Ok I ve been having hyperbaric chamber o2 treatments all week and have been...

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  • So happy for you!

  • Yay! Are you doing soft chamber or hard chamber? How often? I've been doing mild hbot for the past few weeks... I also have elevated heavy metals (as well as lyme disease, which is likely the cause of my headache).

  • You should try this! It's a hard chamber. He said it's basically how they treat Lyme disease. It's the lower level that helps me. And going daily at first is key because it's cumulative. I've gone 5 times so far. But now I'm getting tested for mercury. The director kept feeling like there's an underlying cause because I wasn't responding like a typical migraine patient. I hope he's right!

  • Can you not do chelation for the heavy metals??

  • Very promising! Good luck and keep us posted.

  • Following... I tested positive for 2 of the 3 , Lyme bands in my bloodwork back in 2009. The Dr couldn't figure it out. Tested me a third time and I was normal... All these years later and I still wonder if I DO have Lyme

  • That's intersting! My husband tried it twice, but they told him it would take 40 consecutive days! It seemed a little excessive. We're looking into purchasing one for our home. I came across this heavy metal detox:http://goop.com/a-heavy-metal-detox/

  • It looks very interesting. We've purchased the supplements, but waiting for his Dr. approval.

  • Billi-Jo Dimick yes, you probably have Lyme... might be worth googling the 2 bands that came up to see if they are lyme specific. The tests are not accurate (many false negatives) and I had an infectious disease specialist at John Hopkins tell me that the standard tests wouldn't recognize Lyme after being infected a certain amount of time. In fact a law was just passed in Virginia that doctors are required to tell patients that a negative Lyme test doesn't mean they do not have Lyme. I'd recommend finding a lyme literate MD and getting the Igenix test. Not all my bands came up but some did and I've since been diagnosed positive by 3 MDs and 3 NDs. Do you have any other symptoms besides headache that suggest lyme?

  • Marcia Kirchhofer heavy metal treatment is on my list to try but I've been preoccupied with other major health issues. I've responded very unusually (developing additional symptoms) to many treatments, so I'm a bit nervous about how my body will respond to heavy metal treatment...

  • Celena Adler I understand... Best wishes to you!!

  • Following as I too was sick at the onset of my NDPH.

  • Dianne MacKay this is the post I mentioned.

  • Thank you!!!

  • Marcia, any updates?

  • Following

  • The hbot continues to give me temporary relief. I had a blood test done bit then learned heavy metals are to be tested by a 24 hour urine sample. So I'm doing that right now.