any advice for this scared mama

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  • Take a deep breath. At that age we couldn't do much for my son either. My son is now 13 so maybe they have made advances. Make sure she gets plenty of rest and stays hydrated. Also, keep a log in everything (what she eats, when she sleeps, how long). See if you can find her triggers. Triggers are what sets the migraine off. In the log I also kept track of the weather. Weather plays a huge part in my sons migraines. I won't lie, it's not easy but you will learn. This is a wonderful website. Best wishes.

  • Thanks Julie Piskin

  • Just wanted to say hi and my little boy is 3 and was diagnosed at 2.5. Although he was having episodes from earlier. I had never heard of migraines in such young children either. It's very stressful and overwhelming but this site is great as we all understand. We stick to a routine, and my son has massage therapy which helps. He is on daily meds and we have had a good few months. At times its been very regular and I have felt lost. Hope things improve for you soon x

  • Hey, I have a 3 yr old (for 2 more days) with them. Diagnosed at 20 months. We went through many drs and I found my own pediatric headache specialist because my pediatric neurologist said we were out of options. She is a great neurologist but limited knowledge with migraines. I agree with the above...hydrated, good sleep, limit processed foods. Mine is also very weather dependent. Found out that migraines with pressure change is a type of allergy, so, we added a very specific allergy med to her daily meds and have found great control. I thought she would never live a "normal life" bc they were so severe and frequent. A lot of trial and error for medication, but, we found some! Just know that there are no medications specifically for migraines or approved for this age. You will get a wide variety of meds that can help. Every kid is different, so, lots of trial and error. We are always here for you! It's a fantastic group.

  • Oh and chiropractor helps my daughter a ton!! Some find no relief with that, but, mine begs for her chiropractor before I even know she's feeling bad.

  • Thank you all for the support knowing I'm not alone is huge... so far we are not on meds. I have heard chiropractic is great relief too so we will have to look for one I'm my area. I'm still learning when or if she has one... at this age I thought her irritability and bratty behavior was just "terrible 3's" but as I read more about migraine in children I think she may have been suffering longer. We did have little change in weather lately and we live by many orchards so in have thought allergies too. Can anyone recommend how you chart or diary activities to start to see them coming this is all so new... we just were in hospital Thursday- Saturday so less than week with diagnosis

  • The terrible screaming, bratty, kind of mean behavior was always my first clue one was coming. She's going through it now, but says she feels fine. I'm really confused right now with her. There is a migraine trigger app that will also track pressure. If I still had it, I would link it, but I honestly don't remember the name.

  • Xxxxxxx YzzzzzzDuncan that sounds like my daughter all the way... last 2 days have been amazing but prior and leading into the hospital she was hot mess

  • Yeah and her typical personality is sweet and kind. Glad she's had a couple good days!!!

  • Migraine buddy is a great app to keep track of things.

  • Could you please tell me the name of that allergy need that helps with the pressure changes? My son had good control now, but when he does very one is usually related to that, but his rescue doesn't work on those.

  • Xxxxxxx YzzzzzzLintock pantanase. It's a nasal spray. My husband started it too bc he has migraines with pressure changes and it has helped him a ton too! I have a friend that is a PA at an allergy clinic. She sent me a research article to give to my pediatrician if he had concerns. He did, but relented. She said shots work the best. She has the same group of people come in every pressure front for shots. They are adults though. I wasn't up for shots yet.

  • Thanks I will download now