Just got home from physio I ve found it s helped my headaches be more...

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  • I'm currently seeing a Physio too. He's working on loosening the vertebrae in my neck, c3 is particularly tight. I just got a CT of my neck this afternoon to check there isn't anything going on. It's not helping my headaches much yet but he seems to have more ideas than the neuro's I've seen. My Physio is trained in the Watson method which is all about headaches.

  • Billi-Jo Dimick Yeah I'm almost certain that's the area. She also said today something about my upper spine being inflamed and not having much movement. She's dumbing down the words and explanations for me but next time I can ask.

    That area you mentioned has given me so much grief. It's definitely improved.

    I have a lot of 'tightness' throughout my neck, front and back and she's been doing pressure points. She holds down the points and I look to the side or ear to shoulder. It's improved my mobility so much in my neck I feel great lol.

    She's also noticed problems in my back and I have to strengthen my muscles.

    Besides the pressure points she also does massage, and presses on certain parts? If that makes sense? It's not a relaxing massage lol.

    She said she'll do more treatments but wants to stick with the points and massage because it's helped me so much.

  • We have had 100% success with our work with myopractic working on neck and shoulder areas. Never realized it was the cause of our NDPH. The only image ever to show anything was a thermal image done by our chiropractor (though his work didn't help headache) which supported our myopractor's opinion. It did show incredible tension in the areas she targets.

  • What was the trigger for your ndph? Stressful life event, sickness or just random?

  • Hit head into someone's back while sledding. It never shaped our treatment recommendations by any of the neuros we ever saw (even including a concussion clinic neuro) which blows my mind.

  • Mine was triggered after a stressful life event, so I wonder if I could be treated in the same manner (get such good results). I'm very happy for you and wish you all the best with continued relief.

  • Same to you! It makes me sad that not a single neuro ever recommended this approach. Just pushed meds which never would have addressed what we finally discovered as the actual problem. Makes me wonder how many others they've missed the mark on.

  • I never responded to preventers which is why I stopped going. I tried even a hospital treatment with no luck. This led me to try more physical options and it's the first thing that's helped me.

    My doctors never suggested physiotherapy or anything of the like. I wonder why!

  • Before we found myopractic we were working with a chiropractor. I asked 2 of the neuros their opinion on chiropractors and they both were dismissive, one even saying they should stick to backs. I knew how small-minded and close-minded they were at that point and knew we had to advocate for ourselves and make our own decisions. Incredibly disappointing from neuros that were highly regarded in the pediatric headache/migraine world.

  • Hey Jen, were you able to get a Minneapolis myopractic recommendation from your provider?

  • On our way to her now :)

  • Oh great. Thanks!

  • Our myopractor's practitioner directory has yet to be unpacked from her move. When she finds it she'll let me know. She did say if a myopractor isn't avail in your area to seek out deep tissue massage that goes across the fibers not along them. She said that's the key to the success. Her new practice is in Indianapolis though I know it's too far from Minneapolis :( won't forget.