One day in May of 2016 I was driving and experienced a weird buzzing in my head...

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  • Mine come and go, but I sometimes get the stroke-like symptoms. It usually affects my right side. Good luck!

  • Thank you!

  • If migraine may be cluster but the eye tears and pain is sharp on that side. Don't know of treatment for clusters

  • Me to as well

  • I have chonric migraines.

  • I have stroke like symptoms after a migraine that has lasted more than 48 hours

  • Not like that almost sounds like mini strokes

  • They are like mini strokes and sometimes even cause brain lesions, but usually it's just another lovely s/s of vasoconstriction and irritation.

  • I pray you get relief as discussed someone knows what is going on.

  • They are a cousin of migraines and usually men get them more often. I have had times when have more than 1 kind of migraine going on. Makes everything tough

  • I am so sorry you are going through this. God bless you.