Just had my botox appointment come through it s this Friday afternoon What am...

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  • 31 sharp scratches. I didn't find it too bad, and my neurologist did them very fast. I sat in the waiting room for 10 minutes afterwards just to make sure I was ok, then went home.

  • I'm so nervous. Injections don't usually bother me but for some reason these are worrying me.

    Did you get any bruising afterwards? Did they hurt? Did you get any side effects?

  • Some people have talked about the injections being a trigger, but I felt great the next day, then back to normal (in pain) after that. I've got my second session next week. They were a lot less painful than, say, a dentist's injection.

  • I think I'm just nervous due to where they are going to jab. Read online a lot of people had a mega migraine a week or 2 afterwards. Also some people had bruising?

  • I don't get a migraine after the jabs but last time my neck was stiff, I don't bruise either. Relax, it'll be fine x

  • A bit of pain and stiffness the day after is not uncommon. I wouldn't plan to go sky diving!

  • Maybe you could ask to listen to some music as they are done to give yourself something to focus on, or take something comforting to hold. As with all these types of thing, I'm sure it's better if you relax, but so hard to actually do.

  • Hi Kerry. Please try not to worry. They just sting a little but it takes 10 minutes and before you know it it will all be over. I didn't have any bruising or pain afterwards just a few bumps which went down within the hour and the day after I didn't even realise I'd had them done. Good luck and will be thinking of you. Keep us updated and if you have any concerns let us know so we can help xx

  • Damn will have to cancel my sky dive