Love cooling patches when I have stabbing or throbbing pain Much easier to...

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  • I wish I could put the patches right on my scalp

  • I keep looking at those cooling type caps that cover your whole head and wonder if they are worth it.

  • Where do u find those

  • I got these on Amazon.

  • There are several other brands that can be found at CVS, Walgreens, Rite-Aide, and similar stores. I may have found them at the grocery too in the pharmacy section.

  • I used to find something similar years ago! I loved them too because like you said, it feels good and no ice or cold rag to get the pillow wet. But i couldn't find them and i always forget amazon, even though i have prime lol

  • I have used these for years they are a life saver for me. As u say stick them on and leave them while you sleep

  • I got a headache hat and a icekap. Best things ever