It s sad when you think hitting yourself on the head will help but you just...

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  • I rub my eye brows. I'm starting to loose the hairs I rub so hard. Had a bad few weeks. Xx

  • Thanks I have been doing that too and it has not worked

  • Nothing works apart from injections and O2 lol just a bad habit. I have found I suffer less if I sleep with the window open but think that's because it's been so hot here

  • Never tried injections

  • I pull my hair and put so much pressure on my right eye I have given myself a black eye! Injections are amazing but side effects can be a pain in the arse x

  • used the migranal nasal spray last night for the first time, had for attacks 5 hours.

  • four

  • After you used the spray? I use it only when oxygen not available.

  • cast iron frying works, but my partner freaks out a little

  • Do what ever it takes to get throu the hell