My best friend who is trying to understand my chronic migraines asked if this...

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  • Its a disease. And people just cant understand that.

  • Yes even close ones to us sometimes do not believe it sad, but we have to get up and keep going.

  • Yes. Indeed. Advocate for more research, funding, and advocate to end stigma.

  • It's extremely difficult to try and explain all of the things we go through with this I call illness with no cure. Unless they experience it themselves unfortunately they will never know

  • I'm 61 an mine didn't get this bad until the last 2 yrs an it has thrown me .day in day out my head hasn't stoped for 2 yrs..Hugs.

  • So sorry ! Mine started at 19, I'm 63 ... I have not had them every day tho ... I take two preventives . Verapamil , & since moving to the gulf coast , with all the allergens, I take singular too ..

    Recently ( three months ) I got some Migraine Stop from Amazon ... that has helped a lot ... you have to take it every day , & ive learned , two hrs before or after daily Meds .. it's worth a try ..