Just to let people now if your looking to get a daith piercing tomorrow I only... — Daith piercings to help with Migraines

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  • It's best to start with just a curved bar as it doesn't move around much X the heart would be moving about letting bacteria inside Hun it's fine to have in when healed but not whilst healing x

  • I got mine pierced with a love heart and I really think that's why it's taking a while to heal. Just out of interest, how do you take a love heart out anyway? Do you know xx

  • I have never used one but u have to use a jewellery clamps that stretch it open x

Update today I received a letter from the neurologist to go and see her next... — Cluster Headaches Exposed

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  • I was monitored Two days Ago have to Wait for The results now what is interesting though The nurse mentioned I could have post tramatic stress I had constant pain for over a Year with no break on a six week break now thanks to Vepramil and O2 but I am exhausted and not sleeping and big black eyes

  • I can believe it you poor love I've had fibro myalgia for 22 years know about pain but nothing as bad as clusters.

  • The Dr recently put me on nightol I didn't think it would work. But to be honest it has. Always been put off sleeping tablets as had a bad experience a few years back. When I took one and woke up lost confused asleep on the kitchen table. I couldn't find the stairs to get back up to bed. Crazy I know.

    But so far the nightol has gave me a weeks worth of good sleep no side affects worth a try.

All of the time. I ve lost almost every great good friend when I got sick — New Daily Persistent Headache

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  • I'm grateful that my two best friends both understand chronic pain. One has scoliosis, and she's glad that I've been there for her-like when she had surgery. My other friend's (who's been my friend since I was an infant) mom has a lot of health problems (and she has food allergies).

  • Like any other event in life that weeds out the good from the bad, those that stick with you still are the ones you should call friends. Yes it can be frustrating at times to be friends with people like us. I lost the majority of the people I called friends not too long after this thing began. It sucked and it made things ever that more devastating... but I see now that those people weren't true friends of mine. One day you'll form a new circle of friends who will stick with you... I'm starting to build mine back up :)

  • Love you Lisa! I'm in my eighth year. Few understand, but the ones who stick around are worth more than gold.

Just wanted to do a quick update I have had severe headaches and migraines for... — Cervicogenic Headache Support Forum

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  • Xxxxxxx Yzzzzzz there are many many people who travel over seas to see the surgeon I saw. He has a year wait. pm me!

    ( he also has some fascinating you tube presentations etc)

  • I have eds 3 feel for u and have had the migraines for 2 years constantly

  • Thank you so much for sharing your experience. I'm hyper mobile also and am waiting for an appointment to come through from an orthopedic specialist, shall do some research! Xx

Anyone in London area in need of Oxygen Or is your GP slacking and not rushing... — Cluster Headaches Exposed

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  • Your very welcome. Happy to help

  • We live in UK, our son was prescribe oxygen straight away when diagnosed we phone one day we have next day delivery don't you have to return after you have finished with them if on prescription

  • You neednt worry about this - thats not what Im posting for :)

Hi does any one also have p. O. t. s — Australia New Zealand Cluster Headache Support

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  • Yes our 15 an 14 year old are both showing classic ice pick headache symptoms just random attacks both have hypermobility with dislocations just learned today my birth father an his father show signs of pots . It shows how important your family medical history is.

  • I have fibromyalgia for 30 years starting to think I may have POTS as the ice pick headaches worsen upon standing up. Fibro/ME and POTS are linked. I'm not sure, going to ask my doctor.

  • Yeah I think so all the latest literature coming out from the U.S an

    The U.K is linking up. Mine's now called central sensitivity syndrome because I have the whole sebang . Specialist told us Rumataolgist Dr an pain specialist Dr but when we were discussing it with g.p she refers to the diagnosis as supposition theory it wasn't real.

Hey fam sorry i haven t been around much the last few days The old head and I... — Australia New Zealand Cluster Headache Support

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  • Fear is our enemy StuandMel Begbie. Ch is a bully no more no less, fuck CH

  • Sorry to hear Dan and hoping you didn't have a rough night last night. I wonder if it was the flying as that is what happened tto Steve after a trip. He was out of cycle at the time. I am convinced that was what caused his. Hopefully things will kick in quicky for you and put a stop to it. Take care xo

  • Hope you're all good today bloke!

After being punted back from the pain specialist to my neuro I was told today... — Cervicogenic Headache Support Forum

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  • ...as for the nasea, I take zofran. It is great for nasea, just thought I'd pass that on. The generic version on the other hand works too, but leaves a terrible after taste so be ready with a drink lol (onansetron is the generic name). They dissolve under your tongue :)

  • Strange question- you do t happen to be hypermobile? Like in your joints? ( double jointed)

  • No. Normal joint motion, but the muscles on the right side of my neck lock down tight during a headache.

I m currently making a list of treatment ideas to ask my doctors about based... — New Daily Persistent Headache

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  • Failed Nortriptyline, Verapamil, Naltrexone, Cymbalta, Prednisone. Could not tolerate Propranolol, Gabapentin, and Doxycycline. Currently trying Botox-too soon to tell yet. Acupuncture, chiropractor, vestibular training, neck PT, qEEG neurofeedback, Cefly, HEG neurofeed back did not help. Biofeedback and meditation help coping.

  • Our neurologist said the best treatment he has seen is Gabapentin and Botox in combination.

  • IV Compazine and Toradol bring pain down for a day to a few days. Excedrin for Tension Headache works for a few hours when pain is not too severe.

Does Topamax work for cervicogenic headache pain as well as migraine headache... — Cervicogenic Headache Support Forum

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  • I hear a lot about the mental confusion and tiredness aspect...but maybe worth trying...

  • I tried Topamax, too, but couldn't handle the brain fog & moodiness. I didn't take it long enough to find out if it helped with the headaches.

  • Yes! It does for me!

Update. Here is a letter that my daughters dr made for her school — Parent support forum of children teens suffering with migraines

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  • My son gets migraines and is on nightly medication for them. his dr wrote a note to the school 2 years in a row asking that he be allowed to wear a hat daily, and sunglasses if need be. this has really helped, his teachers even let him turn the lights off above his desk if he needs to

  • Update after emailing the superintendent the school called me this morning there will no longer be strobe lights.

  • Great news about lack of strobe light :) We are continuing to spread the word about strobes, fluorescent lights and computers as well. Hannah had good advice about detailing how to support your daughter in class, and Tara has explained how much any artificial light can affect classroom learning. I hope your daughter has a great year at school, and that you enjoy observing it :)

I have done about 25 of these in the past few months all ladies have said no... — Daith piercings to help with Migraines

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  • Well if any of u lovely ladies want it done I work in Farnborough town centre and I'm very gentle ☺️

  • Think I might have to get this done x

  • It's £20 in our shop, no appointment needed :) am there everyday except Monday's 9-5 x

Does anyone find hot humid places make the headache 10x worse — New Daily Persistent Headache

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  • I experience this too! Sudden temperature changes have me going from my constant 4/10 to a 8/10 and me man down in bed.

    Temperature changes and strong smells spike the headache and I don't understand the correlation.

    Sad that you can't enjoy these moment with your child and that you know what sets it off and now you try to avoid things like swimming :(

  • Cold doesn't really make my head hurt more, but my whole body starts to hurt when in the cold for very long. I blame one of the meds I took for a few months. Can't remember which one, but it messed with my body's ability to moderate internal temperature, and it never went back to normal.

    Hot hasn't bothered me, but I haven't really spent much time in extreme heat, and what heat I have been in, has been really dry.

    Humidity now, that I have noticed actually helps, a teeny, tiny, little bit. Possibly in moderation.

  • Yes... humid and intense sun do me in!

Hi All — New Daily Persistent Headache

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  • Very interested to see what he says after all the blood tests!

  • Following your story! Hopefully he can give you answers. I've always thought there is too much wrong with me for it to be multiple diagnosis. I think it's one problem with many symptoms. Best of luck!!!

  • Wow. Thus is very interesting I also have low BP and gastrointestinal issues...thank for sharing!

Any women on here have PCOS. x — UK Migraine Support And Advice Forum

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  • Can it cause migraines?

  • I cant find any solid evidence and as im not trying for a baby im not seeing a specialist so kind of at a loss.x

  • I have many symptoms of PCOS but past getting preggy. Dr sending me for tests due to family gyny issues. Hadn't heard of migraines being linked but you never know. I am also under neuro at moment for investigation into ulnar nerve entrapment so don't know if there is a link there either x

Has anyone on here had a daith piercing to stop migraines and did it work — UK Migraine Support And Advice Forum

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  • Yes I've had it done. I've suffered with migraines for 21 years and since October last year there has been barely a day when I was free of a migraine. Tried so many Meds which didn't agree with me. The Daith has been amazing, only two small migraines in a month which were at hormonal time of the month and within a few hours felt much better after a sleep 24 hours later couldn't even tell if had a migraine. Strongly recommend!! If you put lots of Elma cream on before you get it done it will numb it. I could barely feel it and no pain in the piercing since. Nothing to lose and so much to gain. Good luck xx

  • Thanks Ellie McKenzie how long did it take to heal? X

  • It isn't fully healed now, it takes a couple of months I believe because of where it is but if you clean with salt water as advised twice a day it will keep clean and heal quickly. I also use a savlon spray too as the area is prone to infection xx

When your neurologist tells you that you need to lose weight and that will help... — New Daily Persistent Headache

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  • I wonder if your Dr was referring to EDS???? Interesting..

  • I have no idea, he is one of the Doctors involved in research for ndph and found that most of the people who they studied are skinny and flexible

  • Gigi Canahuati, the article I PM'ed you yesterday also referred to EDS; I just posted it to this group!

Hey I ve taken my first sumatriptan Injection just now and I feel pretty unwell... — UK Migraine Support And Advice Forum

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  • I considered the nasal spray but apparently 40% of it can end up in your stomach, and because my migraines are chronic I wanted to try a medication that had a higher chance of working. I've got the dr again on wednesday so I'll discuss it with him then :)

  • Thanks so much for all of your support. Finally back to working on my dissertation now, sitting under the shower for an hour helped mask the side effects of the sumatriptan and I came out feeling much less migrain-ey than I did before taking the injection! Hopefully it's just a case of sticking with it and the short term discomfort out weighs the long term discomfort of the migraine!

  • My daughter took one tablet last night, 12 days into what neurologist reckons is a migraine, although not a typical one ( wants dark room, massive all over headache, but no sickness etc ) Within 30 mins we were calling 111 as she was crying with the severe pain ( is currently on 24 mcg morphine patches ! )

    Not going near that med again :(

Wondering if anyone can help please Had Botox on Tuesday and one of the... — Botox for Migraine support information

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  • Yes. My specialist also warned me not to touch any bumps as the Botox could end up in the wrong place and you end up with a lopsided head!

  • Thanks for the warning - mine failed to mention that! The only thing he said was if it extended to the wrong place I might have problems swallowing for a few days!

  • Hi Kimberley. I had one that didn't go down and it took about 6 weeks. As long as it's not red, inflamed or oozing it should be ok xx

Advice needed My daughter who is 9yr suffers from migraines Today was her... — Parent support forum of children teens suffering with migraines

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  • My son wear glasses with transition lenses that are very sensitive. The sun flashing through the trees will in car is his big trigger.

  • That is shameful. A dance does not need a strobe light to be fun. I agree with Susan Brantley Mallory. In my eyes..though law may be different..it was discriminatory once they found out and refused.

  • Start fighting NOW

Heading into week 3 of my cycle and getting hot almost every 3 hours without... — Cluster Headaches Exposed

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  • I get that. I'm chronic and was in remission until late 2014. I was using my trex stockpile at one per day. After a month or so of that I started having heart problems and my hits were getting worse - much harder to abort.

    The last injection I used was about this time last year and I finally have no more chest discomfort.

    BUT ... I still have my stockpile under my desk. Yeah .. I'm bad and brave, but have a dozen injectors at the ready. :(

  • BTW .. glad to see you are splitting the dose. (Y)

  • Hang in there..love and prayers

How many have had an mri because of migraines — Parent support forum of children teens suffering with migraines

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  • you're welcome

  • My daughter has had many over the years. Thankfully nothing unusual was ever seen. At first they were looking for anything at all to explain the migraines and as time went on they were looking for any changes from previous MRI's.

  • They will not my son but I just had one. I have nastagnus and dr couldn't see my optic nerve

It s often the small things in life that bring us the most happiness this... — Australia New Zealand Cluster Headache Support

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  • Aah, some brothers in brew! I have a NZ pale ale on the go at The moment. Just tucking in to Belgian wheat beer that turned out quite ok :)

  • Excellent! Don't do so much these days, always put one down when in cycle to be ready when I'm clear.. like a light at end of tunnel lol.

  • Best!!!