Last night I started to feel dizzy and when I got up this morning I can t...

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  • Yes, last week; I call mine a vertigo migraine cos I usually have no other symptoms and no pain until a headache may or may not develop later on that evening, minging, feel better soon xxx

  • My nan had meniers disease which made her constantly dizzy. Blooming hope it's not that!

  • Have you got a sinus or inner ear problem? At the moment the pollen count is high and perhaps you are congested. You could try breathing in some steam or "Sudafed" nasal spray. If bunged up I get stonking migraines needing steam to clear nasal problem aswell as meds for pain. Balance goes to pot too.

  • No nothing. No pain anywhere which is really unusual.

    It's comeback bad this morning too. I'm walking like a crab.

  • Get to Doc if you can. Needs checking.

  • Think I'd better. Wasn't worried at first because nothing hurt.

  • ive had this happen it was vertigo, I also felt super sickly and more spinny as I lay down....abit like when you have been out and had a skin full ...I got some stemicil off the dr...I have never had it since that one attack

  • Yes it is worse when I lie down!

  • sounds like vertigo try eating ginger biscuits, my friend at work suffers a lot and eats ginger? worth a go but see your dr

  • I'll see if I can get an appointment today.

    I've never had it before so it has freaked me out a bit.

  • its usually caused by unbalancing in the middle ear canal..

  • no don't see if you cant tell them you cant walk straight and you are dizzy and they will fit you in....ring 111

  • Thanks for the advice. I'll do that now.

  • I've had this ,and it was a middle ear imbalance .the fluid needs to be reset .there are head exercises to do look it up on line ,it's worth a try ,x

  • Thank you. I will have a look at those.

  • did you get to the drs Emma Ann Louise Jones? hope you are feeling better this evening