Morning fam albeit a slightly hungover one Had a good night CH free enough...

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  • Same as you Hil, i havent touched a drink in 2 years, I had a cycle start with 1/2 a can of Jack! just not worth it for me trying

  • Yep, it's terrible Ben, sometimes I figure I'll just have a small wine or a Jack, every time it's the same, shoulda known better! Only when I'm completely out of cycle can I have a couple, but for the past year they've been lurking so I haven't had anything, it's boring.

  • Same, just talked to my wife and decided to give away all of our alcohol because I can't ever drink it but sometimes am stupid enough to think otherwise

  • I don't feel as if I'm missing out, this is my Saturday night, no fish yet but I'm cool with that

  • Love this ^^^^

    Heading out on the water 4am tomorrow morning brother. Barra season is open and i haven't gone out chasing them yet. Gonna land that magic metre fish tomorrow

  • We need to hook up Dan!

  • Hell yes mate. I'm thinking of hiring a house on magnetic island just across from the mainland for a week in September and any Cluster heads are welcome to stay

  • Just googled it, looks awesome! Don't know how September will go for me, but keep us posted

  • Will do brother

  • Ugh - eastern states people :)

  • Your CH does not relate to mine Dan , hard to get a handle lol.. pf wishes to you.

  • Sounds great re September Dan