My migraine has been more severe than EVER before constantly since January

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  • Taylor, I am so sorry. Have you seen a neurologist?

    I used fiorinol (butalbital compound), coffee and blankets. Staying warm helps.

    Have you tried a heating pad or ice packs back of neck and face. The heat always was helpful to me. My migraines went away with menopause (I'm 72) and never returned.

    BC pills can trigger migraine.

    I am praying for you.

  • Thank you for your concern. I have taken literally every single migraine med there is, including anti inflammatories, anti depressants, anti seizures, high blood pressure meds, anti psychotics, I mean EVERYTHING. Including botoz, massage therapy and chiropractors. I have two I've packs that I use almost daily, but I need better spaghetti quality ones. And I have gone through like 5 neurologists who have given up on me and at the moment I ask seeing two, one specializing in migraine/ cluster headache pain

  • Try reading the book Heal Your Headaches. I only do better with lifestyle changes. There is a Facebook group for people who have had luck with eliminating triggers. Sorry to hear nothing is working for you.

  • Thank you, I'll look into that and that book

  • Xxxxxxx Yzzzzzz I am unfortunately a long way off from menopause, and the heat absolutely kills me with the pain it causes, I dread summer, I can hardly take a long hot steamy shower without nearly paid passing out

  • You didn't mention it as meds you tried but you did try triptans correct?

  • Yep, all of the triptans I have tried

  • You may be having rebound migraines

  • Have they checked for pseudotumor cerebri

  • Stadol doesn't do it for me any more & my Dr won't give me anything else.

  • I'm having success with 1000 mg of Primrose oil, one daily, in the morning.. just an idea.. hugs❤