OMG I m so tired of people thinking every migraine is the same I hate living...

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  • and that a headache is the same as a migraine

  • What is everyone's opinion on that??

  • most uneducated people think that a migraine and a headache are the same thing

  • lol I thought u were saying a headache is the same as a migraine... cause well a migraine compares nothing to a headache.

  • No. No. No. not even close to the same.

  • They have never had a migraine

  • I agree, and when people tell me to just take something for a headache and it'll be okay, I literally want to scream. I know they mean well but they have no idea what they're talking about or have experienced a migraine

  • People just throw around the word migraine as if they know what one actually feels like

  • I understand I have trigeminal neroragial headaches. They r a horse of a different color. I feel with everyone I lose a part of dieing here slowly

  • Right! They're so unpredictable!!

  • I think people think when we say migraine we're being over dramatic about a headache.