Last night 9 hours without a let up Im done 20 minutes is torture I miss...

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  • Been there myself lately. They'll hit me at noon to 2:00p.m., and I finally fall asleep anywhere from 9 to 11 p.m. I'm thoroughly sick and tired of it. I miss the old 2 hour nighttime attacks.

  • I can't do anything. Im almost afraid to be alive.

  • Sorry you're in this crap, brother. My headaches were always at night, but a month ago they switched to daytime. I'm afraid I'll lose my job over this, on top of the excruciating fact that I have no life now!

    We gotta keep plugging on!

  • I had an odd one on Friday. I have a little steam inhaler that really works well for me when I use eucalyptus oil in it. Friday it didn't work because both sides of my nose blocked up. The normal pain was there, but it was deeper.

    I finally brewed a strong cup of coffee, and added 8 spoons of instant to it. It knocked the CH out in about 10 minutes, but then I had a lingering Sinus headache for about 5 hours.

    I was having a sinus headache at the same time as the CH! Never had that before!

    Allergies are bad in Midland, Texas right now, and it's so frigging dry!

  • I had one during a sinus infection one time a few years back, and I was at work when it happened. It was horrible but it didn't last but 30 minutes, now they last hours and there's no schedule either.

  • 9 hours...... ? I might not be alive . 2 hours is the longest I've had and that's way to long.

  • There are no words to explain. I wasn't alone thankfully or it would have been my last. Now I am terrified.

  • You should be. I would.i can't even imagine that long. Hang in there bro.