Not medication but some little tips that may take even 5 of the pain away

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  • O2 seems to truly help I have IT beside My bed because I have only one minute to be able to act human

  • 02 helps me sometimes, slam 2 red bulls and drink a whole pot of coffee at once can lesson the pain sometimes. But my go to is snorting cayenne pepper that almost always works! I keep cayenne pepper in my purse, car, and husband's car.

  • When I have nothing else, I sit in a dark room and stretch my neck muscles

  • Hot and cold water or heat/ice packs seem to be a very common thing that helps alot of people including myself , very strange but very helpful

  • Get cluster when I travel long distant to got my little o2 but. Always forget it

  • I never forget my O2 but I can never seem to forget about this monster in my head.

  • Have never tried cayennepeppar for fear of more pain but I feel so excited Reading all The reports about IT

  • In a bad cycle right now.. Get an attack around every 3-4th hour all around the clock. What I would give to be able to just get one nights sleep.

    Since we are all adults here one thing that might help is a little... how shall I put it. Sexual simulation, not all the way so to say but just get a little arroused. For me it sometikes takes the edge of attacks and also helps them go away faster. This is combined with Sumitriptan injections or nasal spray. My guess is that is just gets the blood flow faster so the medicine gets more effective.

  • Sleep up right

  • Use capsaicin

  • Mushrooms aborted my last cycle. Just enough to feel a bit different but not at all scary. :)