Kay has also kindly offered to do one free piercing in her Camberley shop so we...

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  • It's down the end near the A30 on the opposite side to the heart foundation shop x

  • Oh ok great, thanks, may pop in there tomorrow. I'd be happy for it to be filmed xx

  • They have a FB page..

  • Comment on the post I pop up later and she can pick someone x

  • Will do, thanks x

  • Just to let people now if your looking to get a daith piercing tomorrow I only have a couple of bars left but I will make an order as soon as I get in tomorrow and will be here on Monday xxx

  • Ill do it im always looking for a ear piercing especially if

  • It will stop head aches xx

  • Lewis comment on the post with a picture xx

  • Of what xx

  • I really need this xx

  • I've tagged you x