up and down with pain as we have tried to sort this condition out. He is doing really well at the moment on 3/10 pain and back to school full time and enjoying life. Don't give up hope. We are in Sydney Australia.

  • I'm also part of a lovely group of moms and dads of kids with headache and migraines if anyone would like some great support they are an amazing bunch of people.

  • Hi Kris, can you tell me what you found helped please? And which support group you are on? xx

Save the date — Australia New Zealand Cluster Headache Support

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  • Just bad timing. He is away all of April and May pretty much and the guys he works for have offered to fly him home then as it's the long weekend

  • Next time honey. Dan is hoping to arrange something up ur way end of September.

Ok try again. have you heard of this device — New Daily Persistent Headache Support

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  • It's the same as a tens unit.

  • Just got a script for it today from my headache specialist. Going to see if it's covered at all by my insurance.

  • My daughter gave it a try. No help for her. It was expensive and not covered by our insurance. We were able to send it back and get a partial refund. Still worth trying. I think it helps some people.

shared NAIDW - National Association of Injured & Disabled Workers's photo to the group: New Daily Persistent Headache Support. — New Daily Persistent Headache Support

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  • at least my back pain has backed down below a times lower..just had a pic line inserted today...odds are I am in for awhile If anyone is interested, I am the WIlkes-Barre General, rm 438 bed 2 window. 570552-4382

  • So sorry to here that kirk those suck. I put you in my prayers. I never thought I would wake one day in August 8 years ago with NDPH and it will never go away

Does anyone else find that lifting weights is a migraine trigger I used to... — Migraine Chat Room

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  • Unfortunately I have the same issue but it mostly has to do with strenuous activity. I can do regular things without pain, like walk and day to day things but if I try to jog, do sit ups or lift weights it triggers them. I figured it was only me and because some botched brain surgeries where they clipped an artery. I'll never be sure what it is but I'll never let them win!

  • I also can't do sit ups, or run, or do fantastic hair dances like I see on TV ;). Anything that raises my pressure suddenly or jostles my brain is out. I haven't had an MRI yet, though. I'm sorry to hear about your surgeries, but I have to say your attitude is awesome! :) I can do my arc trainer workouts no problem, elliptical also, anything smooth.

  • Any exercise triggers migraine other than walking - I used to do loads now restricted to none at all

Hi everyone I just wanted to share what has worked for me to reduce migraine... — Migraine Chat Room

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  • Really? It does increase circulation, so if that is a trigger, that makes sense. I'm sorry it doesn't work for you!

  • I never thought about why I had that reaction Michele but I do know there is a brain gut connection. Maybe it makes my head hot.

  • Xxxxxxx Yzzzzzz definitely can do that!

Sunday marked the 5 year anniversary of the day I met Ethel which is what I... — New Daily Persistent Headache

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  • Sure. I began taking Plexus products about a year ago. Totally not my thing. Can't stand multi level marketing of any kind. But I read a ton about healing the gut and decided to jump in and try. I started by taking pretty high doses of the probiotic and magnesium supplements as well as their "slim" drink in order to cut down on the amount of sugar I eat.

    I no longer take the slim and have been able to significantly cut down my doses of the other two products.

    My results were incredibly fast. Within a month of starting I had my first 10 minute headache free period.

    It seemed completely crazy for me to even give it a shot but honestly I felt like I was running out of options. Like so many people I had tried everything anyone had recommended. And that's why I posted this. Just to encourage people to keep trying those things that sound ridiculous. Who knows! Maybe one of those crazy concoctions could be the exact thing your body needs to begin healing itself.

    Feeling so thankful tonight for this community of people who understand what this is like...

  • It is so amazing

  • Thank you so much for sharing.

Does anyone have cervical migraines where your head and neck muscles get tight... — Migraine Chat Room

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  • I have cervical spondylosis in C4-C6, so I frequently get the CS migraines, as well as the unrelated ones. I cannot stand anyone going any where near my neck as in the past I've come away feeling worse and in more pain. I just keep my neck warm all the time by wearing scarves and not sitting in drafts and not straining the neck too much. If the neck hurts and I haven't actually got the migraine I just use the high strength ibuprofen and it keeps it under control.

  • I've just started having acupuncture... so far so good! it's helping!

  • Yes - very painful - Botox plus extra botox

Hi all Just wanted to see if any of you get migraines when you re coming down... — Migraine Chat Room

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  • Sara I'm sorry to hear yours have gotten so bad!! And Andrea, love that! Thank you!

  • Yep. Letdown headache, after arriving at a vacation and finally able to relax I then signs a day trying not to go it in bed :( Has only happened 3 times I think.

  • Yep, I usually get weekend migraines, but haven't found any way to stop it, unless I remain stressed throughout the weekend aswell :)

How is everyone getting on with their new piercings. Are they helping so far — Daith piercings to help with Migraines

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  • Hi Lisa, the bar didn't come out thank god.going to work with plasters on ear - cool look !!!! Will ring Kay shortly xx

  • Glad I'm not the only one Michelle Michelle Bradley. My partner could t do it

  • Mine did take ages to get it on.

I am new in this group I can t remember when i started getting cluster... — Cluster Headaches Exposed

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  • There are hundreds of us that use welding gas O2,no prescription,no insurance no hassle,I got mine at Tractor supply,it will kick the crap out of a cluster in just a few minutes,I very recently got a little tank that I can take with me,I had a lot of hits driving as I work out of town,killed my first one off with it last week driving it was such a wonderful feeling,being in control,not in fear

  • Thats awesome information Jeff, Thanks

  • This is a really good relevant link

— Migraine Chat Room

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  • I have been on propranolol for years, where as my migraines haven't gone the severity of them has been reduced.

  • I have low BP anyway and it hasn't made it worse. It helps reduce the severity & frequency of migraines

  • Thank you very much the info.

well i have been to the neurologists and he said that my headaches aren t... — Cluster Headaches Exposed

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  • Get another opinion! My shadows are so intense and can last days,weeks and months on a couple of occasions...

  • mine too dont know what this over in a few minutes is but how do I get that?

  • 70/ everything you might want to know from symptoms to diagnosis to research and treatment

Any tips for migraines whilst pregnant. I had to stop my tablets I was on — Migraine Chat Room

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  • Thank you so much girls! Xxx

  • Xxxxxxx Yzzzzzz when I feel one coming on, when I remember to do it, they work great for preventing a mild or pre-migraine from escalating for me. I know people do take the drinks daily & find it helps them a lot, though. I have not tried it for a full blown migraine, but it can't hurt, you know?

  • Yeah I agree! It's definitely worth trying. I take a magnesium supplement every day so id have to figure out how much to add to it when I get one but I know my dad takes the calm every day for anxiety and he says it's great and also helps his digestion

Hiya all I thought I d post my story to see if any can shed any light on it — Migraine Chat Room

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  • I have read that part of the aura symptom with my type of migraine and I presume others is the feeling of dental pain as in its heightened, this goes along with other senses, one for me in particular is smell, things can become so intense to the point of repulsion but once the migraine is out that dissappears. I hope you get some resolve with your dentist x

  • Ménière's disease Is a close link with migraine too Faye. It's a slow progression that impairs balance and is usually linked with tinnitus and vertigo x

  • Really? That's very interesting thanks x

How are you Rebecca Adams — Botox for Migraine support information

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  • If you've not done well I wouldn't worry about it. They are not going to stop it yet and as for emailing her they never pick up their mails anyway, well not at my hospital. I've been a bit naughty as I've been taking the odd painkillers for my neck and am too worried to tell him in case he stops it lol. God it's like being back at bloody school!!

  • why did Toni leave the group?

  • You best ask Toni. It's not for me to say

Ok so I thought I better stop hijacking other people s posts and ask on a new... — Migraine Chat Room

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  • I was on Tomapax for 10 years. It took about a week to kick in. The side effects were manageable and when weighing them against 3 day, puking migraines, staying on the med won out. It worked for about 10 years. it is gradually no longer working as well. Good Luck. I hope it helps for you.

  • Hi Jo. How you getting on? I'm feeling pretty good apart from a twitchy eye for a bit after I take it. Definitely noticed a dip in appetite too xx

  • I have been on Topamax for several years. I have stopped it 3 times and tried other medications. None of which worked. Each time I have gone back to Topamax. 100mg twice a day. This works better than any other preventive out there for me. But we are all different

Hi me again I m on pizotifen to help control migraines but the side effects... — Migraine Chat Room

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  • Thanks girls. Will have a chat with him tomorrow. He will be sick of seeing me soon!

  • Faye Barlow hi Faye I reread my post and saw that I hadn't been very helpful. So, after many years of trying different things, including pizotifen, then betablockers as prevention (didn't work) I finally settled on a thing called Migril (ergotamine) and cocodamols to treat the migraine as it occurred and to take every few hours or so as it continued. I was pretty mashed after a 4 day bout! I then worked my way through the triptans and there area few! So now I take 30 amitryptoline every evening, which really does curtail the frequency and severity of the attacks. If one does happen I take a frovatriptan and 2 cocodamols , go to bed if I can and a couple of hours later I'm pretty much ok. Amitryptoline in much higher doses is used to treat epilepsy and depression, but studies have shown that it can be useful for migraines in lower doses. So you may wish to ask your doc what he thinks about that. Hope this has been more helpful :) x

  • Thank you Aileen C. Hill that's really helpful. We are walking full of drugs!! I'll let you know what he decides on x

Off for my Botox today. Sooo nervous. Wish me luck xxx — Botox for Migraine support information

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  • Good luck. Let us know how you get on xx

  • Thank you, will do xx

  • It went well :) I feel quite achey, a bit dizzy and generally a bit squiffy but I'm ok. I think it's probably more as a result of the anxiousness before as opposed to the actual injections. I was in there less than 10 minutes and they didn't hurt that much - painful but not bad at all xx

I m at breaking point now — Cluster Headaches Exposed

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  • I have an accupunture prescription if you are interested,I cant say it will help though,cluster headaches are a neurological disorder in all likelihood caused by a malformaton in the hypothalmus,pineal gland,both or some other structural abnormality altogether. Traditional Chinese Medicine the acupoints selected were: Ex HN-5 Taiyang,

    GB 14 Yangbai (both only on the affected side),

    GB 20 Fengchi (on both sides), LI 4 Hegu, LR 2 Xingjiang, SP 6 Sanyinjiao, ST 36 Zusanli (all on both sides)

  • Oxygen people - not hearing much. For me an attack can be gone within 10mins

  • ask ouch what to do,something needs to be done fast ask if you can see the specialist ch nero in London to -244842592215048/?fref=ts

Does anyone find that caffeine helps during a migraine attack — UK Migraine Support And Advice Forum

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  • I bought some tablets a few years ago in Florida for migraines as I had run out of mine. These had caffeine in them xx

  • sadly i cant have caffeine it gives me terrible panic attacks and sets my IBS off but so pleased it works for you all xx

  • Yes. In fact not having my coffee can cause a migraine but having other brands of coffee can cause them too.

I am new to migraine thing. I was diagnosed almost a year ago with migraines — Migraine Chat Room

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  • No it's just referred pain from your nerves that are sending pain signals. When it happens to me it helps to gently massage my head all over

  • Xxxxxxx Yzzzzzz wow this is interesting. I get this hair pain in the same spot a lot of the time but I don't tie my hair near it. Never thought it could be this x

  • Yes, I get the hair hurting bit. It's like I've had a tight ponytail in for hours, but I haven't. With a sore scalp, the best hairstyle for my very long hair is two braids worn draped across the front of my body - this holds the weight of my hair & protects it from being pulled.

Have you ever had to go to an emergency room or urgent care for your Migraine... — Migraine Chat Room

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  • Ironically after anaphylaxis from taking triptans....

  • Admitted to hospital many times.

  • I've had a few times where people have wanted to take me. Another time i bothered because I was blacking out for a few seconds every hour or so (ended up with a fair few bruises, inc on my head where I would just drop and smack my head on tables etc during lectures. Just got told it was exam stress. Never have been stressed by exams.

    So i don't hold out much faith anything helpful would happen. Oh and I always have to explain what triptans / sumatriptan are, even in A&E where I'm most likely to get it incidentally administered (sometimes given in case of severe head trauma.)

    Thankfully much more manageable now.

Thank you so much for the add I have always gotten migraines here and there... — Migraine Chat Room

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  • My migraines are the same as Linzi's for the most part, but I see oras when I drive and get different migraines where I see a 3d affect when I blink. Try getting a cow magnent from the hardware store and carry it with you, it may help for a while.

  • a 'cow magnet'? What the hell?

  • It's a magnet of course but it connects the electrons in your body with the magnent and helps with migraines, it's something I tried earlier on and it helped me , either hold it close to your heart when you get a migraine and carry it in your bag or purse