It has been just over a week since my first round and I am beginning to wonder...

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  • It can take 2-3 times before you notice any affect at all on your migraines.. cosmetic wise- I'm not sure I was 26 when I had it..

  • Im 25. Im just saying I haven't felt ANYTHING aside from the initial pain of the injections.

  • That's the way I was too my doctor told me that sometimes it takes 2-3 rounds to notice a change

  • I noticed a relief after 2 weeks, better after my 3rd round.

  • You will not see too much with Round 1. I did have some subtle changes with the duration and intensity of attacks. But Round 2 (received in Feb) is where I am starting to see some real changes, just like my neurologist said. Not only with duration and intensity but longer spans between attacks now. I am going on two weeks without an attack. I cannot even remember going without popping a rescue med for this long.